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Pizzas Raffaelo

Type: Italian
Neighborhood: Centro
Telephone: 924-9943
Address: Calle 60 on the corner of 49
How to Get There from the Centro: Take 60 Street going north. The Pizza place is on your right one block before Santa Ana Park.
Parking: No
AirConditioned: Yes
Outdoors: No
Drinks: Soft Drinks
Hours: M-F – Noon to 4 and 5:30 to 11:30. Sat and Sun – 5 pm to Midnight

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23 Responses to “Pizzas Raffaelo”

  1. Everyone talks about this place. We have been several times and were not impressed with the food or service. There is better pizza around than this place and in cleaner restaurants. Try Rescoldos – it is within walking distance. La Trotto – a quick taxi ride and nice atmosphere.

    This probably won’t get posted – but it is an honest review.

  2. We went to Rafaelo’s Friday night. Hours were clearly posted on the door. Pizza was wonderful as usual. We have always found them to be very friendly. I’m sorry Peter had a bad experience, but judging for the number of folks in the restaurant on Friday, I would say his experience was not the norm.

  3. We LOVE this place. Eat there all the time. Have never stayed to eat, always to go. Don’t feel that it is dirty at all! Rafaelo comes across as a tough fellow, but is actually very nice and accommodating when it comes to making a pie.

  4. Peter’s honest review is greatly appreciated. One can always be rightly wary of the usual “Little Miss Sunshine” coverages.

  5. I am surprised by the first review, as I have lived in Italy, ate a ton of pizza there, and think the pizza at Raffaelo’s is as authentic and delicious as it gets. (by the way, he’s from Calabria). I also love Rescoldos, but to compare them is unfair. They are very different venues suiting different purposes. Maybe the reviewer has deep pockets, as to suggest La Tratto over Rafaelo’s confounds me. Further, the cleanliness issue is a non-issue in my opinion. It’s always been clean when I’ve been there.

  6. I agree with Gordon, Tray and Tom…Raffaelo’s is the BEST real Italian pizza in Merida. Rescaldo’s is an awesome restaurant as well, but each offers a different style of pizza. Raffaelo’s is a corner pizza joint with a great selection of toppings, excellent fresh green salads and delicious, albeit unique, panninis. The service has always been wonderfully personal and the place very clean. If you are looking for white tablecloths, real napkins and beer or wine with your meal…by all means head to La Tratto.

  7. From the review it appears that neither the working gringos nor Peter have ever been to Raffaello’s, the correct spelling. The place is very clean, air conditioned and indoors. He has, by far, the best real pizza in Merida. Plus Raffaello and Conchi are extremely personable, helpful and fun to be around. The hours are clearly posted for those that actually go there.

  8. OK, we spelled the name correctly and we corrected the air-conditioning… thank you! And you know what? we actually haven’t been there, but that isn’t the point. We were listing it here because we’ve heard about it from various people. And we don’t live next door, and we work all day… so that’s why we used the phone to call to get the hours! It doesn’t seem much to ask for someone to tell us over the phone. Anyway, they didn’t want to.

    If one of you who loves it and goes there often would like to pass on this precious piece of information, we would be happy to add it to the record here! Thanks!

  9. i have mixed feelings about this place. my husband and i went there 4 times. the first 3 times the food was absolutely fantastic, and we were raving about how this was the best restaurant and best pizza in merida. i almost wrote into working gringos about adding it into their list. the 4th time, the salad looked wilted and the items were slightly turning. and we were told that there would be no olives because they had gone bad. my husband got violently ill after our meal and remained so for over a week after he ate some sun dried tomatoes from the antipasto plate (that was the only thing i didn’t eat and i didn’t get sick so we know that was it). sadly, he refuses to eat there ever again and i don’t blame him after how sick he got. about the service: the 1st time was great, raffaelo was very attentive. the next 3 times, raffaelo and the lady who works there just sat on their laptop a few tables over intently surfing and playing games (with the bird on his shoulder) and not paying attention to our table (drinks, bread, etc were out..). in my opinion this is very inappropriate and also a little gross when the bird poops on the rag on his shoulder. all 4 times we were there all the fans and air conditoning were off, and we have to ask them to turn on the fan above our table the last time because we were burning up in there. honestly, i think we could live with everything i listed above if my husband did not get so sick from there as we really did like the pizza. the place looked clean with clean bathrooms, but any place that finds out their food is bad at the last minute before serving it and also serves food that has gone bad (as well as having a bird loose in the eating area) really makes me question the cleanliness of the areas that really matter, i.e. the food storage and preparation.

  10. The service you are doing to all of us, giving names ,adress etc about restaurant is very usefull,and you should’nt make personal comments about them.Thats could be confusing and open a door to future arguments.Do you have a name of the person who refuse to give you the hours of service?Sorry.

  11. Thank you, Arnaldo.

  12. Raffaello’s hours of operation are:
    Lunes a Viernes – Noon to 4 and 5:30 to 11:30
    Sabado y Domingo – 5 pm to Midnight

    Like many other small businesses around the Paseo (Olives y Rescoldos too) he will be closed for Carnaval.

    You also need to correct outdoors to NO.

  13. Thank you, Barry. Very helpful!!

  14. Appreciate all the honest reviews. Just airing opinions, and then people can decide to try it or not for themselves.

  15. I decided to give them a try tonight and ordered two pies for carry out. I have to say they were really good. The crust was savory and had the wood oven flavor I love. I would say they are up there with Rescoldos on my short list of good pizza places in town. I’m glad I tried them. I’m definitely going back for more!

  16. We went there one night and the pizza was excellent, so we returned again. Our second experience was a nightmare. One pizza came out badly burned so we sent it back. This set off a loud tirade by Raffaello who came out of the kitchen screaming that he doesn’t like Gringos and they don’t know anything about good pizza, that we should thank God for such good pizza as this, and strode back to the kitchen. He brought out a second pizza, but didn’t cut it, told us we would never be allowed to set foot in his restaurant again and continued yelling and charged us for both pizzas. He slammed and locked the door as we left. No pizza is worth this kind of treatment.

  17. I eat at Rafaello’s about once a week. The pizza’s are fantastic. The crust is thin and chewy and perfect. Rafaello is a bit rough around the edges, but is always kind and polite to me and the other customers at the restaurant. The restaurant gets a little hot at times, but it’s totally worth it for what is probably the best pizza I’ve ever had (and I’m a huge pizza fan). As far as Mary’s experience, I wasn’t there but the wood oven occasionally creates small burn spots on the top edge of the crust, this is totally normal for wood oven pizza (I’ve eaten pizza around the world) and helps with the wood oven feel (and still tastes great). Give it a try if you haven’t. The pizza’s that come out right of the oven (dine-in) taste a bit better than if you get it delivered in a box.

  18. I would be reluctant to eat at a place where the cook has a bird that shits on his shoulder…

  19. So interesting to read these very mixed reviews.
    I ate there once in July and will go again when I return to Merida, though I must say that being from Naples I found the pizza good but not impressive. The dough is thin and a little crunchy, which is what Americans call pizza but not us Neapolitans—we call it Roman pizza. So it was a good Roman pizza for me. Also, the “wood” oven was not really wood-fired, but it appeared to be gas-fired.
    Raffaello is not really from Calabria but from Turin, though his ancestors are from that Southern region. He is quite a character and I found him very agreeable, but then again we were speaking Italian.
    One drawback for me is that the menu is way too huge, and most of the pizza varieties in it just repeat the same ingredients with only slight variations. Again, this is hardly a true Italian thing, in Italy you will only find five or six different topping options for pizza, and who needs more when the ingredients and dough are first class?
    I didn’t see any bird when I was there and perhaps if I had it would have put me off too, but hey he’s the owner and I guess that he has the right to flip you the bird if you don’t like his bird and if he loses customers because of his attitude that’s his prerogative too…

  20. Trying pizza here is a very nice experience. It is a good home made italian pizza… and i find the place very clean and nice all the time. Otherwise, i have to admit that sometimes i dont feel confortable because of the attitud of Rafaello, he gets mad easily and sometimes kind of rude with other people… but when he is in a nice mood, believe me, he is very NICE!
    anyway, if you dont give them any kind of “problem” (LOL) you will have a very good diner at the table. I have been there several times and never EVER had to complain about the food, It has always been PERFECT. I really love this pizza, to me this is the best one in Mérida!

  21. So yesterday we walked in the shoe box sized pizza place and the service was a little slow as usual, the food was ok and the service was ok. 5 minutes after we walk out of the place, my mother in law realized she had left her glasses at the table so we went back to get them and the owner started yelling at us telling us to go look for our trinkets elsewhere because we weren’t going to find them there. so WE ARE NEVER GOING BACK TO THAT PLACE.

  22. Good food, bad vibe. He was hollering at his waiter for 5 minutes while I waited for my salad, no need for that in front of the customers even if it was deserved. After 6 weeks here he’s the first person I’ve come across who wasn’t polite, respectful, and muy amable. Won’t be back.

  23. So, it’s a pirate themed pizza place? Interesting concept…


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