Jobs in Yucatan / Job Offered: Computer Programmer

Job Offered: Computer Programmer

Job Offered: Computer Programmer

22 November 2016 Jobs in Yucatan 1

We are an international environmental consultancy, and we are looking for programmers to join our team working on some exciting big data projects. Based in or near Merida, you will speak good English and have any of the following skills and experience: AWS services/cloud computing, big data platforms, machine learning and data mining (preferably using RapidMiner), geospatial analytics, GIS visualisation, *nix, python and/or R data analytics stacks, SQL and git.

If you are interested please write to us stating your honorario hourly rate ($MXN), and we will get back to you with more details.


  • Tomas Alexander Contreras Vazquez 8 months ago


    My name is Alex, and I'm a mechatronics Engineer from Merida, Yucatan. I graduated the summer of 2016 and then got chosen for traveling to the Texas A&M University in College Station, TX. For almost three months, I did research on computational algorithms for oral cancer detection while attending the English Language Institute. That opportunity also allowed me to earn my TOEFL and GRE English certificates in level C1. A few months later, I landed an internship at a start up company called Innit in Redwood City, CA. I was an intern there for two months, and now that I finally got back to Mexico, I'm looking for a new project to work on. If the company is interested in acquiring a new entry worker, intern, part-time or full-time employee, give me a call and we'll arrange a meeting. My cellphone is +52 1 (999) 3043055.

    Best regards,

    Tomas Contreras

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