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Yucatan News: Octopus and Conventions

News Starting November 21, 2011

Record Breaking Pulpo Prices

The pulpo (octopus) harvest is the major money maker for Yucatan’s fishPulpo in Yucatanermen every year. A good harvest finds fishermen buying new appliances, electronics, cell phones and clothes for their families. A poor harvest sees them struggling to even feed their families. This year, bad weather threatened to drive the pulpo to deeper waters, just at a time when demand in Spain shot through the roof. But the worst didn’t happen. Demand stayed up and the pulpo harvest rose to 10,000 tons so far. Prices began to climb as Africa’s pulpo harvest failed… $90 pesos per kilo, $95 pesos per kilo… and now a record breaking pulpo price of $105 pesos per kilo and the season isn’t over until December 15. It looks as if there is going to be one of the nicest holiday seasons in recent memory.

Progreso’s Medication Collection 2011

For the past few years, there has been an annual house-to-house medication collection in the Municipality of Progreso. Everyone seems to have at least a few pills of this or that medication left over from any number of illnesses and/or chronic conditions. When everyone keeps those medications at home, they have a tendency to end up being either thrown away or flushed away. In either case, they end up in the environment and have the potential to do significant harm to the environment. This is such a tragedy, especially when others could use those same medications. Now, that is possible. When medications are collected, they are examined by pharmacists. If they cannot be used, they are disposed of properly. If they are still good, they go to the poor through a special program at the Municipal DIF. This year, over 30 bags of medication was collected in this annual house-to-house event.

Flu Shots in Oxkutzcab

Who ever would have thought that we would be concerned with flu shots in the tropics? Unfortunately, the numbers of nortes are still rising and, along with them, so are the cases of flu. We have not yet seen a notice that flu shots are available anywhere except in the southern part of the state but, if your health is compromised in any way, do call your local physician and ask if and when they expect to have a shipment of flu vaccine where you are. It seems so odd to be talking about winter’s flu before summer’s dengue fever is gone, but better safe than sorry. Please don’t skip that flu shot.

Jewelry Fair in Valladolid, YucatanValladolid’s Jewelry Fair: Moving On Up

The jewelry fair in Valladolid has drawn new clients from as far away as Mexico City. In addition, the fair has grown to the point that it now has an upscale jewelry show that is complete with professional models on a runway. They’re dressed in beautiful clothes that accent the upscale jewelry that’s crafted in Yucatan. We hear that the fair has been a great success and foreign buyers loved their bonus of special wholesale prices.

Merida as a Convention DestinationConventions in Merida Yucatan

Sometimes we don’t realize that Merida, because of the universities and the sheer numbers of researchers who live, work and study here, is a hub city in which business, industry and science professionals from around the world meet to share ideas and move their states and countries forward. Merida is also a city which international sporting events and cultural festivals choose to make their destination. At any given time, we can count thousands, and sometimes tens of thousands, of visitors to Merida who do not fall into the category of individual tourists. They have come because our state and our city give them the facilities and the intellectual environment they need in order to hold a successful convention. The following three events, sponsored by UADY, along with events such as the Jewelry Fair in Valladolid, give us an idea of the importance of Ycatan as a convention location for Mexico and the world outside of Yucatan. We are very proud of our adopted home and thrilled to bring news of these kinds of events.

International Congress on Veterinary, Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine

This week, 50 researchers from Latin America, Spain, the USA and Japan will meet to attend the First International Congress of the Iberoamerican Society of Veterinary Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine. Part of what they will do is establish general policies that will allow researchers to move easily between projects in the countries that attend the Congress. Other topics will include: hoof and mouth disease in cattle, viruses in marine species, Newcastle disease in poultry and tests for diagnosing tuberculosis of cattle. Young people who are interested in epidemiology are particularly encouraged to attend. UADY is the sponsor for this international event, which will be meeting at Hotel El Castellano.

First Annual UADY Regional Symposium on Gender Studies in the South Eastern Region

Its time for old, stereotypical attitudes to change. Women are heads of household in 40% of the homes in Yucatan and are a majority in the population census and in voter registration. Unfortunately, many of the women themselves still think of men as the rightful heads of household with more power and say than women. In order to develop programs to help women finally come into their own, 200 participants from 16 institutions of higher education have contributed more than 100 papers for consideration in this symposium. With 50% of the enrollment of UADY now women, the future of every discipline, as well as the future of Yucatan is at stake. Findings of the papers show that schools of higher learning need now to focus on gender equality, access, retention and graduation. 

Thirty-Sixth Congress of Human Genetics at UADY

The focus of this Congress is on the fact that Mexico has a shortage of geneticists. One lament is that Mexico educates these specialists, who then go to other countries for additional training and never come home. There are only 300 geneticists in all of Mexico and Yucatan has only four of them. Recommendations are that there should be at least one geneticist per 1,000 people, so many countries have a long way to go in order to meet this need. There are 500 participants in this Congress. They are discussing a variety of genetic disorders, such as diabetes, cancer and Parkinson’s disease, as well as pediatric issues, such as birth defects. <[/p>

Airline News This WeekAirlines to Mexico and Yucatan

Have you noticed that all means of getting to Mexico in 2012 are rapidly increasing? We see that AirTran and Interjet both have plans for new non-stop flights from San Antonio, TX, into Mexico. Most of the flights are destined for Mexico City and Cancun, but there are others to Toluca and to Guadalajara. Most expats have, at one time or another, wished we had more direct flights to Merida. We suspect that the crush of tourism expected in 2012 will bring new routes to all of Mexico and, we hope, to Yucatan as well. In the meantime, San Antonio is thrilled to be hosting these new flights and looks forward to a long and profitable career of air service to Mexico.

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