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Monica Tort

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Living Spanish

Learning a new language is always a challenge that requires considerable effort. Learning it in a conventional school, where a teacher instructs a fairly small group of students, is a good choice, but this will not always meet the needs of everyone. When you learn a new language, you bring your own "background" that makes learning unique and special. Considering these needs and interests is the mark of a good teacher, who is more effective by matching the teaching program to the individual characteristics of each student. Because I do this well and enjoy the process, I decided to offer my services as an instructor of personalized and individualized Spanish "One on One".

As a teacher, I have taught at various levels and disciplines. I have found that in language teaching, the human factor is crucial and decisive.

I have experienced teaching students of all ages. While the aim of learning a language is similar to all, the intended use of the language skill in the future will be very different. In my 20 years of experience in the area of ​​languages, a method that achieves excellent results in one student may have very poor results in another student.

It is true that the support of a small group provides many valuable experiences, but if this group is not similar in the skill level, purpose goals, or even attitude towards the language or the learning experience; the advantages of small group can become disadvantages.

My credentials in the language, as well as my knowledge of the Hispanic and Mexican culture, the different teaching methods that I have at my disposal and my knowledge of the psychology of cognitive-emotional processes that are involved in learning a new language, allow me to offer you a first class service. I am sure that you will not be disappointed!

Learn Spanish... Any Way That Works

If you want to learn Spanish for:

School, college, Traveling, Living in a Spanish-speaking country, casual conversation, business, etc.,

I will tailor the class to your needs. If you want your classes to be:

One to one,
within a small group,
at home or in my facility,
Step by step....

I will suit a program to your preferences.

My program covers 7 different language areas:

  • pronunciation
  • vocabulary
  • grammar
  • speaking
  • listening
  • reading
  • writing

These areas are covered through structured dialogues, dynamic exercises, real-life conversations, songs, movies, games, reading and writing of particular interest.

Studying Spanish in Mexico allows for total immersion in the language. With carefully planned instruction and guidelines, learning can occur in an almost natural way. If you do not plan to travel to Merida, but still are interested in learning, I also offer my services using the internet (Facetime, Skype, etc.)

Contact Monica Tort

I hope to meet you in the future and together we can explore this wonderful language:

Spanish... "The language made to talk to God"
(-Spanish writer Miguel de Unamuno)

Contact Monica at (52)(999)921-5230

Cel and WhatsApp: 999-218-3084

Skype: molutori


Email Monica at


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