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  • In the Yucatan

    5 April 2017 Literature, Reviews

    Book Review by Dr. James Gunn

  • True Confessions at Turtle Bay Cafe

    8 December 2006 Reviews

    You can count on an abuelita Yucateca to prepare a satisfying relleno negro, but where in Yucatan can you find gringo comfort food..?

  • The Slavia Experience

    20 November 2006 Reviews

    Don't wait two years to try something new like we did. Join the Working Gringos as we enjoy an evening out at this unusual little restaurant on Paseo de Montejo...

  • Rocket Tacos

    15 November 2006 Reviews

    There's a very popular taco stand in town that you'll need detailed directions to find, but it's well worth it! And you'll get to see Merida's famous Rocket Corner on your way...

  • Worshipping the Food at El Templo

    22 October 2006 Reviews

    Our friend Madeline is the owner of a well-known hotel in Merida and a one-woman guidebook. When she says there's a new restaurant in town and says "they" say it's good, we listen...

  • Wayan'e

    24 May 2006 Destinations, Food, Reviews

    The quintessential Yucatan eating experience is attained somewhere outdoors. The view isn't great. The tablecloth (if there is one) is oilcloth atop a cheap plastic or metal table donated to the restaurant by Coca Cola. The food is dripping with sauce, hot and tasty...

  • Trotter's

    6 May 2006 Reviews

    Those wily Trotters have done it again. First it was Pancho's over 30 years ago; next La Tratto; and now son Paul and father Wayne inaugurate another jewel in their commercial crown: Trotter's...

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