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Handyman Does It All!


Merida · Yucatan

Maintenance, Repair and Building Services for homeowners
in Merida, Yucatan

Service (in English!) With a Smile

Services provided include (but are not limited to..)

  • Ironwork (repair, building, painting, installation, & much more)
  • Electricity (fixtures, outlets, troubleshooting, & much more)
  • Plumbing (repairs, installations of toilets, sinks, & much more)
  • Gardens (landscaping, installing water features, & much more)
  • Painting (including impermeabilizante for roofs, & much more)
  • Air Conditioning (service, repair, installation, & much more)

Call Handyman When You Need Something Done

NO JOB IS TOO SMALL… just call us!

We have worked with many expatriates here in Merida, doing everything from building a wall to a house, fixing a faucet to fixing a fosa septica. WE even accept Mastercard and Visa!

Do You Need a Handyman?

You hire an architect to design your house, a contractor to build it. But who do you call to maintain it? To fix a problem? Who do you call to install a gate or fix an air conditioner? Who do you call when you find a leak and don’t know a plumber? Who do you call when a door sticks or a lock won’t turn? Who do you call to fix a hole in the roof or a whole lot of little things?

About Handyman

Jorge Sosa worked in the maquiladora industry in Merida for over 18 years, building and maintaining factories and businesses for US corporations in Merida. Now, he has brought his best workers to his new business, making their skills, experience and expertise available to the homeowners of Merida!

No Job is Too Small!

Call Handyman
044-999-947-0944 (cel)
Or email
handyman [at] prodigy [dot] net [dot] mx

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One Response to “Handyman Does It All!”

  1. Must say on reading your copy, and seeing all on you in above photo, I am inspired to write and tell you all I miss our working together, and my “learning process” in the Yucatan, with all of your wonderful attitudes, and your knowledge. Thanks so much, and there is no doubt I would rather be back in Merida to learn more!

    Best wishes to Jorge, his crew (not good at names), sorry really and all of that knowledge. Hope I see you at some point. Suze Seitz (with Shelagh O’Rourke, 388 Calle 66)


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