News / News: Boxing, H1N1, No Crime

News: Boxing, H1N1, No Crime

News: Boxing, H1N1, No Crime

25 January 2010 News 3

H1N1 Ethics: What Ethics?
Mexico suffered a tragic blow to its economy over the H1N1 flu “pandemic” that maybe wasn't and now, it seems, the perpetrators of this crime may be brought to justice. Drug companies that had stockpiles of surplus flu vaccine are being accused of deliberately creating this false emergency, knowing that H1N1 was a mild flu, for the sole purpose of selling off their surplus. They sold the hype to governments that promptly went into a state of panic. The media pointed its finger at Mexico with a voice loud enough to cause economic ruin for many of Mexico’s poor. Toward the end of this tragic episode, there was a man in Progreso who hung himself because he could not face one more day of not being able to feed his family.

Now, a European tribunal is calling the drug companies in to explain themselves. We wonder if the people who make these decisions ever stop to think of the needless devastation they cause? Perhaps now, finally, there will be some justice for those whose lives were ruined in Mexico because of pharmaceutical corporate greed. We don’t hope their fine is large enough to cause their children to go hungry – but a fine that would at least make them worry about it seems appropriate. Read about this story here.

Merida: Virtual Kidnappings and Other Cons
Over the past year or so, many of Merida’s citizens – as well as many gringos – have gotten phone calls telling them that a family member has been kidnapped and they must pay a ransom to get their loved one released. Some people know this is a con, but many less savvy folks who live in Merida fall for it and rush to pay the ransom. We read about this and other con artists, such as the poor waif who just needs a drink of water, on If you receive one of these calls, the police ask that you not show anxiety, but instead yell angrily at the caller and slam the phone down. Since they thrive on the fears of their victims, this lets them know that there is not a victim at your telephone number. In reality, Merida has never been plagued with the kinds of crime found in other areas of the nation and maintains its safety to this day.

World Boxing Championship Coming to Merida
We are going to put this in the News this week and on the coming soon events next. We just wanted everyone to know that boxing is alive and well in Yucatan and, indeed, in all of Mexico. On Feb. 20, 2010,  WBC featherweight world champion, Elio Rojas, of the Dominican Republic, will put his title on the line against challenger, Guty Espadas, of Mexico, in the main event. Espadas is favored to win back the title he previously held. Yucatan’s Governor, the President of the WBC, and even Don King were all on hand in D.F. to make the announcement.

AIDS Walk in Houston
This just in from Brazos Abiertos and Nicole Longnecker
"Brazos Abiertos is gearing up for AIDS Walk Houston. Come walk with us!Go to facebook to join our team."
The work of Brazos Abiertos in educating about HIV/AIDS and helping prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS in Yucatan has been phenomenal. We hope everyone will respond to their call and support their AIDS Walk in Houston.

Foreigners Make a Difference Along Yucatan’s Coast
It isn’t often that expats see themselves referenced in the media in Yucatan, but when it happens, it is a rare treat. We have watched as Canadians, Americans, and other expats and Snowbirds in Yucatan go about the business of helping who they can, when they are able. We are part of a number of those projects as well and can tell anyone that we get far more in emotional and spiritual rewards than we ever put into our adopted home. Progreso Hoy, an online and print newspaper in Progreso, has posted a list of some of the projects supported by expats and Snowbirds. You can read Progreso Hoy here. If you are not already helping one or more of these projects, we hope you will consider making 2010 the year you too become involved with this magical land and its good people. Contact numbers are provided in the article. Thank you, Progreso Hoy.

Messy Marine Growth in Yucalpeten
It has been a long time since we have seen Progreso referred to as a sleepy little fishing village. Today, Progreso is a thriving city and all of the beach towns are rapidly growing – and so is the stress on the marina at Yucalpeten. Currently, boats belonging to marine tourists are coming in such numbers that they are beginning to represent a danger to navigation. The marina wasn’t prepared for such popularity and steps to improve and expand the marina must be taken in order to ensure safe navigation, as well as the safety of all of the boats during bad weather. We know that there are plans for improvement in the works, so we have complete faith that this situation will soon be rectified.

Trimaran Zamna Will Take Aid to Hati
The beautiful trimaran Zamna sailed to the Mediterranean and back, making 24 stops for peace in the name of Yucatan and Mexico. It hadn’t been home long when the earthquake hit in Haiti, so now this lovely ship will sail again – but this time it will be loaded with 20 tons of food and water, destined to help the survivors of the earthquake in Haiti. Yucatan has already sent 19.7 tons of food and water to Haiti, most of it via a Navy ship in Veracruz. But the Zamna is far enough along in its recovery from its long voyage to the Mediterranean that it can take over now and bring help from Yucatan to Haiti. The trip will take 5 days.

Please Do Not Talk and Drive


It is the second decade of the 21st century and many of us have come to Mexico to get away from what we often call the rat race. Unfortunately, our cell phones tend to come with us, as do our vehicles. This past week, in Chicxulub, a taxi driver ran down an 8 year old little girl. He didn’t notice her because he was talking on his cell phone. Now, of course, he is sorry and says he didn’t mean to do it – but it doesn’t matter how sorry he is. The little girl is still in serious condition and has a long road to recovery ahead of her. No child deserves to pay that kind of price for that kind of selfishness. We encourage you to put away the cell phone when you are behind the wheel.

Progreso’s New Fairgrounds To Be Ready for Carnival
Over the past two or three months, a brand new fairgrounds area has been built in Progreso. It is close enough to the pier that the area can be used to reduce some of the stress of merchants on the beach, plus it has a sound stage and seating for 500 spectators. Although it isn’t quite finished yet, it is expected that the celebrations at the end of Carnival are going to have a new home.

Women’s Dances
At this time of year, there will be what we call Women’s Dances around our city and state. These dances are put on by ladies’ societies that support local nursing homes. If you have an opportunity to attend one of these dances, we strongly suggest that you do so… “you” meaning the ladies, since no men are allowed. The costumes are wonderful and the entertainment is superb. Check around your neighborhoods and see if anyone knows where you can get tickets to one of the many Women’s Dances that will be held in our area. This is a traditional Yucatan experience you don’t want to miss.

Heart Without Borders Comes to Yucatan
Now, this looks interesting. Heart Without Borders is a national organization comprised mostly of college students whose slogan is “The reward of a good deed is… doing it.” They have made a commitment, all across Mexico, to work toward justice, fairness, and opportunity. They have seen what happens when a society only keeps people from starving but then provides them with no opportunity to keep themselves afloat after help is gone. They will be working to provide help to young entrepreneurs so that the next generation of Mexicans will be able to improve their own lifestyles beyond simply worrying about their daily bread. This sounds like a wonderful organization and we are sure we will hear more from them in the very near future.

Drug Violence Report
At 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, the new book “Police and Public Security in Mexico” will be presented by the Trans-Border Institute and the Mexico Institute of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars at USD’s Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice. It is important to note that the Trans-Border Institute at the University of San Diego has released a new report, “Drug Violence in Mexico: Data and Analysis from 2001-2009,” which can be downloaded here. This report states that the only Mexican state reporting zero drug-violence-related deaths last year was the State of Yucatán. We are extremely proud of the police and military coverage we have in the State of Yucatan but, most of all, we are proud of the people of the State of Yucatan. So very well done! Our congratulations to everyone involved in keeping our adopted state moving forward on the path to health, peace and prosperity.

Census in Mexico: May 21 - June 25, 2010
This year, 2010, Mexico is going to try to carry out the biggest and most extensive census in its history - and they want to count Mexicans at home and abroad - and extranjeros too! These are going to be important numbers as Mexico moves into the future and decides on where resources will best be utilized. It isn't hard - 2 questionnaires - one with 29 questions and another with 75 questions. Census 2010 in Mexico will take place May 21 through June 25, so be prepared to stand up and be counted in Mexico!


  • Deborah Hamilton 8 years ago

    Please send any info about best/most fun locations in Merida to watch this year's Superbowl. Thanks!

  • CasiYucateco 8 years ago

    Our household cannot recommend Brazos Abiertos highly enough.

    They are doing excellent work, needed work, life-saving work in Yucatan every day. Brazos has come up with innovative solutions to overcoming the cultural and social roadblocks to testing, treatment, education and prevention.

    Brazos offers full-fledged services in Merida and Yucatan with the roots of the idea carrying all the way back to post-Hurricane Isadoro when ex-pats banded together to help the HIV shelter of Oasis de San Juan de Dios in Conkal. Although having been left homeless by the hurricane, the residents soon had solid concrete, hurricane-resistant housing due to donations of Mexicans, ex-pats, their friends and family in the USA and Europe through a group known as 'Friends of Oasis.'

    Today, Brazos Abiertos has expanded on that focus to a much wider population while Oasis continues to operate in the small pueblo.

    You can donate directly to Brazos via their website:

    Just look for the PayPal Donate Now button on the left menu bar.

    (Please excuse this shameless plug from one of the original Friends of Oasis. :-) )

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