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La Casa de Frida

Type: Mexican
Neighborhood: Col. Centro
Telephone: 928-2311
Address: Calle 61 #526-A X 66 Y 68
How to Get There from the Centro: Take Calle 61 going west from Calle 60, continue for three blocks. The restaurant has a brightly colored door on your left. You can’t miss it, it’s painted Mexican pink!
Parking: No
AirConditioned: No
Outdoors: Yes
Drinks: Full bar
Hours: Monday-Friday: 6 pm to 10 pm; Saturday: 12 am to 5 pm and 6 pm to 10 Sunday: 12 am to 5 pm
Website: http://www.lacasadefrida.com.mx/
Notes: Casual Restaurant Critic wrote about it here.

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5 Responses to “La Casa de Frida”

  1. The first time we visited this restaurant in 2006 it was WONDERFUL. I loved it so much and thought it was one of the best here in Merida. This time it was so-so. It seems with all the accolades, they are now just sitting on their laurels.

  2. I always go to La Casa de Frida when I am in Mérida to enjoy the exquisite chiles en nogada. I was last there in February of 2010 and found the food just as wonderful as ever.

  3. Diners should be aware that La Casa de Frida’s publicized operating hours often do not correspond to reality. I have arrived at 8-830PM and been told that they were not serving any more people that night. Others have arrived on a Thursday night at 7PM in the middle of tourist season to discover the restaurant closed. We’ve always enjoyed the restaurant but wish they would be more consistent with their operating hours. Also, the Yucatan Living directions instruct the user to “Take Calle 61 going east from Calle 60.” Should they read “Take Calle 61 going west from Calle 60″ since the restaurant is located between Calle 64 and Calle 68?

  4. Absolutely… the directions have been corrected, thank you! Thanks for your contribution!

  5. We ate at La Casa de Frida this evening. I had the vegetarian chile en nogada, hubby had pechuga de pollo en salsa de poblano, and our son had the fettuccini. All were very nice, both in taste and presentation. It should be noted however, that the fettucnini was not tricolor as described in the menu, and a 20% service charge was added to our bill. Fortunately, the server was very attentive. We will return.


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