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Latest Articles

Topic: Health

More and more, we find that we need to see dental specialists to deal with everything from implants to gum disease. Here is our story of some of our experiences with dental specialists…

Topic: History

Our guest writer, James Gunn, tells us about a famous Yucatecan writer from the 19th Century, and his romance novel, El Filibustero, which exposes the vicissitudes of life in Yucatan during the 17th Century…

Topic: U.S. Consulate Messages

The United States government has information for U.S. citizens filing taxes abroad…

Topic: Food

A group of intrepid expatriates have spent the last eight months looking for the best hamburger in Merida. Here is what they found…

Topic: Vacation Rentals

Hacienda Sac Chich is a vacation rental south of Merida that has no equal. You can rent either the original hacienda itself or the award-winning modern Casa Sisal located on the property… there is nothing like it in the world!

Topic: For Sale in Yucatan

Super sweet colonial home for sale in the Ermita/San Sebastian part of the historic centro of Merida…

Topic: Jobs in Yucatan

Design and film production

Topic: Real Estate in Yucatan

One of our readers shares her and her husband’s experiences renting multiple houses in the Yucatan…

Current News, Events & Art

Topic: News
March 2, 2015
This week, there is news about the Art of Eating book award, cultural exchange between Italy and Yucatan, the falling rate of obesity in children in Yucatan, Chichen Itza, Progreso's biggest cruise ship day yet, the death of a beloved expat and much more...
Topic: Events
March 2, 2015
This week there are a lot of new movies... and then the weekend explodes with some amazing musical events, including the Merida Music Festival. You've got to go to at least one!
Topic: Yucatan Restaurants
Coffee, wine and furniture in Merida centro                                                                                                                                                            
Topic: Art
Check out what Merida has to offer with the growing number of galleries showing artists from around Mexico and the rest of the world. There is art here for every taste and every pocketbook.
Topic: Events
Here's all the ongoing regular events that happen in Merida all in one place... updated August 2014.
Topic: Animals in the Yucatan
A much needed community veterinary service has finally opened its doors in Progreso...

Most Commented Articles

Topic: Daily Life , Yucatan Survivor
Finding a school for your English-speaking child in Merida is not easy if you don't speak Spanish. We've done some of the legwork for you...
Topic: Health
Every local expatriate we know loves their local Merida dentist. Here is an updated account of dentistry in Merida, some clues as to why it is so good, what to expect from a dentist here, and the curious connection between dentistry and traditional Yucatecan clothing...
Topic: Daily Life
We took careful notes on our recent trip, driving through Mexico to the Texas border with our two dogs. Here are the details of the trip so you can know what to expect next time you do it...
Topic: Yucatan Survivor
Shopping for furniture to fill up that beautiful new home you are buying or renovating in Merida? Here's an update on the lowdown on some of the best places to buy furniture in Merida and what to keep in mind when you are buying...
Topic: Destinations
One of our favorite things to do with guests on a day trip is to take a tour of some of the local haciendas. Just one more thing we love about living in Yucatan...
Topic: Animals in the Yucatan , Culture
For any animal lover who travels to or lives in Mexico, there are few sorer (is that a word?) subjects than the state of dogs in this country...
Topic: Yucatan Survivor
For most of us, learning Spanish is both a chore and a treat. Here is a comprehensive and updated list of the many schools that teach Spanish (and other languages!) in Merida and Progreso...