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La Flor de Santiago

Type: Yucatecan and Coffee
Neighborhood: Col. Centro
Telephone: 928-5591
Address: Calle 70 x 57 y 59
How to Get There from the Centro:
Parking: No
AirConditioned: Yes
Outdoors: Yes
Drinks: Soft Drinks and beer
Hours: Every Day from 7am to 2 am
Notes: The interior of this place is so classic… like stepping back into time. The only air-conditioned restaurant near Santiago Park.

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3 Responses to “La Flor de Santiago”

  1. Bordering Plaza Santiago, this is a Merida classic not to be missed, if for nothing more than bottomless coffee and the stuff on the walls. But especially engaging and authentic is the live trova music on weekends during the Sunday brunch. Look for the pink front of La Flor on the backside of the mercado. ~eric.

  2. It is certainly a Merida classic and should be experienced. We go there often and it is very easy to imagine you are sitting there during the 1940′s (well except for the TV with the Simpson’s on). The weekend buffets as stated are wonderful but we most enjoy just popping in at night for a quiet cup of coffee and atmosphere. Air-conditioning??? Never ever have been there when it was on but then again never really needed it with the fans on. Worth a visit just for a little quiet decompression.

  3. I enjoy it very much but have never been there when it was air conditioned. They HAVE air conditioners but they dont do much unless they are turned on.


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