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Hacienda de Chunkanan

Type: Yucatecan
Neighborhood: Cuzamá
Telephone: none
Address: in town where the horsedrawn trucks start their journey
How to Get There from the Centro: Leave Mérida, travelling east on Calle 59 and head towards Cancun. After the ‘Teya’ exit, take the next exit to the right labeled ‘Chetumal’. Keep straight on until you turn left for ‘Acancéh’. Continue through Acancéh, and 3 more little villages until you reach Cuzamá. Once in Cuzamá, turn right for
Parking: Yes
AirConditioned: No
Outdoors: Yes
Drinks: Not sure, probably beer
Hours: Unknown
Website: definitely not
Recommendation: Perfect for a meal after visiting the three cenotes of Cuzama. The restaurant is in the village of Chunkanan where the horsedrawn trucks start and finish their journey into the forest to visit the three cenotes. Cuzamá, Yucatan 50 km SE of Mérida

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One Response to “Hacienda de Chunkanan”

  1. Excellent text. The Chunkanán hacienda was allegedly destroyed by Hurricane Isidore in 2002. Does anyone know when the “trucks” were revived and starting taking tourists to the cenotes? I imagine it was about 2005, but I’m not sure. Information will be appreciated.


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