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Rue 21

Type: French, Brunch and Dinner
Neighborhood: Col. Diaz Ordaz
Telephone: 938-0838
Address: Calle 21 No.416 x 8 y 10 (where La Habichuela used to be…)
How to Get There from the Centro: Go north on Paseo Montejo. Turn right at the Office Depot corner and continue on Calle 21 as it curves to the right. Nectar is in a small structure on the right before you get to Plaza Fiesta.
Parking: Yes
AirConditioned: Yes
Outdoors: Yes
WiFi: Yes
Drinks: Full Bar
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 1:30 pm to midnight, Sunday: 1pm to 7 pm, Closed on Monday
Note: Mixed reviews around the web, but mostly good reviews for the food. Have you been there? Leave a comment!

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One Response to “Rue 21”

  1. So we finally sucked it up and tried Nectar the other night. Verdict? Underwhelming.

    We’ve been to Habichuela, Trotters, La Pigua and the (fantastic) Hacienda Xcanatun. These are all better – at Nectar, it felt like the chef had just phoned it in. Four pasta dishes? on a high end menu? Puhlease! Also, at least 5 dishes featured goat cheese (including one of the 3 desserts on offer. This place needs a pastry chef, badly). Was there a sale on chevre at Costco or something?! At these prices, some bread, an amuse bouche or galleta or two with the apres dinner espresso would have been nice…

    Having said that, the service was flawless and the smoking section in the outdoor seating area is a bonus (as is the cigar ashtray for those needing it!)

    The chef does a tasting menu once a month, which may be where he puts all his training to good use, but the next time we’re going to drop a benjamin on dinner, we’ll go elsewhere.


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