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Yucatan News: Education and Tourism

News Starting March 05, 2012

Yucatan Officials Visit Berlin Tourism FairMundo Maya in Berlin

The Governors of Yucatan and Quintana Roo, along with the Federal Secretary of Tourism, inaugurated the Mexico Pavilion and made a presentation of the Mundo Maya at the Berlin International Tourism Fair. This was an opportunity to put Yucatan in the spotlight before not only the German tourism industry, but in front of tourism operators and specialists throughout Europe as well. With increasing numbers of European tourists coming to Yucatan, this is one of the most important tourism fairs of the year.

Yadhira Guadalupe Cervantes Sosa: Math OlympicsYucatan Math Champion

There is a long, hard road facing any student who decides to compete in the Math Olympics and few can hold on long enough to reach the national level. According to her teacher, Yadhira Guadalupe Cervantes Sosa has a special taste for numbers and the Tekax sophomore in high school will get a chance to represent her school and her state in the national competition on Friday. Since this competition takes place in Merida, we are sure there will be plenty of family and friends to cheer her on. Yucatan Living congratulates Yadhira, her teachers and her parents, and we wish her all the best in Friday’s contest. Win or lose, she is still a champion in Yucatan.

The Child Percussionists of Ixil Niños Percusionistas de Ixil, Yucatan

No matter the art or product, Yucatan always manages to produce better quality than just about any other place in the world. The Niños Percusionistas de Ixil are no exception. While other Latin American countries are producing some fine child percussionists of their own, the children of Ixil are composing their own music and performing on pre-Hispanic instruments. They even have a new CD, named Pride of the Sapodilla Tree, in honor of their original song. We hope that everyone will watch for the performances of these children and support them in every way possible. They are the pride of Yucatan and their popularity is well deserved.

Alternative Expo 2012

Everyone knows what a job fair is, but how many have heard of an education fair? This past week, what most people in Merida experienced was the inconvenience of having the streets around the Plaza Grande closed to traffic. What was going on was an alternative expo, in which young people could ask questions about different careers and the paths they need to take to get them there. As graduation rates, in both high school and college, continue to rise in Yucatan, more and more young people are searching for the information and education they need to significantly improve their lives. Thanks to fairs like this, that information is now available to everyone and the future of Yucatan is more assured.

Yucatan’s International Reading FairInternational Reading Fair in Yucatan

Yucatan’s annual International Reading Fair has been a grand success. It not only held a number of lectures and presentations in Merida, but also traveled to Progreso with 30,000 books! Several interesting topics came out of this year’s Reading Fair. The first is a question of if and how much will elections be affected by social networking? The second is an observation. It takes a certain level of reading maturity to understand and appreciate political and social cartoons. It takes even more to actually become a cartoonist. This week, when the Meeting of Cartoonists was held, 3,000 cartoonists showed up! That is an amazing number for a state that barely boasts three million in its entire population. This is a testament to a reading maturity on the part of the people of Yucatan that has been underestimated and unrecognized. Our congratulations to all of the cartoonists and best wishes for a very bright future!

Massive Wind Farms Come to Mexico

Acciona Energy, a Spanish company, has just invested $670 million dollars (yes dollars!) in the huge wind farms that are currently under construction in Oaxaca. When all four farms are complete, they will have enough capacity to provide energy to power 65% of the entire country. This is not a dream that might fall through. The first of the wind farms began producing energy for the commercial center earlier this year. When the project is complete, Mexico will be one step closer to becoming energy independent and the entire nation will reap the benefits.

Mangos: Just What the Doctor OrderedMangos from Yucatan

Who knew that mangos would turn out to be a super food? Everyone could have guessed that mangos have Vitamin C, but are there any more health benefits to this sweet fruit? As a matter of fact, there are so many that we can hardly list them all. Mangos’ high ascorbic acid content is what helps dissolve mucus in case of colds. The fiber is an excellent laxative and the juice helps with stomach problems, such as indigestion, gas and vomiting. Mangos, as it turns out, are also a multivitamin in and of themselves. They contain Vitamins A and C, phenols (which are powerful anti-oxidants), iron, selenium and digestive enzymes, as well as Vitamin B, which helps the nervous system, metabolism and skin health. How is that for an all around champion health food? For those who still don’t know how to peel and eat a mango, visit Yucatan Living’s How to Eat a Mango and get started!

U.S. IRS: The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act

We do not pretend to be tax specialists, but we do know when there’s a new law on the books and everyone needs to understand it so we will know if it applies to us or not. Such is the case with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. The IRS has a new update on their website that explains who has to file the special tax form and how stiff the penalties are for not filing. Remember, foreign financial institutions will be reporting to the IRS, so do check the IRS  website and make certain you won’t get stuck with any of those penalties.

Social Networking

Obviously you are a reader of Yucatan Living’s website because here you are! Did you know that the same people that bring you Yucatan Living also provide two other excellent resources for the Yucatan? Yucatan Expatriate Services not only provides professional services (immigration, visas, property management, consulting) to people and businesses in the Yucatan, but has a website full of useful information at is an online gathering place for English-speaking people who are interested in the Yucatan… whether they live here, vacation here or want to be here, is the place to talk to like-minded people. And each of these websites has a Facebook page too! Come join Yucatan Living, YoListo and YucatanYES on Facebook where last-minute events, stories of interest and other informational tidbits too small or quick to go into this News column are shared daily. And if you want to follow us on Twitter, follow us at YucatanLiving.


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2 Responses to “Yucatan News: Education and Tourism”

  1. We asked this question about IRS tax compliance last year and understood that the reporting appliesmtomaccounts over $10,000US but that Mexican banks and financial institutions were not going to report any information to the US. Has this changed? Anyone know?

  2. Sandy,

    Yes – that has changed with new laws in the U.S.
    As it stands now, all foreign banks and financial institutions must report an American’s foreign assets if, on any one day, the aggregate value is more than $50,000 USD. …and its pretty easy to hit that mark, considering that “the aggregate value” includes: income, interest, trusts, Fideicomisos (!), shares in entities (LLC’s, corporations & partnerships), stock, security, bank accounts, and accounts in stock trading houses. The penalty to any foreign bank or financial institution that doesn’t report to the IRS is to have the U.S. withhold “a substantial amount” from their funds as they pass through the U.S. From what we read, the Mexican banks and financial institutions have decided to go the easy route and just report everybody’s assets to the IRS, rather than go to the trouble of sifting out the $50K on any one day crowd.
    Hope this helps.


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