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Set Free in Mexico

All of expat life in Yucatan isn’t made up of club meetings and parties. Sometimes, life in Yucatan is just another work day in paradise. Set Free in Mexico is a blog by expats Bruce and Mary. Are you wondering, if you take the plunge and move to Yucatan, will you be able to afford to eat out on occasion? Set Free in Mexico gives you pictures and prices, as well as introduces you to one of their favorite restaurant owners. The latest offering has information about how many things they have been able to get fixed in Merida and how refreshing it is to be somewhere where you don’t just throw things away… you get them fixed! We can definitely agree with that. Check out this blog at Set Free In Mexico.

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7 Responses to “Set Free in Mexico”

  1. I came here to experience Day of the Dead, and was greatly disappointed in the parade that I walked 3 hours to see. I went twice on different days to the cemetery and there was nothing going on there either.

  2. As we have written numerous times, the traditional experience of Day of the Dead in Merida goes on inside people’s home. Yes, they spruce up the cemeteries, but they don’t camp out in them. We’re not sure what parade you saw, but the two biggest celebrations are the Corridor of the Souls at L’Ermita, which includes a small parade and the installations of altars in the Plaza Grande. They are put up and taken down on the same day and if you miss them, you won’t see anything there. It took us two years to get our timing right :-)

  3. I went to the display of altars Friday night near La Ermita, and for me it was an intense, fascinating experience. It was packed when I got there at about 7, but by 8:15 some altars were already being taken down. The focus is the altars rather than the procession. There are photos here:

    I went to the cemetery at Chuburna Hidalgo on Sunday morning, and there were several people there sprucing things up, but it’s not a big, organized celebration.

  4. Hallo,
    I’m looking for a school in Merida to learn Spanish. I cannot find any address. I would be very glad if you know something and contact me.
    Andra (Alemania), now in Puerto Morelos

  5. Andra, there are many wonderful places to learn Spanish in Merida. We suggest you check out this page on our website:

  6. Great article, I’m planning on moving to Yucatan soon but uncertain about what part of Merida I should go to. Any help or info about where I can find a nice affordable studio to live and a good place to find work would be greatly appreciated!

    Looking forward to any advice,

    Happy new year,


  7. For Day of the Dead, Patzcuaro in Michoacan and Oaxaca City and environs are the two top places to visit. We visited Patzcuaro and had a great time on a tour of the cemeteries until the wee hours of the morning. Many gatherings and celebrations happen in both places.


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