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La Chaya Maya

Type: Yucatecan
Neighborhood: Centro
Telephone: 928 4780
Address: Calle 62 x 57 and another location on Calle 55 x 60 and 62.
How to Get There from the Centro:
Parking: Right upstairs in the city parking structure.
AirConditioned: Yes
Outdoors: Yes
Drinks: Beer and soft drinks
Hours: 7 am to 11 pm Every Day
Notes: Read about it here.

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9 Responses to “La Chaya Maya”

  1. I think this place has it down. They have good food and good service at a reasonable price. It is a good place to take out of town guests to savor some Yucatecan cuisine. I’ve been there about 3 times now and I’ve liked everything I’ve had there.

  2. We ate at La Chaya Maya on our last night in Merida recently. The staff were very professional and friendly. We enjoyed complimentary chips with sikil pac and mashed beans before dinner. My husband’s tikin-xic came out sizzling and wrapped in banana leaves, accompanied by pickled onions, rice and beans in small coconut bowls. I had the queso relleno, which I have always wanted to try. It was delicious.

    There are ladies in traditional Mayan clothing making tortillas by hand in the dining area. We would go back in a heartbeat, and we hope to return to the beautiful white city of Merida.

  3. In spite of all of the praise of this restaurant, I was sorely disappointed. My panuchos were dry and tasteless.

  4. We have been here three weeks and have made La Chaya Maya our place to eat as we rush to attend the Centro’ s evenings activities. Our decision to try this restaurant was simple. The place is always full…..always, with both locals and foreigners alike. We have been there three times, love the food, the service and the price. A real winner!

  5. I just ate at La Chaya Maya last night for the first time and it’s my new favorite spot for Yucatecan food in el Centro. From the ladies making fresh tortillas to the amazing tortilla chips they serve with sikil pac to a lovely cream of chaya soup and delicious cochinita pibil, I was really impressed. I was by myself and still had to wait 15 minutes for a table, as it was PACKED, and on a Monday night no less. The place was buzzing, with as many if not more locals than foreigners. The service was friendly and prompt and I now have a new favorite cocktail: chaya and Xtabentun (the Yucatecan anise liquor) with a salt rim. It’s a brilliant emerald green color and very refreshing. Can’t wait to go back and try some other dishes.

  6. We ate there three times and everything was great except for the long wait at the door each time and the Pescado Tikin X’ic which was very dry and tasteless. It is certainly not a place to have a romantic or quiet dinner, but for us, first-timers in Merida, it was great fun to watch all the (extended) local families have dinner.

  7. Their tikin x’ic must have been off that night, because tikin x’ic is supposed to be VERY juicy…

  8. I have to say I really like Chaya Maya, and I’ve been a few times to both locations now, but it seems that they really overcook their fish: I had empanadas de caz√≥n last time and the fish was also dry. So my advice is to go for the meat dishes instead. Also, try the newer location, is really beautiful and less crowded.

  9. We dined at the Calle 55 location (next to Parque Santa Lucia). It was simply outstanding. My poc chuc was savory and plentiful and my sons’ dishes were equally delicious. Service was good and prices were fair.


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