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Carnival Week Sunday

So here we are again, sitting in our nice air-conditioned renovated colonial office in Merida, thinking we *should* get out there and see Carnival… but we probably won’t do it today. There’s so much to be done at work and at home, and Carnival just came at a bad time for us.

Every Yucateco we have talked to in the last few days have asked us if we’ve seen the parade. And we did, briefly, Friday night when we went for a dinner of cochinita tacos at Parque Santa Ana. The cochinita pibil and extra-hot habanero sauce went really well with the cold horchata, loud music and bright lights of the parade. We were able to sit at a little table, enjoy our meal and watch the tops of the floats go by. We noticed the floats look better and more professionally done this year than in the past. And the sound systems are definitely better (and louder). We can’t say the dancing has improved a lot from years prior, but this dancing isn’t about perfection… it’s about fun. And there was definitely a lot of that going on.

So we *will* see more of Carnival before it’s over… but probably not today. We leave you, dear readers, with two more photos from last year. :-)

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2 Responses to “Carnival Week Sunday”

  1. just a few days before it’s all over…better get out there and enjoy it.. I won’t be in QRoo till ash wendsday…too late for me as well:(

  2. Marvelous photos, both.


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