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Mel Gibson in Yucatan

This morning, Australian movie star Mel Gibson is on the front page of our local Merida newspaper. The story is buried on page 9, but Mel Gibson’s bearded (very bearded!) face is staring back from the front page of every newstand we passed this morning. Apparently he visited Edzna, a Mayan archaeological zone in Campeche yesterday. Edzna is a possible location for his new film, “Apocalypto” which, according to the article, will begin filming November 15th in Veracruz. Though he doesn’t speak any Spanish, Mel told the newspaper reporter through translators that he was very impressed with the significance of the Mayan culture, the beauty of the Mayan ruins and the hospitality and support of his hosts, and that Mexico is dear to his heart. After spending time with his collaborators and assistants at Edzna, he hosted a lunch for his team, as well as the governor and secretary of tourism of Campeche.

The article also reports that Mel is staying at the beautiful renovated Hacienda Uayamon, one of the Starwood collection of luxury hotels. Uayamon is one of five haciendas renovated with the help of the locally famous architect, Salvador Reyes Rios. Other haciendas renovated by Reyes Rios include Temozon, San Jose Cholul, Santa Rosa and Petac. The haciendas (and houses he has renovated as well) are restored with impeccable taste. If you ever get a chance to stay at one, jump on it!

The reporter ended by saying that Gibson said he loved the shrimp he’d been eating here… and that he was joking and in a good mood. Now that’s important!

So it seems that the Yucatan portion of the movie is going to be filmed either at Edzna or at some location where they are going to reconstruct a city that might look like Edzna once did. Still, no one really knows what the story is, except that it will be spoken in Mayan. Will it also have something to do with the Mayan End Days of 2012?

Vamos a ver! (we’ll see!)

Apocalypto Official Movie Website

Apocalypto on Rotten Tomatoes

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3 Responses to “Mel Gibson in Yucatan”


    Every good little hermit worth his salts knows that
    SHRIMP are an abomination to the lord. And I won’t even go into the pork at Mary Soco’s. But for such a paragon of the Christian Faith as Mel Gibson to come to the Yucatan and promote shrimp eating. I have no faith left in anything now. Mel Gibson was like a god to me. What next George Bush asking us to conserve oil and marching in the Gay Pride Parade in New Orleans! Lord help us!

    Thanks for posting this!

  2. The sweeping mayans are on the case. Don’t be surprised if MG gets a good dose of Kukulcan’s revenge from those shrimp!

    Hermit where have you been there is no N.O. and W is asking us all to conserve oil. We’re all doing our part to make sure no oil is drilled in our sacred waters.

  3. Here is an interview with Mel Gibson talking about making Apocalypto:


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