Padres & Grill

Padres & Grill

4 April 2012 Yucatan Restaurants 3

Type: Casual Mexican food.
Neighborhood: Francisco de Montejo (west of the Gran Plaza)
Telephone: 999-195-0243
Address:Calle 43 # 176 x 42 y 51. In Plaza Altana, Francisco de Montejo
How to Get There from the Centro: Take Calle 60 North to Avenida Tecnologico. Continue on Avenida Tecnologico until you see the Chedraui North store on your left and Gran Plaza on your right. Before the underpass and BEFORE Chedraui, at the Y in the road, veer to the left. At the signal, cross over the southbound side of Avenida Tecnologico and immediately get into the right lane and merge over onto Calle 51. Chedraui will now be on your right. Continue on and follow Calle 51 going west (the street changes names many times). Padres & Grill is in Plaza Altana, which is the first mini-mall on your left. Bodega Aurrera will be on your right. Parking is in front.
Parking: Yes
Air Conditioned: Yes
Outdoors: Patio
Drinks: No Alcohol. Fresh juices and sodas.
Payment: Cash and credit cards.
Facebook: /padres&grill
WiFi: Yes
Hours: Monday through Saturday, 12-11 PM. Closed Sunday.
Notes:If you are familiar with Chipotle Restaurant or Baja Fresh in the USA, you will really enjoy the large burritos, fresh tortilla-shell salad bowls, soft tacos and the rest of the food available at Padres & Grill. The casual and comfortable restaurant that Blanca Rubio and Jose Velazquez opened satisfies that hunger for the north-of-the-border Mexican style fat burritos and tortilla shell salads. They make their own 12-inch tortillas (wheat, natural and special) for the ‘make your own’ burritos, taco salad or soft tacos and have prepared fresh and flavorful fillings to create your own delightful mixture. In a sort-of four step process, you are creating your own meal. You choose the meat (beef, chicken, special of the day), type of beans (black or pinto), they add rice and next you choose 3 from a list of ingredients (like cheese, cilantro, guacamole, onions, sauteed mushrooms...) and then, finally, one of their four salsas tops it all off. Our restaurant writer says she ate a burrito of arrachera, smashed black beans, guacamole, shredded cheese, cilantro and the spicy roja salsa. "Once I chose my burrito fillings it was rolled up, wrapped in paper, over wrapped in foil and ready to enjoy with a cold fountain-style strawberry lemonade on the shade-covered patio." The choices of ingredients available are so varied, that you could create one combination and stick to it, or create flavorful combinations each and every visit. Average lunch price: $60-$100 pesos.


  • Reg 6 years ago

    We really like this place! Not too hard to find, nicely decorated, bright and very friendly people. If it makes a difference, they speak English. Fresh ingredients, great salsas, whole wheat tortillas and one of the only places we know of that make burritos. (The tacos are good too). Also good for vegetarians. We highly recommend it.

  • Working Gringos 6 years ago

    Thanks... we had made a mistake. The headline is fixed. Not sure about the "3 opening comments" though...?

  • dciro 6 years ago

    I am confused with your cover headline??? "the ORGANIC AND HEALTHY"???? and the "Near Montejo"???? and "open for Breakfast----"???? I clicked on the heading and Padres Grill came up three times??? Now I have no complaints with Padre Grill and we will try their restaurant soon as we do enjoy Mexican food. But I was trying to track down your '3 opening comments:' Thank you for the lead of a new restaurant that we will give it a try.

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