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A Reporter’s Blog

I don’t recommend many blogs these days… not sure why. I read so much on the internet, but not many blogs anymore.

But if you are an English-reading expatriate (or an English-reading Mexican perhaps…) and you love Mexico, I think you will appreciate this blog as much as I do.

Sam Quinones is an American journalist who is best known for his reporting on Mexico and Mexican issues. He was born, raised and educated in California, and eventually spent nine years living and reporting in Mexico… all around Mexico. He has a unique voice and an appreciation of all things Mexican that I really enjoy reading about. You can read more about Sam here on his eponymous website.

But the website we’re talking about today is his blog, A Reporter’s Blog. Sam is a great storyteller and through his posts, I’ve been exposed to many people, Mexican or somehow related to Mexico… or sometimes not at all… that are unique, fascinating and moving. His writing is stellar, his commentary insightful and he often accompanies his work with excellent photos or videos.

Like this short story about the graves of narcotrafficantes in Mexico City

or this story of Zeus Garcia, the Michael Jordan of Oaxacan basketball

or his series of photos and articles on the Virgen de Guadalupe.


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