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Restaurant El Gallito

Type: Restaurant and Cocina Economica
Neighborhood: Progreso
Telephone: 969-9356856
Address: Calle 29 # 140 Dept B x 78 y 80, Centro
How to Get There from the Centro: Downtown Progreso
Parking: Yes
AirConditioned: No
Outdoors: No
Drinks:Soft Drinks
Hours: Monday- Friday from 07:00 a 23:00, Closed Tuesday afternoon
Facebook: none
Notes: We don’t know much about this place… but the owner has the wherewithal to write us about it AND to have a website. Drop by and let us know what its like!

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2 Responses to “Restaurant El Gallito”

  1. Juan Camul the owner of El Gallito is quite enterprising with sign advertising daily specials all over the progreso area. The food is good & the restaurant is clean so I would recommend it to anyone wanting a casual meal. It is not as good as TACOMAYA though so the progreso people should make the trip over the bridge to chelem to find the best food in the yucatan.

  2. Not bad food, and large portions, especially the club sandwich. The service is a bit slow, but they do serve beer. A nice mix of Mexican and North American foods.


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