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News: New Residents in Yucatan

News Starting August 01, 2011

Summer Population Explosion at the Zoo!New Born Tigers Born at the Merida's Zoo

In the wild, animals tend to breed on a cycle that sees babies arriving after the rainy season begins. This ensures that there will be adequate food for mom while she feeds new babies. This summer, Merida’s Centenario Zoo has literally had a population explosion. So far, we have three Bengal tigers, a hippopotamus and 15 Burmese pythons. All are endangered species. Plus, there are eight new baby white-tailed deer on hand to delight zoo visitors. What we found particularly interesting is the Verano Educazoo program, in which children in three different age groups spend their mornings learning about the care and preservation of ecosystems. This will automatically put them in a leadership position with others in their communities as they grow up and become responsible for the direction in which their communities grow in partnership with the environment.

Pulpo Season is Here Again!Octopus from Yucatan

From August 1 through December 15, Yucatan’s 15,000 pulpo (octopus) fishermen will be hard at work with one of the biggest income producers of the year, red pulpo (Octopus maya). This year, the total weight limit, set by the National Commission of Aquiculture and Fisheries, is 12,071 tons. We’ve seen years when the catch was small and the season had to be extended. We have also seen years when, in the first few days, the fishermen almost met their annual limit and had to ease back. The fishermen work on 3,900 small boats, 418 large boats and 12,000 haulers, so this is no small operation. They export 60% of their catch to Spain, France, Germany and Asia. With luck, this will be a successful and uneventful season. We hope everyone comes home safely.

If Your Car is Registered in Yucatan

Beginning on August 1, the SSP can fine you if you do not have a copy of the new Reglamento de Tránsito y Vialidad (Traffic Laws). You can purchase a copy for $40 pesos at any licensing office or office of the Secretary of Public Security. This is a great idea because it lists all traffic violations and their fines. That is expected to stop any funny business with off-the-cuff assignments of fines that might occasionally still take place. It will also serve to invalidate ignorance of the law as an excuse for a whole range of minor infractions. By the time you read this, having a copy of that book in all vehicles registered in Yucatan will be the law – and its not a bad idea for everyone else as well.

Yucatan Lots - beach lots at reasonable prices in the Yucatan MexicoChuburna: A Hotbed of Baseball and Futbol

We love the Spanish language and, particularly, the use of descriptive terms and sentence structures used only in Yucatan. Chuburna has been written up in all the papers this week as a hotbed of baseball and futbol (soccer) activity. They have teams of every age group and description, including women’s teams. Chuburna now has a new Sports Committee and 80 new players, all dedicated to the idea that a strong community sports program can have a huge effect on the quality of life for individual families and their community as a whole. Wherever you live in Yucatan, there is likely to be a group of young people either practicing a sport or playing a game near your home. Please don’t be a stranger. Go out and cheer, even if you don’t speak Spanish. Your support is important to the children of Yucatan and to the future of the state that has given us so much.

Art & Yucatan: What’s On The Other Side?Georgia Charuhas at the MACAY

Of course, we have also listed Georgia Charuhas’ new show at the MACAY on our Events page. But we realized that her work is a perfect example of what makes Yucatan, and most of Mexico, different from so many other places in the world. What Yucatecos have is a rare quality – fearless searching for whatever there is to be found in the huge world on the other side of life. Fact, fantasy, fiction, lost worlds and lost horizons can all be found woven into the culture of Yucatan and into the work of Yucatan’s great artists, including Georgia Charuhas, an adopted Yucatecan, originally from Chicago. We hope everyone visits not only Georgia Charuhas’ Legends of Lost Horizons show at the MACAY, but also views the work of other artists with this concept in mind. Whatever it is that may lie on the other side of the mind of man, Yucatecos have no fear.

Healthcare for Mexican Migrants in the U.S.

As Mexico entered the 21st century, it was already all about health and improving the quality of life for all the people of Mexico. With almost everyone covered by one health care program or another in Mexico, concern has turned to the need for providing health care for the 12 million Mexican citizens currently living in the United States. Negotiations are currently underway for the development of a Healthcare Kiosk system in which the United States Government provides services that will be paid for my Mexico. Everyone will be watching as this program is refined and put into place.

Mexican Migrants Leaving California

In an interesting twist of the economy, it was reported this week that, since 2008, over 300,000 Mexican migrants have followed the American Dream to Mexico, where the unemployment rate is only 4.9%. They may not make the kind of salary they are used to in California, but they have a job and they have health insurance. They also have the opportunity to purchase a home and work toward building a retirement income. This does not bode well for the United States, as unemployment rates continue to climb in spite of the loss of immigrant labor.

Mexican Tourism Continues to Grow

International tourism grew 2.1% in Mexico for the first five months of 2011. This is in spite of the media coverage of the isolated pockets of violence in the country. With the U.S. economy like it is, Americans are staying close to home – still preferring Mexico to any other international destination. Mexico has also reported significant increases (double digits) in the numbers of tourists coming from Russia, Brazil and China.

Well Said, Mr. Ambassador!US Ambassador in Mexico

When a current ambassador makes a statement about his or her host country, one sometimes has to take that with a grain of salt because diplomacy is in play. However, when a former ambassador not only gives kudos to his former host nation, but also chooses to continue living and working there, then its time to take his word for the state of the nation. This week, former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, Antonio O.Garza, complemented the work that has been accomplished by President Calderon and by Genaro Garcia Luna in their efforts to completely remodel the security forces under the control of the Federal Government. In fact, he even goes so far as to complement and recommend the book that Secretary of Public Security Garcia Luna has jus published. Thanks to the My San Antonio website for publishing former Ambassador Garza’s statement entitled: Mexico’s institutional advances too often ignored.

Linda ChristianFirst Bond Girl Passes Away

It is not well known that Hollywood actress Linda Christian was, in fact, born Blanca Rosa Welter, in Mexico, and originally discovered by Errol Flynn in Acapulco. She went on to become a well known movie star and the first in a long line of Bond Girls. Ms. Christian ultimately married Tyrone Power. At her death, she was 87 years of age. She is survived by her two daughters with Tyrone Power and eight grandchildren. Our deepest sympathy to her family.

Interesting Blog: Wandering EarlTraveling Through Yucatan

The owner of this blog is, evidently, using Playa del Carmen as his home base while he travels through the Yucatan Peninsula. Quite frankly, there are so many different worlds on the Yucatan Peninsula that one can travel no more than 20 miles without having a totally different experience than any other traveler. This seems to have happened to Wandering Earl, who has just discovered that the Mayan people are still with us and living quite nicely these days. Come back soon, Earl. There is much more to see and do in Estado de Yucatan! For great pictures and a surprising commentary, take a look at Wandering Earl.  Plus, if anyone is interested in becoming a wandering nomad, Wandering Earl’s website should be stop number one!

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