Cafe Peon Contreras


Cafe Peon Contreras

7 December 2009 Yucatan Restaurants 2

Type: International
Neighborhood: Col. Centro
Telephone: 924-7003
Address: Circuito Colonias esquina, Calle 12
How to Get There from the Centro: You are already there. It's next to Peon Contreras Theater.
Parking: No
AirConditioned: Yes
Outdoors: Yes
Drinks: Full bar
Hours: Every Day from 7 am to 1 am
Notes: You know those waiters that beg you to eat at their restaurant every time you go near the Peon Contreras theatre? That's this restaurant. Quality of food is average, but the people-watching is unparalleled.


  • Amalia 5 years ago

    This is definitely the WORST restaurant in Merida. We ate there out of desperation after a solid week of Yucatan food, which is delicious but very heavy and meaty. I knew just from looking at the corny pictures on the menu that it would not be any good. My sopa de lima was watery and tasteless, the worst I had in Merida. My husband's pasta looked hideous and, being Italian, I refused to even taste it. I was so sick the next day that I had to run to the ER and I think it was their guacamole that did it (it tasted off).
    The location is so amazing, the outdoor space is like a private plaza and the indoor restaurant is so wonderfully quirky, old-fashioned, a little run-down, full of beautiful antiques. What a shame. I wish someone with real culinary talent took over from whomever currently runs this place.

  • MexicaChica 8 years ago

    I had breakfast here one day to take advantage of the beautiful outdoor cafe setting. Unfortunately, that is all they had going for them. I ordered their breakfast special of bacon with eggs, toast and coffee. I cannot remember the exact amount but it was almost double of what you would pay for that breakfast anywhere else. Plus they charged me for cup of coffee number two. Apparently, refills are not free.

    I wont be going back.

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