News / News: Sharks, Bees and Pulpo!

News: Sharks, Bees and Pulpo!

News: Sharks, Bees and Pulpo!

2 August 2010 News 0

Mexico Moves Toward Solar Air Conditioning

You’ve got to give Mexico credit. Once she gets a bee in her bonnet, its saddle up folks and don’t spare the horses! Mexico has long been looking at both solar and wind power to replace a significant amount of their dependence on fossil fuels. Now, UNAM in Temixco, Morelos, has developed a solar air conditioner that is suitable for the weather, including the humidity, in most of Mexico. Look for rapidly increasing investment in this area across the nation and to a cooler and dryer environment in the not too distant future. That sounds like a dream to those of us who remain in Yucatan in August, but it really is a dream that is going to come true!

Sweets to the Sweet (Bees) in Yucatan!

The Mexican Government has delivered 20 tons of sugar to 800 beekeepers in Tizimin to help bolster their 65 ton output of prized Yucatan honey. This situation has gone on now for several years. In some cases, these deliveries were because the season had been too wet. In other cases, it was because of drought. However, in some cases, the deliveries were from a state program called “Multiply.” Under this program, the beekeepers receive half of their annual expenses as what amounts to an infusion of cash into the building of their industry. Whatever the reason, Yucatan’s honey is now prized in Europe and our beekeepers can barely keep up with demand. What a wonderful situation for the beekeepers, for their families, and for their lucky customers!

Strange Goings On With Wildlife

This week, two small crocodiles were found hanging about in the vicinity of a cenote near Chicxulub Pueblo. One had electrical tape on his face, so it is obvious that, at some point in time, he was being confined by someone. Both small crocs have been taken by PROFEPA and rehomed appropriately. The other incident took place only 20 meters off the coast of Chuburna Puerto, where it seems that between 3 and 5 sharks have taken up meeting for dinner around 7:00 PM on Sunday evenings. They have been spotted two weekends in a row. No one has been hurt, but with all of the vacationers at the beach, there are plenty of nervous swimmers in the water. Jellyfish within 5 km of the beach have also been under observation. Everyone should be aware that many of these animals could be around almost all the time, but the huge influx of visitors this month is giving them a greater chance of being discovered. Please be careful if you are on the beach. Wildlife is important, but so are people and we want everyone to have a safe and fun-filled vacation!

Dengue on the Rise

It has been a very wet July in Yucatan and that has led to a huge increase in mosquitoes. Everyone is being asked to please police your property for any source of standing water where these creatures can breed – and protect yourselves with a good mosquito spray, being careful not to be out in the early morning or around dusk, and by putting screens on your windows. In most cases, dengue fever will just make you very sick, but won’t be fatal. It is the phrase “in most cases” that is bothersome, especially since most expats are older and more vulnerable to these sorts of things. Dengue fever cases jumped from an average of 6 per week to an average of 45 per week in just this one month in Yucatan, so please help us stop this phenomenon before it becomes a tragedy. 

West Virginia University Fundraiser for Yucateca Grad.

Susana Villanueva is a Yucateca, known by her friends as Sussi. She graduated from WVU last spring with a Master’s in Foreign Languages as an international student from Yucatan, Mexico. While at WVU, she dedicated her time to volunteering and served as vice president of Sigma Delta Pi, the Spanish honorary while holding a 4.0 GPA. This young lady was a state chess champion by the age of 13. Now, she needs back surgery. (Read her story ) If you live near WVU, they’re having a fundraiser at Da Lazy Lizard, with loads of dancing and a great time to be had by all. If you are not near there, leave a comment on the Chess Goddess’ blog  and we are certain she will give you information on how you can contribute to this worthy cause.

For donations in Yucatan check information on this website.

Lionfish Crossing the Gulf of Mexico

This is good news for Yucatan, but probably not so much for Florida. As usual, things that come up from the Caribbean, whether they are hurricanes or predatory fish, tend not to turn around and go backward to hit the shores of the State of Yucatan. In this case, we had a few lionfish but seem to have the situation well in hand. Florida, on the other hand, is bracing for the worst case scenario – just in case it happens. As of now, lionfish are offshore, but have not entered the inshore areas where commercial and recreational fishermen fish for redfish and other staples. If the lionfish get in there, it will be a huge tragedy. We will continue to follow this story because, as we have all recently learned, all of the shores of the Gulf of Mexico have one vested interest and that is in caring for the waters that sustain us all.

Casual Restaurant Critic Gives Remixto Brunch Third Thumbs Up!

For those who are new to the notion of possibly living in Merida, there is a fellow (William Lawson) whose blog you absolutely must read! No sugar-coating here! This is the real opinion you have been searching for. If the Casual Restaurant Critic tells you a restaurant or an event is consistently good, you can make a reservation with no worries at all. For pictures pretty enough to eat and some of the most entertaining posts you can imagine, Visit the Casual Restaurant Critic’s website.

Its Summer at the Beach

One has to look on, marvel at the sight, and wonder why in the world reasonable human beings will put themselves in the position of heading to the beach – in mass – when it is this hot outside. Hundreds of thousands of Yucatecos and other Mexicans meet at long owned family homes for marvelous parties and reunions. Renters arrive from all over the world! …and the cruise ships just keep on coming. Municipal festivals and fiestas abound, dimming the lights every time the mechanical games and rides are plugged in. Some people behave badly, but most try to be good neighbors. Kids make one last grab for freedom before school begins again. Older folks hunker down in their homes and wait for the traffic to pass. Not to worry – all is hot, loud, and loads of fun on the beaches of Yucatan in 2010.

Pulpo Season Has Begun!

The new quota for pulpo is 11,600 tons. If this year’s catch is as good as last year’s Yucatan’s pulpo fishermen will pass that goal in a matter of weeks, instead of months. That’s both a good thing and maybe not so good as well because if they pass the quota too early, they’ll be shut down for the year to protect the stock and that means no more work and no more money. Here’s to a nice, normal, evenly distributed pulpo 2010 fishing season! Best of luck to everyone and don’t forget those life jackets!

A Final Note on DeepWater Horizon and Yucatan

A scientist with the Armada has made the statement that sharks in Yucatan’s waters could be a sign that BP’s blowout has affected the food chain and we may see more odd happenings in our waters. If you live at the beach, please remain alert for anything in the water that is out of the ordinary and report it immediately to the authorities. We all are citizens of the Gulf of Mexico and must work together to at least live with this problem, even if it cannot be fixed.



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