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Breakfast in Chelem YucatanType: Mexican/American Eatery
Neighborhood: Chelem, three blocks past Centro, across from the baseball field
Telephone: 01-999-141-2733
Address: Calle 19, Chelem, Yucatan
How to Get There from the Centro: Go north on ProlongaciĆ³n Paseo de Montejo, heading toward Progreso. Continue under the Periferico overpass for awhile. Take the Chelem exit, driving for a stretch until you reach a glorieta (roundabout). The Chelem police station is on the right. Take a left at the glorieta, heading towards Chelem Centro. Once past the church, Taco Maya is on the right, three blocks from Centro, across the street from the baseball field.
Parking: Yes
Air Conditioned: No, ceiling fans. This is the beach!
Outdoors: Covered patio
Drinks: Homemade lemonade, fresh fruit punches, great coffee
Interior of Taco Maya in Chelem Yucatan MexicoPayment: Cash only
WiFi: No
Hours: 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM, Thursday through Sunday
Pricing: As you might suspect from the surroundings, there is more than meals being served at Tacomaya. Once a month, during Snowbird season, Tacomaya hosts the Funky Market, a festive crafts fair highlighting artisans and artists from the communities surrounding Chelem.

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12 Responses to “Tacomaya”

  1. we love Tacky, its a great place to hang out and the food is very wonderful.

  2. This is one of the fav restaurants loved by all!
    Food is always great and the owners Paul and Carol are wonderful people
    always stopping to chat and share their day with you!

  3. One of the best eateries we have discovered living here!! Paul and Carol are a great asset to life at the beach!!!

  4. Everything about TACOMAYA is great. The food, the people, the atmosphere…. a perfect visit every time.

  5. TacoMaya is our favorite place to eat in Yucatan! Paul and Carol are lovely hosts, and always make delicious food. The theme nights they have are fabulous and usually have a waiting list to attend. They also sponsor the ‘Funky Market’ craft shows a few times a year, which are attended by many expats.
    If you are visiting Merida, you MUST come out to the beach to eat here!

  6. Breakfast Burritos are a staple and my waistline proves it.

  7. A great place to hang out with friends and enjoy a coffee or some great food. Carol and Paul are wonderful hosts and Suri does a great job helping in the kitchen.

  8. The thing that distinquishes this eatery is the quality of the food and the consistency with which it is prepared. Paul and Carol provide the down home cooking and an atmosphere that says come and stay as long as you want, meet your friends, meet new friends and come back regularly. If you haven’t been there you are missing something special.

  9. No question about it. This little place has become one of our favorites. The hosts are great, the food is simply wonderful and it just makes the living experience so much more enjoyable!! Carol and Paul are always so gracious, enjoyable and make the whole experience just great.

  10. When is the next Funky Market on Sunday? Gracias.

  11. Had lunch there about a week ago and it was really delicious! Highly recommend it!

  12. Tacomaya… Great Grub served by a couple of Great Folks in a location that I simply LOVE!! I feel like I am home every time I sit under those wobbling fans eating my crunchy Fish Taco’s and/or Breakfast Burrito’s !! The place has also become a destination for the Biker Community, and we don’t eat bad food!! I worry that Carol and Paul are working too hard as the place has exploded lately with their attendance of Happy Customers! We look forward to our return!!


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