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Type: Mexican, Yucatecan
Neighborhood: Col. Centro
Telephone: 923-0942
Address: Calle 59 x 60 y 62
How to Get There from the Centro: You are right there. Restaurant is one block from the Main Plaza.
Parking: A half-block away in the city parking structure on Calle 62 x 59.
AirConditioned: No
Outdoors: Yes
Drinks: Full Bar
Hours: Every Day: 6pm to 2 am
Website: http://www.trottersmerida.com/
Note: This is THE place that every tourist must eat when they come to Merida. Even those of us who live here go there on occasion… the food is good, it’s right downtown and the outdoor patio dining is truly lovely. We even get a kick out of the waiters with their bandilleras filled with wine corks.

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2 Responses to “Panchos”

  1. I am sorry but his place is HORRID. The food sucks. I only went there because an American friend took us, it was close to her hotel and she was tired. It is tacky, full of drunken tourists, and the bartender was RUDE.
    Besides, why would I want to go to Merida and spend money at a place owned by rich gringos who specialize in chain restaurants?

  2. Amalia, thanks for the heads up but why don’t you really tell us how you feel, lol.


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