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News: Lost Dog Found

News: Lost Dog Found

6 July 2009 News 0

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Found: Yellow Lab at M.E.L.L.
Late last week, the police found a yellow lab wandering near the corner of Calle 70 and either 53 or 55. She is obviously someone's pet and they assumed she probably belonged to an expat, so they brought her to M.E.L.L. At this point, she is at AFAD, waiting for either her own family to find her, or a new family to step in and give her a home. She is a sweet dog and will not do well if left in a kennel for an extended period of time. If anyone knows this dog, please contact AFAD. If everyone would print the picture and put it on at least one neighborhood light post or wall, perhaps we could find her people. Thanks to all who try to help. She is a good dog and deserves to go home.

Yucatan Stars in BBC Documentary
The BBC, in London, has made a documentary that features the State of Yucatan's social programs designed to eliminate poverty in the indigenous population, as well as in other lower socio-economic urban and rural populations. The World Bank has given $1.5 billion USD to Mexico for the purpose of strengthening such programs across the nation and Yucatan's contribution, especially in Tekal and Temax, is being hailed as extraordinarily successful around the world. In fact, Yucatan's "Opportunities" programs have been so successful that they have now been copied by over 30 nations. For the past few years, there's not a group or strata of Yucateco society that hasn't begun to find their way in new and innovative approaches to business and we now have mega-business centers where importers and exporters meet to form lasting relationships. Now, thanks to the BBC, the rest of the world will know that even greater wonders than ever are to be found in the fight against poverty in Yucatan.

A Strange Apology from China
The Health Minister of China has apologized to the Health Minister of Mexico - but not for what you might think. The apology is not for throwing over 100 Mexicans into isolation during the H1N1 scare. Instead, the apology is for not having informed the Health Minister of Mexico of what they intended to do. It was a very odd apology, given as an aside and almost as an afterthought at a meeting of the Health Ministers in Cancun. One gets the distinct impression that China still doesn't "get it," but even a strange apology is better than no apology at all.

Julia Roberts Buys Movie Rights to Book
Hot House Flower is a book by Margot Berwin. The story involves a quest for exotic plants in the dense, impenetrable jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula. The setting is as mysterious as the relationships. Julia Roberts loved the book so much that she immediately bought the film rights. With luck, we will see this movie being made right here in Yucatan - and soon, we hope! 

Business: Why Shots Over the Bow Fall Dead in the Water
While expats are prohibited, by law, from becoming involved in Mexican politics, there is no law that says the savvy investor can't watch and learn. Since 2000, Mexico has enjoyed blue skys and sunshine, in the world of business and investments, in spite of constant "dirty tricks" rumors of first one failure and then another. It takes a lot of energy to keep up those kinds of rumors and those who tell such tales are looking a little ragged these days. In the meantime, Mexico has been governed by not one but two Harvard alumni in a row and sleeps quite peacefully at night. Now that the economies of several other nations have tanked, Mexico is becoming the new horizon for business and real estate investment, and is expected to remain so well into the future. This is from a report by Jim Scherrer, of Puerto Vallarta, who also recently discovered, after almost 30 years in Mexico, that a long and healthy life is one of the intangible perks of owning property and building a life in Mexico.

Making a Buck From Someone Else's Tragedy
As we all know, Honduras is having its share of political problems right now. We have decided not to make any personal decisions related to this topic, at this point, because (a) we don't have a dog in this fight and (b) we have not had time to discuss the situation with expats who live there. Those facts are of no interest to any number of organizations, groups, and government agencies who want us to donate now so they can .....??? So they can what? "Funds are urgently needed! We can't do it without your help! Donate Now!" Did we miss something here? Funds are needed for what? What is it that they can't do without our help? We don't have a clue what they are even talking about and we are absolutely certain that the people of Honduras would never see a dime o our donation. If help is needed, we will get that information from expats and well respected groups in the area, and we will pass that information along to our readers. In the meantime, we ask that you be very careful of who and what you are donating to, especially when the cause is in another nation.

Safety on the Malecon in Progreso
If it rolls, uses gasoline, electricity, or compressed air - and if you can eat its products, then it has been tested and certified by the State of Yucatan. This includes everything from ambulances to hot dog carts, from mechanical games to blow-up toys. Even fire extinguishers have all been checked and recertified. When some claimed they couldn't go in to be certified, the inspectors came to them. No one is taking this lightly, especially since so many of the attractions on the beach have electrical systems. As of now, all systems are "Go" and the Malecon in Progreso has been cleared to provide a safe and enjoyable vacation for everyone who goes there. This is excellent news and we are certain that an often all too trusting public is happy to hear it!

The Beginnings of Red Tide
Fishermen are reporting a fish kill about 20 km off the coast near Holbox. This is prime lobster and pulpo territory and is not good news for fishermen. That having been said, it is also noted that there have been several brief storms in that area and this may be the result of small areas of algae washed in by the storms. In either case, a close watch is being kept on the phenomenon, just in case it looks as if it will have a significant impact on lobster and pulpo harvests as the summer wears on.

11 Year-Old Yucateco Bullfighter Featured in Tijuana
Yucatan's young bullfighters are becoming well knows around the world and everyone seems to have an opinion about whether they should even be in the rings or not. Most folks are properly horrified at the thought of children in the bull ring and try to have the practice stopped. What they do not understand is that Yucatan would never put a child in the ring with a full grown bull. Surely people would stop and realize that they have never read a story about a child having been hurt in the bull ring! This particular child, Michelito Lagravere, is the son of a bullfighter. He is an articulate young man who freely discusses his love affair with bullfighting, explaining that he attended his first bullfight at the age of 15 days and that he spent his toddler years running around the house with capes fashioned from towels and napkins. Bullfighting was his idea and he, not his parents, did what he had to do to get himself into the bull ring. We have read interviews with this young man's mother. She says there was no stopping him. His father says that no one took him seriously because he was so young, and then he "blew his father away" by stepping into the ring at the age of four! Whether we approve of young bullfighters or not, there is something to be said for parenting in such a way that any child can achieve their dreams simply because it never crossed their mind that they couldn't. Yucatan was well represented by 11 year-old Michelito Lagravere this past weekend in the bull rings of Tijuana and we are very proud of his accomplishments.

Could This Happen Where You Live?
(1) A new strain of flu breaks out and the President not only shuts down the nation for weeks, but orders the entire country disinfected, multiple times. (2) There is a fire at a daycare center and dozens of children die. The President orders all of the several thousand daycare centers in the nation to be recertified as safe, only to discover that they have all already called their local Fire Departments and had themselves reassessed for safety before the close of business on the first day after the fire. (3.) All campaigning for election is forbidden for several days prior to a national election, in order to give the people time to think and reflect on their choices. (4) There is no alcohol sold, in the entire nation, on the day before or on the day of a national election so that cool heads will prevail and so that people will give the act of voting the respect it deserves. (5) Your state has almost 2,000 state-owned vehicles. While they are all parked during the eve of an election, the State Government catalogs every last one of them to make sure these taxpayer assets are being used as intended. This list could go on and on - but these are the highlights from just the last couple of months. We were just wondering... Could / Would any of this happen where you live? Our congratulations to the people of Mexico on a job well done on all fronts!  


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