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Yucatan News: The 2011 Olympics Continue

News Starting May 09, 2011

New Animal Hospital Opening in MeridaYucatan Lots - beach lots at reasonable prices in the Yucatan Mexico

In September, a teaching hospital, associated with UADY’s Veterinary School will open in Merida. The new hospital will boast advanced technology and services that include ultrasound and x-rays for small animals, the facilities and staff to perform surgery, and the facilities to provide hospitalization and rehabilitation for those who need it. The facility will have four classrooms, restrooms, parking, an indoor garden, and 2 digesters for the treatment of organic waste andsewage. There will also be a dining room and bedrooms for staff when they remain on duty. Finally, there will be an emergency room that is fully equipped and staffed at all times. The area served will include all of the southern and southeastern states of Mexico. This hospital will be located in Colonia Miraflores, behind the Faculty of Economics. It is important to note that this hospital will serve the segments of the general population whose pets need special attention but who do not have the resources to pay. Our heartfelt thanks to the Veterinary School at UADY and to everyone who invested in this hospital and to the students who will help to care for the patients.

Altabrisa To Have Dog Park

The Altabrisa Neighborhood Association is designating a large, fenced area as a dog park to the new neighborhood park they are building at the intersection of Calle 19 y 20. In order for dogs to be good neighbors, they need exercise and socialization in a safe environment. This park will provide just that. It will actually be zoned on the basis of dog size! This is the first neighborhood park in Merida to add a dog park to its development program. The Altabrisa Neighborhood Association, along with the residents of Altabrisa, should be congratulated for the manner in which they are developing one of the nicest areas of Merida.

Now Forming: Single Women in Merida Meetup GroupEx Pat Single Women in Merida

If you are a single woman on your own in Merida, you are cordially to join Single Women in Merida (SWIM). Perhaps you have already realized that being in a new country or new city, a new culture and on your own, it’s time to sink or SWIM. This is a new group for woman who are in the transition of learning how to embrace this wonderful adventure, find new friends and share in the exploration of a new life. Why go it alone? You are cordially invited to get together for the launch of SWIM on Friday, May 27, at 2:00 PM at Hennessy’s Irish Pub. There is lots to discuss, lots to plan and much to enjoy. Visit the SWIM group page to learn more and join today.

Brigade of Nurses Going Door To Door

Luna Del Oriente furniture in Merida Yucatan
One of the hallmarks of any system of socialized medicine is the realization that taxpayer dollars (or pesos) are not infinite in number and must be used to reduce the need for expensive emergency treatment that could have been easily avoided through simple education programs or early diagnosis. Through the years, Merida has shown itself to be one of the most proactive cities in the world in the development and implementation of outreach health care services. Now, the Young Professionals with Valor, a group of young nurses, is going door to door to provide educational services and to help diagnose obesity, diabetes, coronary disease, and other silent, chronic and degenerative diseases. They are also helping to educate the people about dengue fever and the need to adhere to the Clean Patios program. Look for more screening and educational programs coming to parks, if not to your door, in the very near future. Our congratulations to the Young Professionals with Valor for all they do to help the people of Merida and Yucatan.

Successful Olympics Continue in MeridaNational Olympics in Merida

If you have been watching the medals stack up in the papers, don’t think the Olympics are over. They run all the way through May 22 in Merida and Progreso. As of this writing, Yucatan is in 4th place nationally, with 48 gold medals, 49 silver medals, and 53 bronze medals. You can find the schedule for all of the remaining events on the National Olympics website. If you click on the Medals link at the bottom of that page, you can watch as Yucatan’s medals climb in numbers all the way to the end. If you would like to read local press releases and articles about the Olympic events and the athletes from Yucatan, you can find those on the Yucatan Sports Institute website. Please do go out to see our young athletes compete. It means a great deal to them.

“Padrinos Mágicos”

The Padrinos Mágicos are upper level psychology students at UMSA in Merida. In celebration of Día del Niño, these remarkable students took 46 disabled students from CAM #5 to Centenario de Mérida for the day. But this magical day didn’t end there. They also took the children out for a Happy Meal and the management was kind enough to close their doors to the public for two hours while the children enjoyed their meal. And that still wasn’t the end of the day! Each child received the gift of their dreams – including tricycles, educational laptops, cell phones and MP4’s. Alumni of UMSA donated bags of candy and pens. While this was a red letter day for the disabled students, the best part of this is that Yucatan’s psychology professionals of tomorrow will have this experience as part of their world view and will carry new attitudes and new understanding into their professional practices for the rest of their lives. Congratulations to Padrinos Mágicos, to UMSA, to the administrator of CAM#5, to the parents of the participating children, and to the 46 children who made this day of joy and learning possible.

Electricity Rates To Be Revised Downward

Sometime between May 20 and 30, CFE officials will be in the Merida to meet with Legislators for the purpose o analyzing electric rates in Yucatan and revising them downward. These same meetings are going on in Chiapas, Sonora and the State of Mexico. They will be looking at the rates, improper or abusive charges, and service. This is great news for the people of Yucatan and deeply appreciated by all who live here.

Government Spending in Merida

For those who are considering a move to Yucatan, we thought you might like to see this graphic about the availability of funds that Merida has as it continues to serve the people who live here. This is important information showing that there is funding available to continue all of the wonderful projects we see around the city.

Four Progreso Teens Learn Their Lesson

Its been a least a decade since the first graffiti began to show up on walls and buildings in Yucatan. During that time, there has been no general consensus about why this behavior exists or what to do about it. Reasons are all over the map. They’re just bad kids. They’re just expressing the urban art of their generation. Lock them up! Let them express themselves in designated places. The result is a continuation of never-ending graffiti. We suspect that Progreso has found the answer. This week, two 17 year olds, a 15 year old and a 14 year old were under the watchful eye of the police as they painted over the facades they had damaged with graffiti. If this practice continues, these teenage urban stealth artists may actually learn the difference between true urban art and property damage that must be repaired. Congratulations to Progreso for finally drawing the line. 

Southern Yucatan is Booming

Over the years, odd bits of economic development news came in from the far reaches of our state, but few took notice. Now, in what seems like almost an instant, the southern part of Yucatan is getting excited over not just a chain store coming to town, but yet another chain store arriving in Tekax. So far, Ticul has a Super Che (Chedraui) and a Bodega Aurrea. Oxkutzcab has a Bodega Aurrera and a Soriana Express. Tekax only has a Bodega Aurrera and is excited at the prospect of possibly getting a Super Che. They know the land has already been bought by a chain, but are not sure which one and the suspense is growing as they wait for news. We are no longer surprised to hear this kind of news from Southern Yucatan and it is a testament to the people who live there and have earned the good life they are building.

New Peruvian Restaurant in MeridaRincon Peruano Restaurant in Merida

New Mexican-American residents from Monterrey, NL, have brought new excitement to the restaurant scene in Merida. They have already had a successful opening and now invite everyone to continue coming by to visit and enjoy great food and excellent company.
Address: Calle 22 x 9, Col. Mexico
Phone: 999 239 7625
Open: Monday – Saturday

for Lunch and Dinner

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  1. Wow! Electricity rates coming down!!! What a relief. That should bring in lots of retirees. Hopefully CFE will be looking at alternative forms of energy like wind power to offset their costs. Now if they could only do something about the sidewalks………


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