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  • Tennis Diplomacy in Merida

    7 November 2017 Daily Life

    Tennis is becoming more popular in Merida. Here an event which spreads the good news about Yucatan via tennis…

  • Teach ESL Online

    13 September 2017 Daily Life, Jobs in Yucatan

    Some things sound too good to be true. That's what I thought when I first heard about a company paying upwards of $20 dollars an hour for...

  • Dear Americans, Welcome to Mexico

    5 April 2017 Daily Life, Editorial

    Worried about prejudice toward US citizens in the Yucatan?

  • Charity and Volunteer Opportunities

    29 March 2017 Daily Life

    Free Karma!

  • Ready for Opening Day of Mexican Baseball?

    28 February 2017 Daily Life

    WD Barr gets us ready for Mexican baseball's opening day, coming soon!

  • Mexican Baseball's 2017 Managers

    26 February 2017 Daily Life

    WD Barr is an expat who writes for us about the unique pleasure that is Mexican baseball. Here's a quick rundown of the new managers this season...

  • Supporting Yucatan Youth

    21 February 2017 Daily Life

    US dollars donated to support deserving Yucatan young people go a long way, as these stories will attest...

  • Christmas and New Years Events: 2016 to 2017

    12 December 2016 Daily Life

    A list of special events for Christmas and New Year's Eve in Merida...

  • Hanal Pixan in Merida

    26 October 2016 Daily Life

    Just two blocks from our home, the Yucatan tradition of Hanal Pixan (Day of the Dead) was brought out into the streets for all of us to share, enjoy and contribute to...

  • Wheat From Across the Sea

    11 October 2016 Daily Life

    Reporter Jonathan Ruiz educates us about one of the US Corporations moving into the Yucatan...

  • Yucateca Wins Design Prize

    22 August 2016 Daily Life

    A Yucateca student from Merida wins a global design award...

  • Christmas and New Years Eve 2016/2017

    15 December 2015 Daily Life

    Here are the places holding special meals and events for Christmas and NYE this year...

  • Teaching Language in the Yucatan

    13 December 2015 Daily Life

    One woman's story about leaving London to teach in a small town on the Yucatan Peninsula...

  • Leones Baseball: Season Wrap-up

    7 September 2015 Daily Life, Reader's Polls

    Guest writer WD Barr wraps up the Leones season for us...

  • Moving Up to the Championship Round

    28 August 2015 Daily Life

    Leones manager Wilfredo Rumero is playing to win...

  • Leones Road to the 2015 Playoffs

    17 August 2015 Daily Life

    The Mexican baseball playoffs have begun... read how the Leones and other Yucatan Peninsula teams measure up!

  • Success in the CAPP Program

    11 August 2015 Daily Life

    The CAPP program supports graduates of the Progreso Apoyo program who have earned the privilege of attending college in Yucatan. Here are a few of their stories...

  • Jerry Royster, Quintana Roo Manager

    1 May 2015 Daily Life

    The spotlight is on the manager of the Tigres of Quintana Roo, a former professional from the USA. Also, this week’s standings in the Mexican Baseball League…

  • Corey Wimberly and Weekly Stats

    27 April 2015 Daily Life

    Introducing a new outfielder this year for the Leones… an American born in Jacksonville, Florida. And the weekly stats…

  • Running in Yucatan

    1 April 2015 Daily Life

    There are so many races coming up in the next two months, we thought the events deserved their own page…

  • Islam Comes to Merida

    14 January 2015 Daily Life

    We learned recently that a small contingent has now established an Islamic community in Merida, bringing messages of peace and unity. We communicated with Dr. Waseem Sayed about this community and here is what we learned...

  • Two Yucatan Holiday Events

    1 November 2014 Daily Life

    Here is vital information on two very important events coming up in the next two months. If you live in Merida or along the Yucatan Gulf Coast, or you are visiting during this time, you'll want to know about these...

  • Gardening in Yucatan: Planning & Planting

    24 September 2014 Daily Life

    Growing vegetables in Merida Yucatan has its pitfalls, many of which can be avoided by careful thought and planning. And now is the time to plant... so let's get started!

  • Classes and Cultural Centers

    22 August 2014 Daily Life

    It is pretty difficult to find out where classes are happening in Merida if you don't read Spanish. Even if you do, often classes are not publicized well. We're doing our best to gather the information here... see what you think.

  • Ferry Yucatan to Florida

    29 July 2014 Daily Life

    United Caribbean is close to making the ferry between Yucatan and the USA a reality. Those of us who travel back and forth, or move households to Yucatan, are very excited to hear about this...

  • Volunteering Opportunities in Yucatan

    16 April 2014 Daily Life, Animals in the Yucatan

    We are always asked for suggestions about where to donate money, things or time. Here is a comprehensive list of places we know about in and around Merida and the Yucatan Gulf Coast. And we welcome your additions!

  • Bird Photography in Yucatan

    18 February 2014 Daily Life

    The Yucatan Peninsula is home to more species of birds than you can imagine... and even more make it their winter home or stopover point. A local Yucatecan family has discovered many reasons to pursue birdwatching together...

  • Schools in Merida

    29 September 2013 Daily Life, Yucatan Survivor

    Finding a school for your English-speaking child in Merida is not easy if you don't speak Spanish. We've done some of the legwork for you...

  • Grocery Shopping in Merida

    5 April 2013 Daily Life

    We just updated our grocery shopping article, including adding details suggested by readers. Shopping for groceries in Merida is still not the mindless but somehow comforting activity we used to take for granted back in California...

  • Grocery Shopping in Merida (copy)

    5 April 2013 Daily Life

    We just updated our grocery shopping article, including adding details suggested by readers. Shopping for groceries in Merida is still not the mindless but somehow comforting activity we used to take for granted back in California...

  • Grocery Shopping in Merida (copy)

    5 April 2013 Daily Life

    We just updated our grocery shopping article, including adding details suggested by readers. Shopping for groceries in Merida is still not the mindless but somehow comforting activity we used to take for granted back in California...

  • Children's Activities in Yucatan

    11 March 2013 Daily Life

    Do you live or will you be coming to Yucatan with children? Here's a page with information about activities, programs and places for kids in Merida and the surrounding Yucatan...

  • Roof Gardening in Merida Part Two

    3 January 2013 Daily Life

    Our second article on rooftop gardening in Merida reports how things have gone over the last year, where to find seeds and what to look for, when to plant and what vegetables do best here in Merida...

  • Christmas and the New Year in Yucatan

    10 December 2012 Daily Life

    Here's a rundown of the special dinners and events around town on Christmas and New Year's Eve. As we learn about more, we will add them here!

  • What You Don't Know About AFAD

    20 September 2012 Animals in the Yucatan, Daily Life

    It's time for people to know what AFAD, the oldest dog shelter in Merida, is doing for all of us, here in Merida and along the Gulf Coast of Yucatan...

  • El Camposanto de Merida

    3 September 2012 Daily Life

    Every once in awhile, we like to take a stroll through Merida's oldest cemetery, located in the San Sebastian area between Calle 66 and Calle 81A. There's nothing like visiting a cemetery to give you a new appreciation for life...

  • Hurricanes Over Yucatan

    21 August 2012 Daily Life

    Hurricanes are a fact of life in this part of the world. Five years after we first wrote this article, we reflect upon what has happened in the Yucatan and what we have all learned about hurricane preparedness...

  • Expat Letter from Cozumel

    18 July 2012 Daily Life, Destinations

    Ever wonder what its like living on an island in a tourist town? Photographer Michael Lewis gives us his insight into what life is like living on Cozumel...

  • Tropical Roof Garden in Merida

    18 October 2011 Daily Life

    Growing fruits and especially vegetables in the unique Yucatan climate is not what we norteamericanos are used to. Robert Kimsey has created a unique and successful system, and now he's sharing it...

  • Red Bull Cenote Cliff Diving

    12 April 2011 Daily Life, Valladolid Living

    Our good friend, John Venator, who lives in Valladolid, attended the Red Bull Cliff Diving Competition yesterday just down the street from his house. Here is his account of the day...

  • Driving Through Mexico With Dogs

    8 April 2011 Daily Life

    We took careful notes on our recent trip, driving through Mexico to the Texas border with our two dogs. Here are the details of the trip so you can know what to expect next time you do it...

  • Driving With Dogs Through Mexico

    19 October 2010 Daily Life

    Many of our readers ask us about driving with dogs into and through Mexico. Here is an account from a couple that did just that earlier this year...

  • Merida English Language Library

    5 October 2010 Daily Life

    When visitors ask us where they can find the heart of the expat community in Merida, we tell them it's the Merida English Language Library, of course!

  • educaTE Program

    27 September 2010 Daily Life

    To counter the daily barrage of bad news that shows up on your computer screen, here's a story of inspiration, dedication and hope for the future of Yucatan and the world...

  • Los Abogados

    5 August 2010 Daily Life

    Abogado is the Spanish word for Lawyer. Before we moved to Mexico, we had spent enough time with American lawyers to last a lifetime, but here the lawyers are different...

  • Mexico and the 2010 World Cup of Soccer

    7 June 2010 Daily Life

    To most of us, it is soccer. To most of the rest of the world, it is known as futbol. Just days remain before the start of the...

  • Inside a Maya Family Compound

    3 May 2010 Daily Life

    Visit a Maya family in the rural pueblo of Santa Elena south of Merida near the Ruta Puuc to see how they make a living during tough economic times...

  • Pre-Season Baseball

    1 March 2010 Daily Life

    Los Leones, Merida's professional baseball team, played a pre-season game against their cross-peninsula rivals, the Campeche Piratas. It was a beautiful day...

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