News / News: U.S. Poets in Mexico

News: U.S. Poets in Mexico

News: U.S. Poets in Mexico

4 January 2010 News 2

U.S. Poets in Mexico: 2nd Annual Workshops & Festival
The purpose of U.S. Poets in Mexico is to introduce Mexican and American poets so they may share ideas, collaborate and perhaps help dissolve misunderstandings about our cultures. Each January, U.S. Poets in Mexico brings a faculty of 4 or 5 notable poets and one emerging poet to Mexico to give free public readings and to conduct workshops during a week long poetry event. Five scholarships are given to writers from Yucatan to participate in the workshops free of charge. An additional American is given a fellowship to participate free of charge. Poets can expect no more than 8 persons in each workshop, with readings every evening. They will have access to Spanish lessons and will enjoy readings in Spanish, English, and indigenous languages, all with professional translations. Soon, there will be poetry residencies available in Mexico, an additional site for workshops in Xalapa, and trips to cities throughout the country. U.S. Poets in Mexico is growing and the literary hand of friendship and understanding is now fully extended across the border. Yucatan Living would like to congratulate our friend Sheila Lanham, Director of U.S. Poets in Mexico, for a job well done!
These annual workshops coincide with Mérida's annual Festival de la Ciudad (City Festival) and the Merida International Arts Festival, which is sponsored by CONACULTA (The National Board of Culture), INBA (National Institute of Fine Arts), the State of Yucatan and the City of Mérida.
This year's poetry readings will take place at the Merida English Language Library, the week of January 4th through January 8th, and include the following:
Monday: Yucatan Poets, Jose Vicente Anaya and Pedro Serrano
Tuesday: Jorge Lara, Jennifer Perrine and Mark Doty (winner of the 2008 Natl Book Award for Poetry)
Wed: Briceida Cuevas Cob, Jonathan Harrington and Martin Espada
Thurs: Pura Lopez-Colome, Anne Waldman (at 9pm Cassandra Tribe at Galeria La Perifera)
Friday: All participants and faculty read one poem each.
For more information, email: uspoetsinmexicoverizonnet

Do You Love Pipe Organs?
There is a pipe organ in the Cathedral in Merida. It is one of two pipe organs in Southern Mexico, the other is in American expat Jim Smiley's home, but the one in the Cathedral is one of the largest in the country. Sadly, it is in desperate need of repair. Jim is studying organ at the Cathedral with Maria de Jesus, Director of the Music School at the Cathedral, and is helping to raise funds to assist in the restoration of this fine organ. $50,000 is a lot of money, but that is what it will take to restore the pipe organ in the oldest cathedral in North America. If you would be interested in helping to restore the pipe organ in the Cathedral in Merida, Yucatan, please e-mail me at yucatanlivingyahoocom and I will put you in touch with Jim Smiley. Or – if you live in Yucatan, you can go by the Cathedral and ask for Maria de Jesus. She will be happy to help you donate to this worthy cause.

FREE Spay / Neuter Clinic

The 2010 FREE Spay/ Neuter Clinic is the week of January 11-15, 2010.

Volunteers are needed to help with the transport of shelter animals and to assist at the sterilization sites for check in, care, etc. Evolucion Pet Shelter in Muna needs to transport about 80 pets (all in kennels) to the site at Xmatkuil on January 11, 12, and 13.

They are asking for the loan of travel kennels. ( please write your name and phone number in magic marker on your kennel). They also can use collars and leashes. Most importantly they need volunteers for about 2-4 hours that day to drive the caged animals to the sterilization site (many are puppies) and then back to the shelter. If you have no car, you can still help as they also need volunteers to help at the sites with check in and other assorted duties.
Please help us make this a success so we can start the process of ending the heartbreaking suffering that we witness every day. Even an hour of your time is needed and appreciated!

Please contact Jill Benson @ 999-143-4711 email: or Sharon Caramanti@ 999-275-0110 email:

If you live at the beach to at the north end of Merida, there will be a 2 day sterilization at Templo Puerto Seguro C.29x50y48 Cl. Ismael Garcia, Puerto de Progreso onJanuary 14 and 15 999-1-789548. They too need volunteers and transportation services. Please contact Lidia Salah Angulo of the AFAD Pet Shelter in Cholul. 999-947-6319 email:

To make appointments for free spays and neuters please call 999-929-5372 or Planned Pethood 999-920 5019,

YCAA: Spay / Neuter Program in Chelem & Chuburna
Yucatan Living is pleased to welcome the newest animal aid non-profit group of volunteers from the beach communities of Chelem and Chuburna to our growing list of expat community service organizations in the State of Yucatan. Yucatan Coast Animal Aid (Costa de Yucatan Ayuda a Los Animales) will support and work with local vets and other animal welfare groups, such as Proteccion de Perros y Gatos, AFAD, Evolucion, etc. and will donate supplies, funds and their time to aiding those groups in meeting their goals. YCAA's first big project is to organize and run the Chelem and Chuburna spay and neuter clinic this week. This is a FREE, week long spay/neuter clinic, sponsored by Planned Pethood and so many others with vets flying in internationally. The goal is to spay or neuter 1,000 animals in one week!
Days / Times / Location: The clinic in Chelem will be at the former Bull Pen Restaurant, catty corner to the ballfield. There will be 3 days of free clinics in Merida (Jan 11th- 13th), then on Thursday and Friday (Jan. 14th and 15th), 2010, from 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM, there will be free clinics in both Chelem and in Progreso.

Needs: They are in need of old towels and blankets for the dogs to cuddle up on in recovery and if anyone has pet carriers they could loan to YCAA for the two days, they would be most grateful! They will also be collecting dog and cat collars, leashes, bowls, dog and cat food, pet toys, etc. They are accepting cash donations to help pay for supplies (the vets have donated their time and YCAA is still working on helping to cover all the supply costs)
Donations: YCAA will soon have a website and a donation link, but in the meantime if anyone would like to donate online, they can go to Paypal and donate to auctionmastersaolcom. Please earmark your funds for the Chelem spay/neuter clinic.
E-mail List & Volunteer Services: If you would like to be placed on the YCAA email list or would like to be involved in helping with the clinic or donating supplies or money, you are welcome to call any of the Board Members listed below - or to e-mail : yucatancoastanimalaidhotmailcom The Board Members include: Julie Hart (999-263-4546), Nancy Draper (999-180-7073), Nan Logan (999-202-4552), Linda Nenninger (999-907-8209), Kathryn Carroll (999-278-3180), Susan (Sooz) Reid (999-250-1540), Star Piddington (999-126-0187)

A Christmas Miracle in Chelem
We brought you the news that there is a gringo Santa in Chelem earlier this year, and now he has delivered toys for a second year! Many of you helped to make that wish come true. What are the odds of a bunch of gringos donating toys and taking up a collection to buy more toys coming up with exactly the right number of toys for the children in an entire village? Last year, some were disappointed. This year, the gringos vowed not to have that ever happen again. ...and then the money and toys started rolling in. Snowbirds were allowed to come through the border with an amazing array of new toys when they explained who the toys were for. Big Home Store and Walmart gave the volunteers discounts when they found out who the toys were for. - and then ame the big night. Santa was in place and handing out toys in the park by 5:00 PM on the 23rd. Even children who were unable to leave their homes received a visit and a toy. In the end, there was exactly the right number of presents for the children. The pictures are not yet published but, if you would like to see last year's Santa in Chelem and get an early start on Christmas 2010, visit their website: A Special Christmas

Police Escort Santa Into Chuburna
In Chuburna, Yucatan, Santa has 6 elves and his "ride" is a white stretch limo! He also gets a full lights and sirens escort into town, while he stands in the sun roof and waves at the crowd like a rock star! After the disappointment of not being able to purchase durable toys last year, the gringos in Chuburna redoubled their efforts and thanks to the generosity of expats, friends, family, and total strangers, every child in Chuburna received a toy of good quality for Christmas this year. But Christmas is over now and there's another one coming in just 12 short months. If you would like to participate in providing a memorable Christmas to children who have so little, please e-mail granny806gmailcom  She also has pictures of this year's party and will be happy to send you some so you can see the smiles your donations created.

Do You Freecycle?
Don’t forget… if you don’t want to have a garage sale, please consider giving your items away on Progreso Freecycle.  The first page is in Spanish, but the group itself is in English. Do check the freecycle board often to see if there is something there that you need as well.


  • george eklund 6 years ago

    This all looks very rich and interesting. I'm going on sabbatical in spring 2013 and I'm looking for teaching/learning/translation possibilities. I am a published poet with a page on facebook at poems from willow drive. Thanks for the fine work you are doing.
    George Eklund

  • bajaJoe 8 years ago

    Great website. I really liked your piece on the police escort for Santa. I will continue to visit this site.

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