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Stevens International Moving Services

Stevens International Moving Services USA to Mexico

Moving to or from Mexico? We Can Help!

Stevens International has been transporting household, personal, commercial, corporate cargo, products and goods across the USA-Mexico border since 1957. Our company is well established and has a vast network of resources throughout the Mexico and the USA. We can move pianos, organs, and tools, etc. We can help you move both new and used items. We can assist you with the Menaje petition and/or the direct importation process. Our company crew will pick up anywhere in the USA and deliver to you in Mexico… One company on both sides of the border!

We provide full service, “door-to-door” moving services and relocation shipping from anywhere in the USA, to and from anywhere in Mexico. We handle all Customs Clearance, Packing, Unpacking, Import, Export and Documentation ourselves, so we know it is done correctly. Moving services to and from Canada are also available.

We are Better Business Bureau Rated A+, based out of Tucson, Arizona. We make every effort to meet our customers’ needs and to safely transport their cargo.

No Job Too Small, Too Large

No job is too small or too big for Stevens International! We have a wide array of solutions for your shipping needs. We use blankets, wrapping, boxes, crates and other materials to assure protection, safe transport and efficient due diligence for your possessions. We have ample experience with working throughout Mexico and the USA. Our crews are very experienced and will readily adapt to any needs our customers may have. We service everything from metropolitan flats, resort condos, mountain cabins, multiple apartments, villas, multilevel homes, large haciendas, small beach cottages, offices, lofts, RVs and standard single family homes. We can do it all!

Our Clients Say It Best

Jul 24, 2013
Stevens international was very professional, on budget and on time. I was very concerned about shipping my cargo to Mexico; I did not understand the how, why and where of the transportation and I do not speak fluent Spanish. Stevens was truly helpful in orienting me and explaining the process. I saved time and money and avoided possible mistakes in shipping my cargo. Call them– Ask for Ramses, he is pretty cool, fully bilingual and is VERY patient. Hasta la vista en Mexico!
Thanks, Mike T

Aug 27, 2013
Great service and reasonable prices. These guys are the real deal! They helped us do this project without all the nerve-wracking stress. I agree with the others, I strongly recommend them and would happily use them again.
Louise in Mexico

Jan 10, 2013
Ok! We called Stevens International and we asked for information regarding our move from NYC to Cancun. They were very well informed. Upon talking to these guys we quickly found out they knew what they were doing. We hired them and things went very well. The entire process was quick and to the point, no mumbo jumbo! The price was reasonable and they did everything they promised. It was great working with the crew in NYC and then the same crew down in Mexico. They took great care with our stuff, were polite and delivered our stuff safe and sound!
Ivan in Cancun

Contact Stevens International

Contact Ramses Stevens (he speaks English) in Tucson, Arizona. Tell him Yucatan Living sent you!

Telephone in the USA: 520-331-9995

Email: licstevens [at] gmail [dot] com“> licstevens [at] gmail [dot] com

Having Trouble?

Are you having trouble with a move? Are you finding it difficult to import something? We specialize in difficult jobs… contact us and let us help you figure it out!

Watch Our Video

We have a long history in the moving business between the USA and Mexico, moving everyone from single family homes to large corporations. All that experience works to your advantage when we cross the border and help you fulfill the complex documentation requirements!

Watch our video to see where we come from and what we can do!



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5 Responses to “Stevens International Moving Services”

  1. I am looking to find pricing on transporting our personal items from our home here in Avon, Colorado to Xcalak, Mexico.

    Please reply to my email



  2. Alex, you need to contact them directly please.

  3. Hi I am moving from San Jose Ca, to Rosarito, Mexico can your company help me move my personal belongings? It is a 1 bedroom home. Thank you

  4. What would you charge to deliver a running 1998 Ford Expedition SUV from the SF Bay Area to the Yucatan (Tulum area, Cancun maybe?)

    I’d need the total charge to include any and all government fees to license the vehicle permanently in Mexico ($300.00 I’m told for that, plus some smaller fees at the border.)

    Also, how much cheaper would it be if I got the vehicle to south Texas and met someone at or near the border?

  5. Jim, it would be best to get in touch with Ramses Stevens directly. I will forward on your information.


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