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Savia Restaurant Vegetariano

Type: Vegetarian
Neighborhood: Centro
Telephone: 999-928-6673
Address: Calle 59 x54 y 52, Colonia Mejorada
How to Get There from the Centro: Well, it’s in the Centro. Go EAST from the Plaza Grande on Calle 59, and you’re there!
AirConditioned: No
Outdoors: Yes
Drinks: No alcohol
Hours: Monday though Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM, breakfast and lunch
Website: www.saviayuc.wordpress.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/saviavegetariano
Notes: From our friend and restaurant reviewer, Janice:

Recently, I discovered Savia Cafe via a ‘like’ on one of my friends’ photos on Facebook! Kind of a funny way to find the Cafe as it has been in Centro for over two years. I asked two of my vegetarian friends if they had been to the Cafe and they had not. I have had conversations with them about the difficulty to find restaurants in Centro that prepare vegetarian food and that is tasty at the same time, so I asked if they would like to go with me to lunch. Upon entering the small Cafe we noted its relaxing and funky atmosphere. Nice music played in the background.

Savia means the essence of the plants. We could see from the decor that the Cafe is about nature, the planet Earth, and maintaining personal health. About 10 tables fill the restaurant inside and there are a couple of tables outside under a bright green awning. We took a seat in the fairly crowded Cafe and the waitress presented us with a menu on a whiteboard. The breakfast and lunch menu change daily according to the seasonal vegetables and fruit. A paquet is what we got to create… we each picked a soup starter, two entree choices from a list of five, and a fresh juice. Lunch paquetes are $45 pesos.

On the day we had lunch, we chose between a chilled, slightly chunky pureed beet soup and a warm, pureed herb-chayote soup to start. In order try a bit of each of that days’ selection, we decided to pick all the entree choices between us. So we tried round chaya tortitas topped with a subtly spiced tomato sauce, warm pasta shells tossed with roasted poblanos and thinly sliced zucchini in a light green sauce, chilaquiles, julienne cauliflower and tomato mix, and a soy-based ‘meat’ dish with a hint of spice. Our lunches were accompanied with fluffy brown rice and a small green salad that had a bit of chaya puree with it. A yummy herb-spiced organic soy sauce dressing was provided on the side for the salad.

I tried the fresh mango juice and my friends had fresh brewed tea and a lemonade with chia. The lemonade was not too sweet, just like my friend likes it.

I am not a vegetarian, but I do appreciate well-thought-out and creative cooking. I was not disappointed in the flavors and choices. We all agreed that the service was fast, friendly and the portions just right. Actually, better than “just right” for the inexpensive price and choices offered.

Breakfast paquetes are set up the same: you choose either a cup of coffee or a fresh juice, receive a fruit plate, and then make your entree selections from the breakfast choices prepared that day. A breakfast paquete costs $40 pesos.

In addition to having a meal, you can browse the Cafe’s large selection of books on nature, obtain information on yoga and mediation classes, shop the organic food products, plants, and handmade items. All in all, a great discovery!

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3 Responses to “Savia Restaurant Vegetariano”

  1. It´s the worst vegetarian restaurant that I have eaten in over the last 50 years. I was there on a day when it was empty, and had to wait forever for bland, tepid food.

  2. can’t wait to visit!!

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