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Latest Articles

Topic: Editorial

Learn what you need to know about voting in the USA from abroad. Even if you have voted before, you need to fill out a new form this year. Be prepared and make your vote count!

Topic: Art

Our contributor, James Gunn, reviews books of short stories from a locally-born author, Martin Briceño. Briceño writes with wit and insight into characters living on the darker side…

Topic: Culture

The Yucatan Peninsula is home to the stingless honey bee, a sweet and docile bee that produces an exceptional honey. Here is information about the bee, and what is being done to help it thrive…

Topic: Destinations

Laguna Bacalar is becoming a popular getaway destination for expatriates living in Merida. Here is our guest writer, Scott Wallace, on the history of this area and a bit about the special blue waters…

Topic: Vacation Rentals

Welcome to Casa Esplendida, the splendid Merida Mexico vacation rental that is perfectly located and comfortably furnished for the most pleasurable vacation of your life…

Topic: For Sale in Yucatan

This 2 bedroom, 2 bath house with a swimming pool, for sale near Santiago Park, is a perfect place to call your own in Merida. Just minutes from Santiago Park and the Plaza Grande…

Topic: Jobs in Yucatan

Accountant in Merida

Topic: Health

Thanks to a local expatriate, a new bilingual service has been added to the Cruz Roja emergency and ambulance service available in Merida. Find out more…

Current News, Events & Art

Topic: News
April 13, 2014
This week's news includes an increase in chicken rotisserie sales, ecotourism in Progreso, flying kites in Progreso, unexpected places for lovely embroidery and a call for English speakers by the Merida English Library...
Topic: Events
April 14, 2014
It's Semana Santa... and there's art, music, various theatre and other performances, masses...and a blood-red lunar eclipse. Lots going on this week!
Topic: Yucatan Restaurants
Italian restaurant in the centro                                                                                                                                                                        
Topic: Art
Check out what Merida has to offer with the growing number of galleries showing artists from around Mexico and the rest of the world. There is art here for every taste and every pocketbook.
Topic: Events
Check our new ongoing events page for a quick look at ongoing events which are held every week in Merida.
Topic: Animals in the Yucatan , Yucatan Survivor
Inevitably, as a gringo living in the Yucatan, you will probably own a pet or rescue one. Here's our experience as pet owners in Merida...

Most Emailed Articles

Topic: Destinations
One of our favorite things to do with guests on a day trip is to take a tour of some of the local haciendas. Just one more thing we love about living in Yucatan...
Topic: Yucatan Survivor
Shopping for furniture to fill up that beautiful new home you are buying or renovating in Merida? Here's an update on the lowdown on some of the best places to buy furniture in Merida and what to keep in mind when you are buying...
Topic: Destinations
Valladolid is a town famous for many things most of us have never heard about. For so long, it has been stuck halfway between two important cities (Merida and Cancun). Now that fact may become its claim to a well-deserved fame...
Topic: Health
Every local expatriate we know loves their local Merida dentist. Here is an updated account of dentistry in Merida, some clues as to why it is so good, what to expect from a dentist here, and the curious connection between dentistry and traditional Yucatecan clothing...
Topic: Art , Real Estate in Yucatan
One of the first things we noticed about properties for sale here in Merida was the floors. No kidding. Because many of the floors, even in the most humble of stores or homes, are covered with beautiful mosaico tiles...
Topic: Daily Life , Yucatan Survivor
Finding a school for your English-speaking child in Merida is not easy if you don't speak Spanish. We've done some of the legwork for you...
Topic: Vacation Rentals
Casa Taurus is a colorful 3-bedroom vacation home built around a charming garden in an unbeatable Merida location... why stay at a hotel when you can have your own home for the same price?