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Los Trompos

Type: Tacos, Pizza, Nachos, etc.
Neighborhood: Fourteen Locations (see website)
Telephone: 988-4444
Address: See website
How to Get There from the Centro: Again, see the website
Parking: Some locations
AirConditioned: Some locations
Outdoors: Some locations
Drinks: Beers and Cocktails
Hours: At the Plazas: Every Day: 11 am to 10 pm, Restaurants: Every Day: 6pm to 2 am

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2 Responses to “Los Trompos”

  1. The Los Trompos in Los Pinos is one of my favorite places.

    A block away from our family’s house and the food and service never fails.

  2. The one in Centro, on Calle 60 y 65 is a disaster. You wait and wait for service. Too overstaffed and they all walk over eachother. Food not that good either.


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