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Il Capriccio

Type: Cocina economica with Italian and Mediterranean food
Neighborhood: Fraccionamiento Francisco de Montejo
Telephone: 999-743-7968
Address: Calle 42 no. 337 x 53g y 53h, Local 1, Plaza Sara-Isabel
How to Get There from the Centro: Take Calle 60 north to Avenida Tecnologico. Continue on Avenida Tecnologico until you see the Chedraui North store on your left and Gran Plaza on your right. Before the underpass and BEFORE Chedraui, at the Y in the road, veer to the left. At the signal, cross over the southbound side of Avenida Tecnologico and immediately get into the right lane and merge over onto Calle 51. Chedraui will now be on your right. Continue on and follow Calle 51 going west (the street changes numbers many times) until the big intersection where there will be two PEMEX’s and and El Trumpo Restaurant on the corners. This intersection is with Calle 42. Get into the lefthand turn lane and turn left onto Calle 42. The restaurant is on the right side of Calle 42 in the Plaza Sara-Isabel minimall.
Parking: Yes
Air Conditioned: No
Outdoors: Yes
Drinks: No… juices and teas
Payment: Cash only
Wifi: N/A
Hours: Monday-Saturday, 1 to 5 PM
Notes: > Don’t let the small, casual space scare you away. Chef Carlos Cuturi creates lovely Italian and Mediterranean delights out of his small kitchen that are big on flavor, portion and value. Each dish is prepared with fresh ingredients and homemade sauces to create a variety of lunch choices that will leave you satisfied and happy. Choose from one of his regular menu items such as four-cheese, spinach, or meat lasagnas, eggplant parmesan, moussaka, keftedes, meatballs with pasta, kotopita, cannelloni or vegetable ratatouille. Or maybe you prefer to try a daily specials. In either case, you will feel like you’ve experienced a taste of Italy without the traveling. Lunches are accompanied by a choice of pesto rice, iceberg lettuce salad, soup or light and creamy potato croquettes.
On our recent visit, while we read the whiteboard menu, Chef Cuturi described the daily specials. Smells of sautéeing garlic filled the air. Our orders arrived promptly to the casually set table where the utensils and napkins are in the center, family style. Our lunch order was two orders of the Special of the Day (baked ziti with a light tomato sauce), a large plateful of vegetable ratatouille with pesto rice and the layered spinach lasagne topped with a béchamel sauce. Each dish was delightfully flavored and there were definitely moments of silence as we ate. Average lunch price: $55 -65 pesos.

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