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Mansion Merida Restaurant

Mansion Merida restaurant in YucatanType: Fine Dining
Neighborhood: Parque Hidalgo, Centro Historico
Telephone: 999-924-4642 (reservations suggested. Also by email at reservations [at] mansionmerida [dot] mx)
Address: Calle 59 #498 x 58 y 60 on the park
How to Get There from the Centro: If you’re in the centro, you’re there! Go to the corner of Calle 60 and Calle 59 and walk towards Calle 58. The hotel and restaurant are on the park at that corner.
Parking: Street or Valet parking
Air Conditioned?: Air Conditioned/Ceiling Fans
Outdoors: Yes, for the bar
Drinks: A full service bar
Payment: Credit cards or cash
WiFi: yes
Hours: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 1 pm to 6 pm. Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Dinner from 6 PM. Reservations suggested.
Pricing: Coming soon.
Restaurants in Merida Yucatan - Mansion MeridaNotes: This much anticipated restaurant opens June 2013. The full service bar has indoor and outdoor seating. Dine here in the best of Merida’s historic elegance, overlooking an interior courtyard. Fine dining with a good selection of wine. The hotel and restaurant have been created from the renovated home originally owned by Felipe G. Cantón Pachón, a former governor of the Yucatan. This French XIX Century mansion has been restored by the former governor’s grandson to its original splendor.

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