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Job Wanted: Playa del Carmen


Job Wanted: Playa del Carmen

5 June 2012 Jobs in Yucatan 0

Applicant: Carla Soley
Email Address:,
Phone Number: 044(55)2738-1435
Type of Work Desired: Monday through Friday, 8am till 3pm or 4pm, somw weekends available if I can take my son with me
Job Location Desired: Playa del Carmen or online
Resume or Qualification Description: I do translations (spanish-english-spanish and from Catalán). I'm good at organizing (cafes, projects, events, etc.). I studied Ecotourism in Guatemala, worked in PROFEPA creating sustainable projects for the indigenous communities living in the reserves, and many other jobs.
Any Additional Information: Mexican, 37 years old, single mom, lived 10 years in the United States and then in Argentina, Guatemala, Mexico, Prague and Spain.


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