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Buying Furniture in Merida

Editors Note:: It had been awhile since we updated this article. Years ago, finding quality furniture in Merida seemed difficult. There was a lot of inexpensive furniture to be found, but you had to really search for good furniture at reasonable prices. Nowadays, in the beginning of 2012, it seems that gap has been filled. There is a lot more good furniture available in Merida and throughout the peninsula for a range of prices. The list below is not comprehensive by any means. But it does include good manufacturers with whom we or our friends and acquaintances have had good experiences. If you know of another store that should be on the list, by all means, leave us a comment!

When we moved from our first Merida house to our second Merida house, we decided to buy a new couch. Originally, back in the day, we had moved our couch with us from California. And what a fine, pine-frame, down-filled couch it was! Eventually, the termites agreed with us (especially the pine-frame part) and despite a brief battle, they won. The couch was thrown out and we went without a comfortable couch for months.

Eventually, Working Gringa polled her designer friends, and came up with a list of places to explore. She set out at 9:30 with two friends, determined to hit every store on her list. She almost made it, and sure enough, her dream couch was in the last place she looked! Isn’t it always the way?

When we first came here, we wanted beautiful heavy wooden carved Mexican antiques for our furniture. We were soon to learn that finding those treasures is a job in itself, as antiques are not as plentiful here as they are in the States or Europe. In fact, the best Mexican antiques probably are sent to those places as soon as someone finds them. A lot of the antiques in the Yucatan have been bought up by the haciendas that were turned into hotels or private homes, or shipped to Mexico City. What’s left is sold by local antique dealers who do not have easy downtown locations. Antique couches have never been known for their comfort, so we weren’t looking for an antique this time.

When buying furniture, it is important to keep a few things in mind. First of all, those termites. Furniture built here will likely be built of wood that is resistant to termites and other local bugs. Or it will be treated for resistance. Furniture you bring with you from a less tropical climate may not be, so watch it closely. Or don’t bring it at all.

We all love furniture made of wood. If you buy wood furniture locally, try to buy with the environment in mind. This isn’t easy, of course. But chances are if the piece is new and made of a beautiful type of wood, that wood could be an endangered tropical hardwood. If you are interested in being a good planetary citizen, check the link at the end of this article to Rainforest Relief’s list of endangered wood species. Happily, there are some local woods that are strong and plentiful, and are being farmed or harvested sustainably.

A lot of us also seem to be enchanted by dark wood, dark colors and dark furniture. Keep in mind what someone once said to us: "You know why people in the tropics like white furniture? Because it is easier to see the bugs that way." These are wise words and something to keep in mind when you are shopping. Another thing we have discovered is that, if you have a mosquito issue, stay away from anything dark. Mosquitoes tend to gather in dark places… that includes a dark bookcase, under a dark side table… you get the idea. After ten years here, we think that little saying makes more and more sense.

And leather. Leather looks great, sumptuous, elegant. But real leather down here can get moldy. You can keep the mold at bay by wiping it down with soap and water during the rainy season. You can buy synthetic leather that doesn’t get moldy and is a lot easier to clean. Both things work. Real leather works a lot better if you have a home that is air-conditioned and generally climate-controlled. If you are leading an indoor-outdoor existence or have a more traditional Yucatecan home, you might want to avoid real leather. And in the heat and humidity, leather doesn’t always feel so good anyway.

It is always important to keep cleaning in mind when you buy furniture, but especially so here in the tropics. Most traditional furniture is raised off the floor for a reason. First of all, it is easier to see the bugs (we’re not kidding) but also, it has to do with the way the floors are cleaned. Most of your floors will be tile or concrete, not wood or carpet. The floors are cleaned with a mop, a bucket and a squeegee. And sometimes they don’t use the mop. That makes for a lot of water, which is easy to sweep away if your furniture is designed for it. Don’t buy furniture with material that goes right down to the floor because it is only a matter of time before it will start to look dirty.

If you are furnishing a vacation home, of course you will probably want furniture that isn’t expensive and wears well. Locally-made furniture in traditional styles is well suited for rental homes. There are small shops throughout Merida that sell wood, rattan and even bamboo furniture that isn’t necessarily comfortable but is very serviceable and sturdy and not expensive. Some enterprising gringos have come up with a speedy and easy way to shop called Gringo Furniture or Tropical Cocoon. You can find the link to their websites at the end of this article.

But suppose, like us, you are in Merida and you want to buy some new furniture. And you want furniture that you are going to live with year round, that will survive the tropical environment. You will probably have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your Couch Charming. We’ve put together a list for Merida to make your quest a bit easier. The list is not in any particular order of price or style, but these are places that we and our friends have found suitable furniture at one time or another, plus a few new places that we have discovered.

Triunfo – This place really deserves its own article, but we’re squeezing it in here anyway. Our good friend, Jim, describes Triunfo as "Pier One on Acid" and we couldn’t say it better. Triunfo is a Mexican chain that buys its merchandise from China and India and other places in Asia. The store is jam-packed with a lot of stuff and is an outing for the family even if you don’t buy anything. You’ve already been to Chichen Itza and Uxmal this week? Consider a nice air-conditioned jaunt to Triunfo for entertainment! We’ve seen everything from two-person fiberglass bath tubs to huge statues of American football players. Triunfo has dishware, lamps, candles, statues, scarves, bedspreads and a hundred things for which we have no words, in English or Spanish. It also has both indoor and outdoor furniture. The furniture ranges from wooden hutches with carved Indian doors to plastic 60′s furniture that looks like something out of an old Woody Allen movie. You just have to see it to believe it, and no furniture quest is complete without a trip there.
Location: Paseo Montejo at Calle 39

Paladium – This store is a two-story affair and sells couches, beds, chairs, tables, etc. upstairs. Downstairs are the accessories like oversized vases, mirrors, side tables and even something labeled "Thai stick sculpture". We could only imagine the stoner termites rubbing their hands together hungrily for that one! Upstairs the furniture includes a high-quality, made-to-order line that features different grades and colors of leather. We liked one of the smaller leather chairs that was a disguised rocking chair. But we’re those indoor-outdoor people we described earlier, and that fine leather just wasn’t going to work for us. The style at this store is very modern, very high-fashion and sleek… very popular with the locals. The business card implies that they also have interior designers on staff.
Location: Calle 30 #76-B x 11 y 13, Prolongación Montejo
Phone: 999-944-9782

Marbol – Marbol is a perennial favorite that has been around since before we moved here (they have been making furniture for 15 years, according to the very tiny tiny type on their website). They make a line of furniture that they sell mostly to resorts and hotels, and their hotel client list reads like a Who’s Who of the Mayan Riviera. They also make a home line of furniture. The designs are more colonial, tropical and very well suited to this climate. Most of the furniture is dark wood or a fine rattan called mimbre (they specialize in it), and much of it is comfortable and tasteful.
Location: Check Website for showroom address and hours

Colomer – Colomer has been making furniture for hotels for over 15 years. They also have an extensive residential line, which you can see in their Merida showroom in Colonia Itzimna, just outside of the Centro and across from that area’s beautiful little church. And they have a showroom in Cancun. We would call their furniture modern with a colonial touch. The furniture they sell is well designed for this climate, and it is pricey. They also provide interior design services, if you are so inclined. And they can make furniture of your own design, so that you have something unique just to you.
Location: Calle 20 #99 x 19 y 21, Col. Itzimná
Phone: 999-926-9977

Nasström Frankly, we found our Couch Charming here. Nasstrom features Scandanavian designs made locally here in a town outside Merida called Uman. The company not only sells furniture here in Mexico, they are also an IKEA supplier. The showroom has lots of couch and chair designs to choose from. Your couch will made to order from a material and color of your choosing. There is a full range of classic designs, many of which are very comfortable and all of which are reasonably priced. The manager has architectural training (Tania Suarez Mendoza) and most people who work there speak some English.
Location: Calle 31 #104 x 20 y 24 (just past Gran Chapur on the right)
Phone: 999-927-2354

Wisecracker-Arteuropeo Furniture – One of the newest interiors stores in Merida is a collaboration between Wisecracker Design, a boutique interior design firm with projects in the U.S. and Mexico, and Arteuropeo, an established furniture and window coverings specialists with stores in Merida and Playa del Carmen. The Design Lab is the place to see an eclectic mix of custom-upholstered furniture made in their workrooms, case goods, a sprinkling of antiques, lighting, accessories and an exclusive line of architectural exterior furniture made entirely of recycled plastic milk bottles. The furniture is very up-to-the-minute modern and is also specially designed with the Yucatan climate in mind. The Design Labs, their interior design adjunct, “offers turnkey design solutions for residential, commercial and hospitality projects with an emphasis on customer service.”
Location: Calle 21 No.101 x 20, Colonia México
Phone: (999) 949-4404
Contact: Gerardo Nevarez Cervera

Yucatan Custom Furniture – As the name implies, Yucatan Custom Furniture makes furniture to your design. They also have some of their own designs, if you are lacking imagination at the moment. You can bring them a photo out of a magazine and say “Make This!” and they will. They don’t have a showroom, but they do have a website. And the owners speak English, so just call.


Want to be a responsible consumer? Find out about endangered tropical hardwoods here.

Want to get some interior design ideas? Local magazine Ambientes always features at least one home in the Yucatan and has local advertisers. You can find it on newstands around town.

Looking for a one-stop shop? Try Gringo Furniture, a new concept designed specifically for gringos furnishing their vacation homes.

Another great option to buy on-line is Tropical Cocoon, everything you need for great furniture solutions in Mexico is available through them.

Buying or building a house? Read all about doing it in the Yucatan in our Real Estate section.

Would you rather buy antique furniture? Check out our article with antique store locations in Merida listed.


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111 Responses to “Buying Furniture in Merida”

  1. Thanks for the reviews. We made the rounds pretty much as you described them in your article when we were furnishing our place. We ended up buying the dining room set at Triunfo and the living room furniture at Marbol.

    Triunfo is indeed eclectic. The dining room set we ended up with comes from India and fits in well in our Centro home.

    I’d like to put in my personal vote for Marbol as the best option. If you like the classical colonial tropical style of furniture – plantation chairs and the like – then Marbol is the place for you. The furniture is beautiful and it is extremely well made. Look for their periodic sales when most of furniture in the store is sold at 25% off. If you buy during a sale, the furniture is very reasonably priced by U.S. standards (but not cheap).

    Finally, another option is Pier 1 which has a small store in Sears at the Gran Plaza. The prices at Pier 1 tend to be very high (the prices are marked up over the U.S. prices), but sometimes they have clearance sales on certain items. At these times, attractive furniture (in the Pier 1 style) can be found at very modest prices.

  2. Another amazing article from you. We were wondering about the furniture aspect as I have been trying to convince my wife that our furniture will not be moving with us, including the leather living room stuff. This article will help my cause.

  3. You guys are unbelievable!!! Another answer to our questions. We too have a real leather living room couch and love seat, big, soft and wonderful. We had offers to buy them since our friends found out we are moving soon to Merida, and after reading this article we decided to sell them. The other piece is a beautiful rustic, Mexican wall unit made in Mexico! We are taking that. Thank you for your articles!!! They are really helping us!!!

  4. Very informative article. I attended the Yucatan state fair and there were a number of high quality furniture makers displaying their wares. If you can wait, check them out.

  5. This is very helpful info. I’d also mention Casa Juanes, which has various stores around town. Most of their stuff isn’t very attractive, but they are in Centro, and they do deliver, which is great if you’re sin coche. When I first bought my house, I went to Casa Juanes and bought a mimbre (rattan) living room set, couch, 2 chairs and coffee table, with foam cushions in zippered upholstery. I thought at the time that it would do until I got the house fixed up, but they’ve proven very practical (easy to move, no fabric near the floor) so they’re probably a permanent fixture now. I’ve also bought beds and a cabinet there, all delivered and set up for me.

    I’d like to know where to get some of the attractive old-style wood furniture. My elderly neighbors have lovely solid wood furniture that is older than they are. I saw rocking chairs for sale at Hacienda Teya a few years ago, but there must be other places where this traditional Merida furniture may be had.

    Thanks for the great website.

  6. we’re newcomers to buying furniture in Merida, in fact, are still in the U.S. and trying to make sense of the ads that accompany the article. In particular, the ones we were looking at on the Azcue website show prices that had us scratching our heads. As this example suggests, the price of the item is $5,490.

    Futón acabado natural
    DE $10,980
    A sólo: $5,490
    ó $460 mensuales

    If so, could someone explain what the figure after DE means, which as it turns out is exactly twice the A solo figure? Is that the regular price now reduced to $5,490?

    I know Spanish well, so that shouldn’t be the cause of our confusion. Would appreciate any insights you can share. Also, how risky is it to purchase on line to have delivered in a month or so when we’ll be visiting our place for a week? Thanks much.

  7. That’s how we would read it…reduced to $5490 from $10,980. If we learn differently, we’ll get back to you. We don’t think it is risky to purchase from them (though we never have done it) as long as you keep your receipt. We’ll be pleasantly surprised if the website works well enough for you to actually complete the transaction, frankly. No matter what, you’ll probably end up going to the store at least once for some reason. Let us know how it works out!

  8. Working Gringos-

    Great article and very timely for me as I am about to make some large purchases. I am looking for several modern pieces. I thought I would buy in US and ship via Monterrey. I’m glad I decided to wait.

    Thanks again.
    Drew P

  9. Does anyone know where to purchase hurricane insurance for Chicxulub? Also where could I have plain cushions sewn for a “concrete” couch attached to the home?

  10. I don’t know about the hurricane insurance, but some of the fabric stores will run up cushion covers and curtains for you if you buy the fabric and cushions from them. I think the big Asis store next to Office Depot has that service.


  11. I can’t move back to Yucatan until June – but saw “the big Asis store next to Office Depot” in the post above and was “transported” immediately! I love that place!!!

  12. I purchased insurance from Roxana Peniche Aznar. She is an ING Insurance agent and her office is in Merida. She speaks English and is very helpful & explains everything about your coverage. My house is in Chuburna Puerto right on the beach and has the homeowner with hurricane (Hydro-meteorological Phenomena) coverage. I pay about 450.00 USD per year but I assume each policy is tailored to one’s specific needs. I also have my car insurance with her. Here is her info:
    E-mail: rpa [at] sureste [dot] com
    Address: Calle 21 No. 117-D x 24 y 24-A
    Tel: 926.33.43/Fax 927.69.51

  13. Well Jen, you’ve done it again, you are the best best person to know by anyone coming to live in Chuburna. We are planning our move right now and we do not plan to bring any of the leather furniture and all the other things one accumulates after living in a house for 18 years, so I am so very glad you provide this information. Thank you so much I cannot wait to checkout all stores, I do love Ikea so I am happy to be able to shop in those stores. This information is a great help, reading about the termites etc., was the best help for me, so once more Jen you have risen above all my expectations, as a gringo happily moving south of the border.
    Bob and I thank you, and when I am finished decorating our beach house, I want all of Tierra Yucatan to come over and help us celebrate a very special friendship.
    Hasta la vista pronto.

  14. I found your website today while searching online for a gas refrigerator in Cancun. Your post on grocery stores in Mexico is hilarious (funny because it’s true) and for the past few hours since, I have been happily distracted by your wit and observations. The furniture challenge was my last big quest, but nothing has been as perplexing as finding a gas refri to use on the beach. So, getting back to the matter at hand- Do you know if there is a place in Merida that sells gas refrigerators for home use? I will be forever grateful for any information!

  15. Hola!
    We are in the process of purchasing a home near Merida. Do you have thrift stores or used furniture stores. Help we are missionarys and really can not afford new.You did such a good job on all of your resaerch,thank you.
    In Christs Love,

  16. Yes, there are thrift stores and used furniture stores here, but not many. Most used furniture is sold as “antique”. There is plenty of inexpensive furniture, however. And of course, you can do as Yucatecans do and just not OWN much furniture. A hammock or two can be incredibly useful… We’ll try to do a full report sometime in the upcoming months.

  17. hi. i am moving to merida in november. am renting small house no furniture. small budget. any addvice thanks. just found your page. looks great.

  18. Hola, William…
    If I were you, I’d probably buy a hammock to start. A good hammock, even a big one, won’t cost more than $60 or $70 USD.

    If you drive around the less wealthy neighborhoods, you will eventually find a little store when someone works with wood and makes tables and chairs. Buy direct from someone like that and your furniture won’t cost much. It won’t be exceedingly comfortable, but it will be serviceable.

    There are a few used furniture stores in the Centro… stay tuned for an article soon about antiques, which will include those too.

  19. Question: Are the prices in the stores mentioned in the article like Triunfo and the others reasonable when comparing to US prices for like stores??

  20. Thank you for such the detailed reviews. We are new owners of a condo on Cozumel. My wife and Mother in Law searched Playa and Cancun for furniture and were very disappointed with the quality and size of the furniture they were able to find. I would like to travel to Merida with my wife to see if we can find suitable furniture. Before we visit I would like to know if our purchases can be shipped to Cozumel and what we can expect to pay if we do purchase. I was also wondering if you have any persons that could be hired as a guide. We are learning Spanish but would feel more comfortable if we had help. I did notice Colomer has a Cancun showroom that they missed and I will try and find it. Thank you for any help you could give us.

  21. Hola, Corey. The thing about Merida is that it is where all the people who OWN Cancun, Cozumel, etc. actually LIVE. So yes, you might be able to find more substantial furniture here. As for shipping to Cozumel, I doubt it. But I’m sure someone can hook you up with a driver who can put it all in a truck and drive it out there.

    Speaking of a guide, we are about to rollout our Yucatan Living Concierge service, so yes, we can provide you with a guide. Email us at info [at] yucatanliving [dot] com or call us at toll-free 1-888-418-0402 and we will provide you with a bilingual guide who can help you with your shopping.

  22. We are buying a house in Tulum, and would like all of our furniture to be mexican style. We have purchased furniture in Mexico City to bring to the States years ago, and it is affordable and great for a place that will be rented since it is very strong. Please let us know of furniture stores like these to visit in Merida. , and that would also transport them to Tulum.


  23. If you look at the furnished houses in the RE sites you will get a pretty good idea of what is available here. I am not talking about just renovated upscale houses but any photo that contains furnishings in it. I think if you are larger than the average Yucatecan, you might want to sit on a lot of furniture before you buy any. I have seen some really cute stuff that felt 3/4 size when I actually sat in it. Also comfortable and chair don’t seem to be words that belong in the same sentence unless you are talking more money than I have to spend on a chair.
    By Mexican style do you mean rustico? There are several stores that have heavy rustic furniture.


  24. I feel as though I have struck gold. Finding your site has lit a fire under me to actually try to purchase our furniture in Mexico. That is what we originally wanted to try, but did not see many stores in Cancun to choose from on our last trip. Our condo will be ready in December 2007 and I think I will try to contact some of the stores that you mentioned. I was especially trilled about the Ikea store..
    Thank you

  25. What a great site. Thanks for a wealth of information!

    I am closing on my home in Cozumel in February.
    It has 4 bedrooms. I will be in Cozumel for about 4 weeks getting everything set up.
    My furniture is being made locally from a well known craftsman in Playa.

    I have to buy mattresses and will need 1 King, 2 Queens, 2 Fulls (matrimonial) and 2 Twins (singles).
    I just got prices from the Sears store in Merida and I do not see that it is any cheaper than what is in the states. Even when they are on sale.
    Also, because I am purchasing 7 sets of mattresses I should be able to get some kind of added discount but I doubt the big stores (like Sears) would be able to do that.

    Q. Do you know of a good mattress store in Merida?

    Q. Also, can you rent small moving trucks in Merida?
    Like we do in the states…Budget or U-Haul, for example.

    I REALLY appreciate any information you can give me!
    Thanking you in advance,


  26. I am looking for a regular size baby crib for my new grandson’s visits. So far all I’ve found are the Pack ‘n Play type of things. Anyone know where I can buy a reasonably priced wooden crib? I don’t need a fancy one, just a nice one with a good mattress for my nieto! :)

  27. If you were so inclined, and your furniture met all your tropical requirements, how would one move anything from a dining room set to a house full of furniture from E.E. to Merida? Do you have any idea about costs and different shipping methods?

  28. Six years ago, we moved all the furniture we wanted to bring with us by truck from California. We found a moving company that had an agreement with Muebles y Mudanzas, a Mexican moving company. We can’t remember their name :-) . We’ve also heard good things about Rainer Overseas. They are based in Washington but can move from anywhere. You can reach them at 425-644-7200. We believe they also have an agreement with the same Mexican moving company. Please tell them that sent you!

  29. Do you have any advice for buying dinnerware in Merida? I’m just worried mine will get broken in the move over.

  30. We think you’ll find you can buy all sorts of dinnerware here in Merida, from expensive china at the Liverpool department store to handmade redware from other parts of Mexico. You won’t have the same selection and choices, but you won’t have to eat off of paper plates either.

  31. I am looking for used furnitures to furnish for three months a two bedrooms condo.
    I need sofa, living-room table two bar stuls chairs, and refri.

    please let me know if someone is selling house staff.

  32. First off, kudo’s on a terrific website Your informative & humerous insight into yuacatan living for expats is awsome ! My wife are in the early planning stages of buying ofour mexican home. I have a couple of antique mahogany furniture pieces that have been in my family for generations – is mahogany susceptible to termites ? or is only soft woods?

  33. My husband And I bought a wonderful Mattress at Costco in Cancun. It is so soft!
    I would highly recommend it!

  34. I’m in the process of buying what I truly hope will be my last home. It’s on Isla Mujeres, and am I glad I found you in my first search for furniture in Cancun. Not only have I found out where to get affordable new furniture, I’ve learned some possibilities for moving the things I do wish to take with me, and even where to look into hurricane insurance. Wow, I’m impressed. I”m sure this site, and all you fine folks, will be of even more help to me over the next 9 months, or so, of selling off unwanted stuff and planning the move of my stuff, my German Shepherd and my Military Macaw to the island. Kudos for what you’re doing at this site. Once I’m finally settled in and have my new home furnished, I’ll try to contribute anything I manage to learn along the way…..Steve

  35. We will be in Merida the last week of October looking to purchase a home. Can you suggest a good real estate company. Can’t wait to be there!!

  36. [...] though less may be better, that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t have nice things. Let Yucatan Living take you furniture shopping. Do you like antiques? Here’s a shop-til-you-drop list of [...]

  37. is there any of these stores in Medida,Mexico or Yucatan,Mexico???????

  38. [...] though less may be better, that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t have nice things. Let Yucatan Living take you furniture shopping. Do you like antiques? Here’s a shop-til-you-drop list of [...]

  39. I would like to know if there are any stores like “value village” in Merida. We have got the renovations done on our house and now we need everything right down to the toilet brush. Way too much to buy everything new, and I like the idea of re-using and re-purposing stuff. Please give me your thoughts.

  40. When one sees the prices of things and they are listed with a dollar sign in front of them, is that is pesos or U. S. dollars?

  41. In Mexico, the $ sign usually means pesos. But of course, it CAN mean dollars too. That’s why we’re in the habit of writing currency this way: $1.00 USD or $1.00 MN

    But if you’re wondering about it, just ask! “Dolares o Pesos?”

  42. Nancy,
    There are VERY few used ANYTHING stores in Merida because most people reuse everything here until it literally falls apart. Things are handed down and around in families and among neighbors.
    We have discovered a few good used furniture stores… some are pricier than others.

    There is one at the corner of Calle 64 and Calle 55, which also has a lot of used Spanish-language books.

    There is a used furniture store in Pensiones…we’ll work on adding some of these to this article.

    In the meantime, ask around and explore! Discovering new things is half the fun of living here :-)

  43. We expect to make the trip to Merida from Xcalak after the 1st of the year. Hope to buy a few house/furniture type things and see the sights but, since there has been a bad gas shortage all over the region (from Escarcega east…Chetumal seems to have plenty cause the price in Belice dropped to (the equivalent) of about 3 pesos/l. and all of Chet is there filling up!), we are wondering what the fuel availability is in Merida and points south?

    Thanks for a very informative board!


  44. Hi, Well, most everything has gone well with buying our furniture,except the washing machine. Please note that many of the machines for sale in Merida are NOT plumbed for BOTH hot and cold water. Our house has both in the laundry…but the machine we bought only takes cold water! Of course the store wouldn’t take it back! sigh. Live and learn!

  45. Wow! We’ve never heard of that… that is good to know!

  46. There is a Galeria el Triunfo a few blocks from our condo in Mexico City, and I have been in there many times. Pier One on Acid. I like that. It is accurate. It is hard to imagine this chain without actually having been inside one. If you see one anywhere, brake and enter. You will not regret it.

  47. [...] Looking for furniture in Mérida is remarkably easy because there are such limited choices. When the demand by most of the population is largely for hammocks, a table and perhaps a couple of chairs, the supply of other furniture items becomes limited. It is also necessary here in the termite infested tropics for construction to be from some local ha Hammock Musings from Mérida: Furniture shopping rd woods, not pine and not with lots of upholstered surfaces. If you were to import U.S. made furniture in a container, much of it would not last beyond a year or two because of the extensive use of pine in the frame’s structure. For an excellent discussion of this and furniture stores in Merida, see Yucatan Living’s post here. [...]

  48. Hi,
    It’s me again. The house is almost furnished…but. I bought end tables from Ascue in Grand Plaza on 1/5/09. Was told they would be delivered 1/17/09…oh by the way they are not in stock…after I paid for them. Nothing by 1/17..called they were waiting for them to come into Cancun…it will be just a day or two more (all in Spanish). Nothing…another call… they will be here Friday. Friday nothing…another call Oh they will be here Monday. Monday nothing…will be here Friday. Friday nothing..another call, they’ll be here Monday. Monday nothing…another call..they’ll be delivered tomorrow moring! (Feb 3). It is now 2:30 and nothing. Another call… they are in route to your house…….Needless to say Ascue is now off our shopping list!

  49. And understandably so!

  50. Hi,
    I owne a condo near Chicxulub. I live in Canada. I have been to Liverpool department store in Merida a few times. On Liverpools website there is a front hall table I would like to buy. It is not sold in the store. Do you know if I can order the table on-line with my Canadian Visa card and have it delivered to the Liverpool store so that I could have someone pick it up? I don’t know if they could deliver it to a beach location.

  51. A friend who lived in Africa and had the termite situation there, said that they soaked the legs, or a small portion of the legs on furniture in a boric acid solution and then applied some kind of smell which is repugnant to dogs and cats, to keep them from licking the legs as boric acid is not good for humans or dogs and cats but is fantastic to kill bugs. She said that they also soaked the bamboo which was used widely for things there in a boric acid bath to protect them. I wonder if anyone has tried something of that sort in Merida?

  52. hello
    i’d like to add a few comments about buying furniture (and appliances) in Merida. These are based on my personal experience, and probably some others had different experiences, but I must say I was surprised about how easy it is to get cheap furniture in this city. Cheap, at least, compared to the prices I am used to from EUROPE. Compared to the USA it is definetly more expensive but then again, the US is probably one of the cheapest countries on earth for that. First of all, my very BEST experiences have been with the local small stores downtown, or with more unknown stores near the big malls. The small stores deliver the same day, they are VERY punctual, and they give you personal service which is also nice cause we are not used to that anymore…I find even the bigger stores downtown very good, like Chapur and Elektra, unless you are looking for very fancy furniture, and i found buying at Azcue at the Gran Plaza also a pleasant experience if not a bit more expensive of course, since the quality of their furniture is very good.
    Said that a couple of warnings. My WORST experiences in Merida were Home Depot and Liverpool. Not only these places are outrageously expensive, especially Liverpool, but their service is terrible. They promise delivery and will not come, you call them and they will tell you that they will deliver to you later, 3 more days to wait, and if you dont call them you will never know. Unless there is something you need which is ONLY sold at Liverpool, i would NEVER recommmend anybody to do their shopping there. It is absolutely not worth it, and it is ridiculously overpriced. And after all I feel much better spending my money in small local shops and stores.
    There is a shop downtown on the corner between 59 and 66 which sells beautiful lamps and chandelliers, and some outdoors furniture which I absolutely would recommend.

  53. That shop is called Candiles, and is indeed a great resource. They will also make wrought iron furniture to order.

  54. yes, Candiles of course, and they have WONDERFUL things. After having read the comment about Azcue, I would like to add that yes, they do have some waiting time for some of their furniture if it is coming from Cancun, but they actually DO tell about this BEFORE one buys, the only suggestion I can make is ASK BEFORE buying whether the furniture is going to be delivered within reasonable time or not. Another store maybe worth mentioning (maybe I didnt see it on the list?) is Coppel. There are several different Coppel stores around. I went to the one in Plaza Dorada. They also have a website, which is not usual, and quite cheap stuff (some of it definetly not too tasteful, but some will do) at a fraction of what it will cost you at Liverpool. I´d like to see somebody posting some info about garden furniture though, cause I personally find this pretty difficult to find in Merida, as well as grills (propane gas ones), unless again one wants to buy a 23 000 pesos grill from Liverpool…..Thanks again for the nice website.

  55. Completely right regarding the issue of Buying furniture in Merida. The review of the furniture store is quiet right and reliable. Yes…the best Nasstrom. Everything there exudes originality and the sales people are knowledgeable and very helpful and friendly (Diana and Angeles). But some important tip: the best and cheapest furniture is made by local carpenters, real artisans, using real wood and if you want following your design. I made exact replicas of “classics” for a fraction of the price with an end result of higher quality that will last longer. And helping the local people.

  56. My addition:

    I bought a dinning table and 4 nice chairs @ ELECTRA on c.60 between the Palacio
    and burger King. They delievered to the house I rented.
    I bought my refrigerator and Microwave @ WalMart on Paseo de Montejo.
    I bought a floor fan @ WalMart.
    My Esposa, Ariadna. bought a nice dresser from one of those guys who
    go by on those Yucatecos Bikes. The 3 wheel ones.
    Ariadna also bought a nice bed from a furniture store at a real bargin.
    In fact, Ariadna, being of Merida, saved me alot of money.

    This is my furniture Buying Experience.

  57. My hubby and I bought a new home in Merida. We can only visit our house until next summer. When we do visit we would like to work on needed things such as buying furniture and doing some construction type work. I was wondering where we might be able to rent a truck like a uhual to do the dirty work. We will get charged an arm and leg from a rental car co. and if it gets scratched or dinged they take you to the cleaners.

  58. Deb,

    You can rent a truck with driver and loaders all in one package at the Mejorada plaza en Merida. You might be surprised how cheap they will move furniture for you. Generally speaking, those particular trucks aren’t used for escombro (the remnants of knocked down stone walls) or trash, only furniture or goods.

    Most furniture places from high to low end deliver since few households have trucks of their own. Delivery is a way of life where much of the population still takes the bus or drives a microscopic auto.

    Home Depot is one of the least reliable delivery places in my opinion. So if you plan on buying supplies (expensively) there, have a vehicle or be willing to wait for days while employees seem to have no idea where your purchases are or when they will be delivered (although “first thing tomorrow” will be promised repeatedly).

  59. Thanks Casi! Sounds much like the Home Depot here :) Do you know a good supplier of escombro?

  60. Again about Home Depot.
    I found out that I can AVOID totally going to Home Depot, I only used to go there to buy chemicals for the pool (which I found are sold at Walmarts or even better, and cheaper, at Barroso on 51 x 74) and now I can avoid going there totally. It is a ridiculous store. I checked on prices for tiles there, as I wanted to tile a patio upstairs (500 square feet) and the Home Depot guys came and made a presupuesto for the job, they wanted to charge me 14 000 pesos for the job. I got the job done by a local contractor and payed 3500 pesos…..DO avoid Home Depot at all costs! it is TOTALLY unreliable when it comes to delivery too.

  61. Hello again!
    This is to suggest a place where they make wonderful furniture in cast iron, as well as smaller things like stands for planters, mirrors, etc. The place is called Estrella Duran, It is on 49th Street #733 between 18 and 20 in Colonia Avila Camacho II. It is NOT on 49th street downtown! To reach it drive Calle 59 EAST (it is one way), til you reach Circuito Colonias (Calle 4), then make a left turn and drive north to Calle 49, then turn right. You will find the place 100 meters up on the left hand side.

  62. Interested in bamboo furniture?
    I found a NICE store on Avenida Alemán (no name). It is on the right hand side, just before you reach Circuito Colonias, just after the intersection with Avenida Felipe Carrillo Puerto. The furniture there is affordable and some of the things they have are very nice (chairs, tables, beds, couches).

  63. Thanks for sharing these, Fabio!

  64. you welcome! BTW i enquired about having a table and four chairs made, cast iron, at Estrella Duran. when they told me the whole set would cost me 5400 pesos i couldnt believe it. this is 1/3 of the price charged in places like candiles y decoraciones ! and it is delivered of course.

  65. Fabio Fortuna are you italian ? Because I’m italian too and live in Merida since August 2009.
    I’m going to open a furniture shop in Merida !
    Keep in touch

  66. yes 100 % italian , Fabio! – i am from Rome. Norwegian citizen though….

  67. This article should be updated! Marbol and Azcue are no longer in the Gran Plaza Mall. If you want to see Marbol furniture you have to go to their warehouse in Uman-the hours are posted on their website. I gather Azcue has closed their doors as their website no longer exists. There may be other places that have been recommended here that are no longer in existence given that some of the comments date back to 2007.

  68. Hi,
    i was trying to find a website for Azcue and i see its closed as per Dianes Post, does anyone know if a place similar? i saw a kids bed there i wanted and trying to find it..any help from you guys would be great. thanks. I checked Emerging Markets website and its states that Azcue has closed. :(

  69. Hi, Can anyone help me locate the MARBOL furniture store. They evidently are no longer located in the Gran Plaza and no one answers the phone number on their website. Can anyone shine some light on this for me? Thanks!

  70. RE: location of Marbol. They have a map on their website but it is dark olive green on a black background, so it is pretty much unreadable. If anyone can let me know both the phone number and location that would be wonderful! Thanks

  71. [...] more furniture-shopping ideas, see this article from Yucatan [...]

  72. We have purchased a place in Huatulco, Mexico and need to purchase furniture. Was wondering where we could go to do that and purchase also at reasonable prices. We need everything for dining room, living room, bedroom and patio furniture. Also want furniture designed to uphold the climate in Huatulco. Please if anyone can help would be really appreciated.

  73. Brenda, we believe that was created just for this sort of situation.

  74. We will be doing the same thing in Tulum next year. Living so far away in Canad,a we need delivery and set up. I contacted them and received a prompt reply. They said whatever we want in a budget; just pick the theme or pieces and they will give us a price. We are looking at doing our own room,s then have delivery for the whole house. They have nice pieces for the tropical climate and humidity. Plus you can change the stain and finish which is really nice.

  75. Has anybody used a service (shopping guide with a car, is there such a thing?) to accompany and guide you thru the maze that is shopping for appliances and furniture in Merida, suggesting the best places for best value?
    I plan to be in Merida in March 2012 and would like to use such a service so that I can get an idea of what is available.
    Please share and thanks a lot!
    I speak Spanish so my guide does not need to speak English.

  76. Loredana, you could consider calling Yucatan Expatriate Services ( and ask them about their concierge services. They employ a few competent, local and experienced people that could show you around. There are also other “helper” services, as well as William Lawson’s driving service (though I believe he usually does tours and travel-related driving).

  77. Loredana–I can recommend Joan McBurney of My Casa Concierge. She has been very helpful in good values from some of the folks on this list, like Yucatan Custom Furniture, and from great vintage/second-hand places. Her email is joan [dot] mcburney [at] gmail [dot] com

  78. How about outdoor furniture? I need a table and chairs – sturdy and not wood. Any ideas?

  79. Actually, we have some great outdoor furniture places that have recently become affiliates, which means they have English-speaking reps as well. Check out Exteria on this page:

  80. How about an article that exposes unscrupulous architects in Merida that prey on unsuspecting foreigners who want their houses restored? I have had this experience and I am sure some of your readers have also…….A bad architect could easily cheat an unsuspecting client out of $100,000 US.

  81. Great article on loads of furniture choices..I bought all of my furniture in Guadalajara and surrounding towns direct from factories and highly recommend…All custom made, bring magazine photos whatever and they can reproduce it, excellent quality. Lots of beyond cool stuff..
    In the meantime I’ve been looking for a stack-able washer and electric dryer. Key word in this needed item is , electric dryer. I live in Cozumel and condo buildings are required to have electric appliances, which I understand. But am being told that companies are no longer importing electric appliances because of CFE costs and people are not using. Found 1 whirlpool 8kg which I’m thinking would hold a wash cloth & pair of socks, no kidding..Any help? Thanks!

  82. Rob, actually, that’s not a bad idea… to point out some of the ways that the unscrupulous architects take advantage of people in Merida. If you would be so kind as to email us at info [at] yucatanliving [dot] com and tell us more, we would like to consider writing that article.

  83. This article is great, thank you, only yesterday, after shopping for furniture, I asked my partner/husband, don’t we have any “Goodwill or a Salvation Army???”
    I ducked seeing that swinging backhand coming. Nice to see IKEA in your article–we will visit Uman soon. We have only been here for two weeks.


  84. Rob has a good idea about the Architects but don’t get me started on my contractor!!! Perhaps an article on how not to get ripped off by trades and professionals and how the gringo can be more proactive and better armed when dealing with such types.

  85. I have 4 high quality, beautiful baby cribs for sale. Isabella is a white cane princess styled crib with floral carvings – was $595, will sell for $350; Serenty is sleigh style fabricated from maple shardwood solids and select veneers, available in cherry stained or white – was $595, will sell for $350 each; and the Heirloom iron and brass crib features rosette details and turned knobs in an aged gold finish – was $1,495, will sell for $850.

    All have drop down sides with metal hardware. Drop downs were banned in the US. These have durable metal parts, NOT cheap plastic parts from China. Wood cribs were manufactured stateside by Stanley, Young America, a high-quality furniture manufacturer.

  86. I am looking for a place where I can buy a talavera dinner set at a reasonable price. Since I know these dishes are made in Puebla, I am wondering if I would be better off taking a special trip to that city. I have researched websites offering talavera tableware and since they are exported to the USA find them very expensive. I live in Merida and wonder if making a special trip to Puebla might offer better prices.

  87. Apparently there is a permanent talavera truck on North Calle Tecnologico just before it merges with Montejo. There are also shops at the end of the pier in Progresso. One can take the bus. If you come out to Progreso on either a Monday and Wednesday. Hop on the bus out to where the cruise ships dock (it’s free to take the bus) you will find several shops out there that sell Talavera.

  88. Hi there, my husband and I are relocating in the fall from Canada to Valladolid, looking so forward to this! We will open up a Raw and Vegan B&B, Detox and Healing Centre :)

    Any good mattress store that can be recommened for wholesale prices? I would love to have latex mattresses, but they are hard to come by… or memory foam, or good quality futons with a natural filling. Any ideas or at least a good wholesale store, or a store that gives wholesale prices when ordering more?

    Thanks so very much for your information! Love your site, so much great info!! Thanks for doing this great work! :) Cheers!

  89. I agree with everybody this site is fantastic. And what’s more this store Triunfo is ‘a todo dar’ (the best, loosely translated). After I had been in there in April, I was ready to move to Merida. After the rainy season, though! As a matter of interest, are you familiar with a wood that is used for furniture making called ‘parota’? It was not mentioned on this site and I believe it is indigenous to the Yucatan.

  90. I am looking for furniture that can be used at the beach and won’t fall apart or warp, etc. from the humidity and salty sea breezes. I specifically need dining table chairs, big comfy TV-watching chairs, bedroom armoires, dressers, bedside tables. I am open to used furniture, chipped and painted items, etc. Anybody know where I can find this?

    Also, I have read a lot of unfavourable reviews about Liverpool. My experience has been a positive one, however. I wanted a washable fabric-covered sofa with slip covers… something comfy and oversized with loose cushions. I looked many places and could only find it at Liverpool. We paid $2500 USD for a sofa and a love seat. I would have paid $4 to 6 thousand for this in Canada or the States for the same quality. We also got a clothes dryer there because it was the only place we could find one.

    We were fortunate to get in on some discounts and were given gift cards with additional discount money, which allowed us to get 2 dehumidifiers for free. The sofa set is made in Mexico. No problems with delivery and the staff was very friendly and accommodating, especially since my Spanish is non-existent. I wouldn’t buy everything there because it is very expensive, but if you can get your item on sale or you cannot find what you want, they just might have it. In my opinion, it cannot be compared to Sears or Chapur, whose stock seemed ancient and outdated.

  91. Susan, thank you for sharing your experiences. For future reference, Sears also has washers and dryers. As for outdoor furniture, you could try Exteria, an advertiser that specifically sells outdoor furniture ( Good luck!

  92. We looked everywhere for a dryer… even at Sears, but we ended up at Liverpool. Not even Costco or Sams Club had them when we were looking. Thanks for the tips though. Great site for info on everything!

  93. My favourite furniture store is Merida Tradicional, in Paseo Montejo. Whilst the furniture on display is huge, suited really only to haciendas, I asked and was told that they make furniture to order and can scale down or up in size. Not cheap, but beautiful, sturdy and resiatant to termites. :-)

  94. Please help! Looking for hanging lights… San Miguel-type tin and mirrored glass. Have seen beautiful examples, but everyone says they got them in San Miguel. We can buy online in the states, but that would require us hauling it back to Mexico which seems so silly. We have a condo here in Playa and love the Mexican style. Would love to have a place to start looking. We will try some on your list,…but if you know somewhere to start… I would really appreciate it! We are here now.

  95. Im in the US and want to know if there are any trusting shipping companies or truck line that I can hire to ship my furniture and belongings from Illinios, to Merida?Im a mexican.

  96. I see this article is a few years old, so you may not be aware of Merida Tradicional furniture store that has opened a showroom on Paseo Montejo. I live in Cancun and came to Merida to find quality furniture and found it at Merida Tradicional. They are high quality antique and vintage reproductions…AND the prices are actually reasonable. I could not believe the selection! Check it out.

  97. Thank you so much for the information concerning furniture and where to find it in your area. We plan to move to or near Merida some time between April and October 2014, depending on how fast our house sells.

  98. Where can I find Lamp Shades?

  99. George, lamp shades are a bit of an issue :-) We think you might find them in the store near WalMart near the Plaza Dorada (to the west of Merida) that is called the Big Store or something like that. Can’t remember at the moment :-) but it carried lots of things like that, and as we recall, lamp shades is one of those random things. Good luck!

  100. My wife and I are moving just south of Playa Del Carmen. Do you know if any of these stores could deliver furniture to us? There isn’t much good quality furniture in PDC.

  101. Bob, probably if you bought enough from one place, they would be willing to deliver. You’ll just have to ask!

  102. My husband and I just purchased a condo in Huatulco. Does anyone know of a store(s) where we can purchase good quality outdoor/indoor furniture?

  103. Moving Sale! Everything goes! American living in Progreso is selling furniture and appliances: 18th Century Roll Top Desk, Oak wooden file cabinet, stand-up wooden closet, Oak wooden oval mirror, two large Victorian 20th century mirrors, wooden cocktail table, Classic Olde English wooden dresser drawers, new washer and dryer.
    969 – 103 -4903, errolgjp [at] yahoo [dot] com.

  104. I managed to find my way to Marbol the last time I was in Merida. Their furniture is beautiful, and they are very helpful. If you email them using the “contact us” link on their website, someone will reply; they sent me a map with directions, but I got lost driving on my way there ( it’s out past the airport in the industrial zone) and they talked me to the store on my cell phone. I didn’t end up purchasing from them, only because I couldn’t find a fabric that I liked, although they will use your own fabric on their furniture.

    I have had some beautiful bedroom and dining room furniture made by Yucatan Custom Furniture, it’s true what others say, show them a picture and they will make it for you. Great craftsmanship and local cedre wood (naturally resistant to termites)


  105. Thank you, Christine!

  106. Does anyone know the best place to buy appliances in the area? We just bought a place in Puerto Morelos and need air conditioners, stove, microwave, washer/dryer, refrig. etc. Any tips? I’d like to avoid Liverpool if at all possible.

  107. We have condos with beautiful Marbol cane furniture. It is approximately fourteen years old. We love it but need to replace some of it or possibly have some of it repaired. We have two condos in Akumal, Quintana Roo (1 hour south of Cancun). We are not here permanently, try to visit twice or three times a year. Our furniture was purchased when Marbol had a shop in Cancun that was closed many years ago. Is there a furniture store near here, possibly in Playa del Carmen or Cancun that carries the furniture? We know it was quite expensive when we purchased it, but it has certainly held up nicely. We currently rent our units out so we possibly have to find something that is more durable and probably a bit less expensive? Is it possible to find out more information or something that is comparable and can fit in with what is still okay? We have some beautiful bar chairs, two of which were ruined by someone that was very large?? If it would help, I could email some pictures of what we currently have. Thank you for any help you can give us. We do not have phone service except for cell. Sincerely, Joyce Flake – Playa Caribe #2 and #3

  108. My husband and I are moving to Merida in the fall. We are nomads by nature and usually only stay in one place about 6 months — will probably move around the peninsula a bit. I know there are places to rent already furnished, but if we find a place we like that isn’t, is there a way to rent furniture in Merida for the 6 months we will be there?

  109. I have tried to get an appointment with Mr. Jeff Simpson from Luna del Oriente but I get no reply en his contacto cellphone number. Does anyone know if they are still in business? What is their address and timetable? I live in México City and I would love to go see them.

  110. We have had trouble reaching them lately too… We’ll see what we can do!

  111. Thanks for the help. It would be really nice if you can get some information about them. I may be able to travel to Mérida during may or early June. Please let me know whatever you find out about them.


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