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Miyabi Sushi

Type: Japanese
Neighborhood: Col. Emiliano Zapata Norte
Telephone: 948-9896
Address: Calle 34 No. 396 Between 39 and 41.
How to Get There from the Centro: Go north on Prolongacion Paseo de Montejo, past the Burger King Circle. When you see the Carl’s Jr. restaurant on your right, turn right into that strip mall. Miyabi Sushi is in there.
Parking: Yes
AirConditioned: Yes
Outdoors: Yes
Drinks: Soft drinks
Hours: Thursday to Tuesday from 1:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Closed on Wednesday, Sundays at 10:00 pm
Website: none
Facebook: none
Notes: This is a real sushi restaurant… sushi without cream cheese, for those of you who appreciate that sort of thing. We hear the food, the ambiance, the interior decoration… it’s all spot on. Want to read more about it? Read a review from the Casual Critic. We’ve eaten at Yamamoto’s in Cancun, so we know this must be good.

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7 Responses to “Miyabi Sushi”

  1. Been there and can vouch for the fact that it is great!

  2. This is our favorite non-Mexican food restaurant in Mérida. It’s off-the-scale wonderful in anything they do’–sushi but many other things.

  3. Thanks to two readers for correcting the “Checkers” problem… now I have something in common with Richard Nixon. Mr. Lawson, I have added your link to the article… thank you!

  4. I’ve been eating at Miyabi almost since they opened last spring. I go often. It is by far the best Asian restaurant in Merida’s north. The chef/owners are precise, watchful (everything spotless, fresh, nicely plated), charming and friendly. The waiter attentive & perceptive.

    I go often for the tepanyakis (salmon, chicken and pescado I have tried) always simply but perfectly grilled and balanced (30 pesos more adds a rice bowl for a very filling dish), the spicy salmon or tuna always good, the sushi rolls.

  5. We just ate at Miyabi and agree that everything everyone says is true. The best sushi we’ve had in Merida, hands down. Rivals anything we’ve had in California. One note: as of this writing (fall 2010), they still don’t have a liquor license.

  6. Do they have hibachi grills?

  7. This is THE ONLY real Sushi place in Merida. I love it. Usually too crowded though…


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