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Roco’s Trattoria

Type: Pasta Cocina Economica
Neighborhood: Colonia Mexico Norte
Telephone: 944-7662
Address: Calle 20 #44U x Calle 1H y Calle 3
How to Get There from the Centro: Go north on Paseo de Montejo to the Burger King circle and take a right. Make a left on Calle 20. Continue to Calle 1h and it is on your right. There is parking in front or around the corner.
Parking: On the street
Air Conditioned: Yes
Outdoors: No
Drinks: Sodas, etc. No alcohol
Hours: Monday-Saturday, Noon to 10:00 PM; Sunday, Noon to 6 PM
Notes: From our roving restaurant reporter, we got this about Roco’s:

This restaurant might be described as pasta fresca express. They feature in-house freshly made pasta. They have six different machines that are used to make specialty pasta every day, including pastas made with carrot, spinach and wheat. The pasta types are spaghetti, lasagne sheets, fettuccine, ravioli, capelletinni, tortellini, sorrentinos. They also have empanadas and canelones. Some are filled with cheese or meat. The pasta is packaged “to go” as frozen or cooked to take-out if you’d like. Salads are available as well as full lunch specials. In addition to the pasta, a variety of sauces are made in-house and are available to top the pasta. Sauces include Alfredo, Pesto, Diabla, Rosada, 4 Quesos, Bolognesa and Al Burro. You can also include toppings such as chicken, shrimp, meat and a mix of veggies for the vegetarians. Cooked lasagne is also available to go. Home delivery in available in some areas (probably not the centro). Dishes to order and eat cost between $55 and $75 pesos. Lunch specials ($55 pesos) include a pasta dish with sauce of your choice, a salad, pan and a can of Coke. Dessert (Chocolate cake or tiramisu) for $30 pesos.

It’s like a mix and match pasta house!

Our reporter added, “I ordered 1/2 kilo of the spinach ravioli and 1/2 kilo of the carrot ravioli, stuffed with cheese. I decided to tried the 4-cheese sauce (given to me hot). This was enough for 8 people, easy and cost about $110 pesos total. I took it home and cooked the pasta myself. The pasta was very good, the flavor and texture were great, they were easy to cook and the sauce was rich, creamy and plentiful. I would go back for more ready-made items or simply to stock up on freshly made pasta noodles and sauces.”

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3 Responses to “Roco’s Trattoria”

  1. I gave this a try and absolutely loved it. Finally something other than pork, pork and more pork. Great pastas, lasagnas, fresh and delish. The Diabla sauce is terrific.

    It turns out that they have a new branch in Pensiones two months old and the original mentioned above has been there for two years! Who knew? Great find. Also very friendly service as opposed to the often surly attitude we┬┤ve all become accustomed to. Tell a friend. They deserve to have success. Thanks for posting the article.

  2. Thank you for your comments, the adress in Pensiones is
    C7 Num 356 52 y 54.
    Residencial Pensiones.
    Tue to Sat 1pm to 11pm
    Sunday 1pm to 6:30pm

    Please give us the opportunity to serve you with our pasta fresca express
    the experience will be great, I promise.

    Bernardo Dyke

  3. I too tried this restaurant and loved it. The owner is very friendly. The food is great. If you stay to eat you can watch the video the owner made of how all the different pastas are made. It is actually very interesting and I learned something.


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