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Yucatan News: Mundo Maya 2012

News Starting January 23, 2012

Annual Spay / Neuter Event Results

In January 2012, let it be known that the Third Annual Merida Spay and Neuter Event sterilized 1,975 pets. Now these pets and their owners will now live a happier, healthier life because of this wonderful program. There were six days of clinics in four locations in two cities (Merida and Progreso). The volunteers, who did everything from tirelessly deal with registration paperwork to help the dogs wake up from their anaesthesia, are MUCH appreciated. The vets of course are to be commended for their tireless work on behalf of this cause. And more than anything, we want to thank the people of Merida who bring their pets to these events because they care. Bravo! To see more photos and find out more about animal-related issues in Merida, to to YAPA’s blog.

Paul McCartney to Sing at Chichen Itza?

The Governor of Yucatan has announced, via Twitter, that Paul McCartney will sing at Chichen Itza in 2012. However, there is as yet no signed contract and no date has been announced. We will be watching this story as it unfolds and keep you posted as soon as new news appears.

Keep an Eye Out for Africanized BeesAfricanized Bees in Yucatan

This past week, municipal employees in Tzucacab made what they thought would be a mundane trip to the Parish of San Francisco Javier, for the purpose of getting a beehive out of a window. The bees turned out to be Africanized bees and everyone from municipal employees to police officers and CFE employees ended up getting stung. Africanized bees are aggressive in the extreme, attacking sources of both noise and movement. Please watch your gardens closely and do not attempt to remove aggressive bees without calling in professional assistance.

Merida: Graduate Level Nursing

With a dozen nurses now enrolled in UADY’s Masters in Nursing program, we learn that nursing itself is finally moving into the realm of being a true profession across Mexico. In¬†Yucatan and Guanajuato, nurses can earn their masters degrees with specializations in intensive care, administration, teaching, pediatrics, surgical nursing and public health. These same schools are also working with universities in Tamaulipas, San Luis Potosi and Guanajuato to implement PhD nursing programs, with particular emphasis on research. These are exciting times in health care in Mexico and it is an absolute joy to see Merida’s own UADY encouraging professional nurses to continue their studies at the graduate and postgraduate level.

Merida: Children’s Heart ConferenceChildren's Heart Conference in Yucatan

On February 16th and 17th, the 2012 Children’s Heart Conference will be hosted by the Corea-Mexico Hospital de la Amistad in Merida. As of now, 73 children, ranging from newborns to 18 years of age are being screened for congenital heart abnormalities that will be presented during the conference. However, these are not the only children whose heart problems are diagnosed and treated. Over the past four years, over 800 children’s heart defects have been diagnosed and treated by participants in this conference. In many cases, the children must travel to the USA for further testing and treatment. This year alone, Iowa’s Mercy Hospital expects to treat about 200 Yucateco children, some of whom will undergo open heart surgery. The Children’s Heart Conference is growing every year. Today, children come from as far away as Quintana Roo, Campeche, Puebla, Veracruz, and even Belize and Guatemala. We hope each of the wonderful physicians who participate in this annual conference knows how deeply their efforts are appreciated by the children they help, the families of the children, and all Yucatecos who treasure the children as the foundation of Yucatan’s future.

Spring: Is It Time to Go Home Yet?Expatriates in Beach Communities in Yucatan

This week, we saw a lovely little article about Snowbirds in Yucatan. The article originated in Por Esto, but was picked up by several newspapers. As winter ends in Yucatan, Spring is gathering speed but the Snowbirds aren’t even considering getting ready to head for home. Winter is far from over in most of the United States and Canada, so they will be staying right here in Yucatan at least until the first of April. Many of the Snowbirds have been spending up to six months a year in Yucatan for 20 years or more. Whether they rent or own their own homes, they are still an integral part of the social and economic fabric of their towns and villages in Yucatan. They love their adopted state and that love is returned. Many thanks to Por Esto and to all of the papers that ran the story and recognized the Snowbirds of Yucatan.

On Developing a Sustainable Lifestyle

Mexico came to the technological revolution and exploding numbers in their middle class later than a number of other countries, but that might be a huge plus for the future quality of life for the people. As other nations are buried in the solid wastes and rapidly escalating diseases related to toxic environments, Mexico’s young people have the opportunity to develop their nation differently. Toward this goal, the State of Yucatan is training a group of young people who are soon to be going to schools throughout the state to teach others how to care for the environment while, at the same time, developing a sustainable lifestyle. This means management of solid wastes and making small behavioral changes that can have huge, long-range positive effects. From the beginning of the environmental movement in Mexico, it has been the children and young people who have driven the engine of change. We are very proud of them and of the future they envision for themselves and their nation.

Continuing Education Courses at UADY

This spring there will be two courses available for continuing education credit at UADY. The first is "Training for Export," which looks as if it covers all phases of exporting goods internationally. The second is "Political Marketing of Government."  Both courses are through the School of Economics at UADY and both are taught in Spanish. If you would be interested in either topic, do visit the links provided and get enrolled. Most classes are on Saturdays and both courses are very affordable.

Merida: Third International Congress of Architecture

This week, from January 24th through 27th, the Third International Congress of Architecture will take place at Marista University in Merida. Guest speakers will include interior designer Sevil Peach (England) and architects Peter Rich (South Africa), Francisco Manga (Spain) and J. Francisco Serrano (Mexico). This too is an important congress that meets annually in Merida and contributes to the growing worldwide perception of Merida as one of the best places in the world to hold any type of important event or convention.

El Mundo Maya in SpainMundo Maya Yucatan 2012

Last week, Madrid, Spain, hosted a week-long International Tourism Fair. Representatives from the Yucatan Tourism sector were there, along with several travel agency representatives. Although the recession has struck Europe hard this year, European tourists still seem to find their way to Yucatan. With 52 million tourists expected to visit the Mayan World this year, it is certain that many will be from Europe and that the first hand information they received at international tourism fairs goes a long way toward helping them make up their minds to travel so far from home. Once here, however, we know they will have a wonderful time and will be well taken care of.


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2 Responses to “Yucatan News: Mundo Maya 2012”

  1. In 2009, 21.5 million tourists visited all of Mexico. Where does the number of 52 million tourists expected to visit the Mayan World come from? That seems like a very large increase for this year. Is that number believed to be accurate? If so, this could be an exceptional year for those working in the tourist industry in this region of Mexico

  2. Byron,
    Those numbers came from the National Tourism Dept. in D.F. and they are believed to be accurate. Yes. This will be a huge year for those working in the tourism industry in our region. My concern is for the following year. After a hurricane that severely damaged a major cruise port in Q.R., Yucatan had tourist dollars flowing in with dizzying speed. Thousands chose some form of tourism as a career and were without a job the following year, when the cruise ships returned to their regular routes. Hopefully, we will retain some of these 2012 numbers as repeat visitors. Most visitors who come here always come back. … but, also hopefully, not too many Yucatecos will quit their day jobs to go into tourism full time in 2013. A well rounded economy is always the best bet for sustainability.


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