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Hurricane Dean Updates from Merida

As Hurricane Dean keeps steadily approaching the Yucatan Peninsula, with the projected path going straight over Merida, most of us in Merida are preparing and watching and waiting.

NOAA says that the maximum sustained winds are close to 145 miles per hour right now, with higher gusts. Dean is now a category 4 hurricane, just hitting Jamaica, with a lot of warm water to travel over before it gets here. We’re not worried, but we’re not relaxed either! The thing that has made us really sit up and take notice is that from the satellite photos, Hurricane Dean is already bigger than the entire Yucatan Peninsula.

According to what we’ve read on other websites, people are in waiting mode in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and the rest of the Mayan Riviera. There has been a hurricane watch issued for the entire coast between Chetumal and San Felipe, and we’ve heard that they are evacuating Isla Holbox. We’ve got to think that most people on Cozumel and Isla Mujeres are considering evacuation as well. Friends of ours who live at the beach are heading into town today, after closing up their homes and we’re all hoping for the best.

Meanwhile, life goes on here in Merida. Last night, the town was full of people and all the restaurants were packed as people came back from the beach cities, preparing for both school (which is supposed to start next week) and the hurricane, whichever comes first. The weather started out cool today and is heating up as usual, with clouds gathering for an afternoon thunderstorm. Trees and gardens are in full tropical summer splendor… we can’t remember when they’ve looked better! So we are enjoying them as much as we can, because if Hurricane Dean hits Merida, those gardens will be blown to bits, literally. Little leaf bits. They’ll be back, of course, but not for a few months at least.

We have bought extra water, put gas in the car, bought tarps and rope and batteries. We’ve got DVDs to watch as long as the power is on, and books and games for when it isn’t. We’ve stocked up on dog and cat food, as well as human food. And we’ve told our families not to worry about us.

There’s not much else to do but wait. When there’s something new to tell, we’ll put an update here.

SEE THE VIDEO! Watch the video of Hurricane Dean in Merida.

Read the Tuesday morning update from Merida about Hurricane Dean.

Read about our preparations and past hurricane experiences here.

Here are some other websites that are updating from the Yucatan:

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12 Responses to “Hurricane Dean Updates from Merida”

  1. Hopefully your new home construction survives relatively unscathed as well as all in the Yucatan.

  2. I wish all of you well, and will remember you in my thoughts and in my prayers.

  3. hang on for dear life and god bless

  4. Anyone who wants a hotel room in Merida had better get it now. 80,000 tourists need to fly home from Cancun and they are already planning on bringing many of them to Merida to do it.

  5. I’m out! Got to be in chiapas: SC de La C wednesday, so I can’t risk getting trapped. Take care and be safe and sound. See you all on the flipside… hurricanes can’t climb mountains right?

  6. I do believe that Yucatanliving is the BEST website for information on Merida. Thank you! I am a new homeowner in Merida, and am supposed to fly into the city from the U.S. on Wednesday. If power is out, and streets are flooded, can you suggest what is my best way to find out this information the day before? My airline has indicated that I have up to the day before to change my flight plans.

  7. In Canada, our thoughts are with you all… don’t take chances, keep your heads down and see you all soon – safe and sound! Look after each other!

  8. We have friends living in Merida for 3 months and we are concerned. I know that they don’t have plans to leave the city before Dean arrives. Good luck to all of you, we’ll be watching and praying.

  9. Best wishes from super hot&dry Las Vegas!!! As a native Floridian, I can tell U that these stormz are NO JOKE!!! I woz coming 2 Riviera Maya Aug. 29-Sep. 5, but Vegas was gonna reschedule dat anyway!!! Hunker down and beat Dean’s ASS!! Your Peninsula is in my heart & thoughts, and I won’t be sleepin’ 2nite in LV, watchn’ radar & Weather Channel, etc.!!! DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE the storm surge–PLEEZ! Cheers!!

  10. Our thoughts are with you from up here in Maryland! Keep safe!

  11. All the best and good luck from the other side of the world, very well out of any hurricane area. But; well accustomed to snow blizzards.
    Hang in there, we will come see you in March :)

  12. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. I have my family in Merida and can’t reach them already so please please be safe and I will talk to you soon.


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