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Handyman Does It All!

Handyman services in Merida Yucatan Mexico

Handyman in Merida does it all!

Jorge Sosa worked in the maquiladora industry in Merida for over 18 years, building and maintaining factories and businesses for US corporations in Merida. Now, he has brought his best workers to his new business, making their skills, experience and expertise available to the homeowners of Merida!

Maintenance of homes in Merida with Handyman

You hire an architect to design your house, a contractor to build it. But who do you call to maintain it? To fix a problem?

Who do you call to install a gate or fix an air conditioner? Who do you call when you find a leak and don’t know a plumber?

Who do you call when a door sticks or a lock won’t turn?

Who do you call to fix a hole in the roof or a whole lot of little things?


Services provided include (but are not limited to…)

  • Ironwork: repair, building, painting, installation
  • Electricity: fixtures, outlets, troubleshooting
  • Plumbing: repairs, installations of toilets, sinks
  • Gardens: landscaping, installing water features
  • Painting: including impermeabilizante for roofs
  • Air Conditioning: service, repair, installation
  • NO JOB IS TOO SMALL… call us!/li>

Jorge Sosa and his team of experienced construction professionals can get it done!

Contact Jorge Sosa

Call and speak to Jorge (in English!) about what you need done around your house. No need to make multiple phone calls or try to remember how to say "leak" in Spanish! Contact Jorge (he speaks English and Spanish fluently) and tell him what you need… WE accept Mastercard and Visa!


Contact Handyman!

Jorge Sosa
(English-speaking contact)

Tel: +52-999-920-4163

Email: handyman [at] prodigy [dot] net [dot] mx



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2 Responses to “Handyman Does It All!”

  1. Hands down the best. I am doing a major renovation with Jorge and it has been a great pleasure to work with him and his wonderful crew. The project is on schedule, on budget and always a pleasure. It will be a very successful and beautiful project.

  2. I met Jorge Sosa thru a story on YL 5 years ago. He responded to my questions, we met, I bought a ruin, we designed my new house together, and have worked closely for the 4 years it has taken me to complete it (can’t sell my house in the states, so am in no rush). Doing finishes now. I have come up with unique features such as a vaulted brick ceiling, energy stacks, and more, and he has been willing to be innovative & learn. Very responsive, gets things done right, corrects mistakes, and is often called in to fix other contractor’s work. A REAL local treasure. HIGHLY recommended!


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