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What's New at Yucatan Living

What's New at Yucatan Living

20 July 2007 News 5

Welcome to the New and Improved! Whiter! Brighter! Yucatan Living!

(Tastes great! Less filling!)

When you clicked over to Yucatan Living recently, you were probably temporarily and pleasantly blinded by the light of the new design, new colors and big photos. At least we hope so. The Working Gringos and their trusty assistants have been working (no big surprise there…) behind the scenes for weeks now to bring you a new edition of your favorite website.

In the spirit of getting right to the point, here's a list of the changes that you will see here:

New design - Well, that’s obvious. This includes a BIG photo at the top of every page…and lots of new ones. The new column width of the articles will allow us to include larger photos within the articles too. We love to photograph the Yucatan, so you can be sure, there are going to be a lot of new photos!

Reader’s Choice Polls – One of the new features we are most excited about. With the advent of the new design, we are officially starting the Reader’s Choice Polls. Every two weeks or so, we’ll add another poll. This year, we’ll probably end up with about 20 categories. Next year, we’ll have the same 20 categories, and add more. We want your votes and we want your suggestions for new categories too! When the year is over and the results are in, we’ll be awarding the appropriate businesses and individuals with their beautiful Yucatan Living Reader’s Choice certificates, which we hope will be proudly displayed on their wall.

History Topic – We had been in the Yucatan about two minutes when we started wondering about the history of this fascinating place. Now that we’ve been here longer, we’ve delved into the history of the Yucatan quite a bit. We’ll be surprised if you don’t find these subjects fascinating too.

Getting Started – Many of our readers have either just moved to the Yucatan or have just bought property here. Even if you've been here a long time, sometimes you just need the facts, right?

  • Most Asked Questions is a quick way to connect a question you might have with an article that has the answer.
  • Community Resources is a succinct listing of all the resources we have mentioned in our articles, and more! This is a living list that we will continue to add to…and it’s downloadable! It’s a .pdf so you can download it and either keep it on your computer or print it out to take with you. VERY useful, don’t you think?
  • Our Sponsors lists all the wonderful people that advertise with us all in one place. We don’t show all our sponsor’s ads at once, because we don’t want our readers to have to try to find the content of our website in between all the ads. So you’ll never see more than a few ads on a page. So if you are looking for a specific B&B or a house for sale or an architect whose ad you saw last week, you can go straight to this list to find it!

Comunidad – If you want to add our RSS (or other) feed, here’s the place to do it. Do you belong to Technorati or or Stumbleupon? Or any of the other hundreds of Bookmark Managers? Click on “Add Any” and add Yucatan Living easily to any one of those.

Latest Comments – Want to know what people are talking about on Yucatan Living? We get to see all the latest comments because we manage the site. We like that function, and figured you would too. Check for the five most recent comments on the right side of the page.

Top 5 Most Popular Articles – The most recent articles we publish will always be at the top of the front page. But if you’re looking to see what the most popular articles are, now you can see those too, just below the most recent ones. It might surprise you to know what they are… and to see how and when they change!

Top 5 Most Read and Most Emailed Articles - On each topic page (Real Estate, History, Culture, etc.), you'll see on the left a list of the Top 5 Most Read Articles in that topic. Just below that, a list of the Top 5 Most Emailed Articles in the topic. Just another way to get straight to the information you are looking for!

Weather – The weather in the Yucatan is always on our minds, and yours too, we bet. Whether you live here or half a world away, you can easily see what the weather is today from the front page of Yucatan Living. Bookmark us and check in every morning!

Notify Me – We’ve had the “Email this article to a Friend” feature for awhile. Now we’ve added Working Gringa’s Most Wanted Feature: “Notify me when someone replies to this topic”. How can we carry on a conversation if you don’t know if someone answered your question? Now, we’ve solved that. To paraphrase Ms. Clinton, let the conversation begin!

We’re not stopping here! This is just the beginning of new features, new articles, new fotos, new videos and more, coming to Yucatan Living in the future. Is there something in particular that you want to see? Email us at and tell us what you want. We can’t guarantee we'll do it, but you know us. We aim to please.


  • Genny M/La Peregrina 10 years ago

    Congratulations one more time for an outstanding site, way to go gringos!
    I am coming over to Merida really soon and I hope to meet you, I will be staying in my house Peregrina in Chelem, you will be able to see it from the main road going west, please stop by and have a fresh "agua de coco" from "mis palmares", it will be very nice...I will email you the dates of my stay or maybe I can call you, until then
    thanks for all the information about mi Merida Linda.
    La Peregrina

    p.s. Remember Roque? he is also going to Merida.

  • Yucatan Living - Merida Events: Dancing in the Streets… 10 years ago

    ...July and August is definitely downtime for cultural events in Merida and the rest of the Yucatan...

  • jillian 10 years ago

    I come back from the USA and everything is different! Looks really terrif you guys.

  • Rachael 10 years ago

    Love the site! Browsing the articles and seeing the pics really brings me back to my college days in Mérida. I knew I missed it, but I had no idea how much until I found your site! However my husband keeps telling me that moving to Yucatan will just have to wait until retirement... sigh...

    Anyway, please keep up the good work!

  • John 10 years ago

    wow... new look. It will take me awhile because I really liked the old format but I'm sure that the quality of the articles will be as exceptional as they were in the past. Keep up the good work.

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