Café La Habana


Café La Habana

19 November 2009 Yucatan Restaurants 5

Type: Coffee shop, Yucatan-style
Neighborhood: Centro
Telephone: 928-0608
Address: Calle 59 x Calle 62
How to Get There from the Centro: Northeast corner
Parking: Across the street in the city parking lot
AirConditioned: Yes
Outdoors: No
Drinks: Full bar
Hours: 24 hours


  • William Felinski 7 years ago

    There are better places to eat for dinner, but for breakfast Café La Habana is my favorite. There is no better way to start a day in Mérida than a café con leche and a plate of huevos motuleños at La Habana. Great service also. After a couple visits the staff treats you like old friends.

  • Brian McNamara 8 years ago

    We love this place. To me it embodies the spirit of Merida and its people. Always bustling, always loud, always happy! A professional and friendly staff and a good kitchen add up to a pleasant experience every time. Can't wait to get back in December. [There's also a branch in Progreso, right across the street from the beach.]

  • Ed 8 years ago

    I could think of much better places to eat then here!

  • Working Gringos 8 years ago

    We know, we know... we have over 100 restaurants to list... we're just getting started! But thanks!

  • ML 8 years ago

    They have several locations. If people like their food, they might be interested in where the others are. Just a thought.

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