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News: Interesting Visitors to Yucatan

News: Interesting Visitors to Yucatan

3 August 2009 News 6

News starting August 03, 2009

Dr. Jane Goodall To Speak in Merida
Over the past year, we have reported on the Wild9 Conference to be held here in Merida The Wild9 will be the 9th World Wilderness Conference. It will be held in Merida on Nov. 6, 2009. Read more about the Wild9 Conference Here,  where you can also register to attend this important event and see Dr. Jane Goodall in person. Just the fact that she lends her name to this event adds tremendously to its worldwide recognition as one of the leading organizations in the fight to save our global wildernesses.

The Gold Book, 2nd Edition: Almost Completed
The Gold Book is the first (and only) English language directory of businesses and services in Yucatan. After an exceptionally successful first edition, the second edition is now nearing completion. With more and more people moving to Yucatan from Canada, the U.S., and Europe, the need for this English language directory grows every day. Everyone has had a difficult time understanding the Yellow Pages at times, so this directory helps both residents and newcomers find the much-needed businesses and services they need for successful everyday living! Even though we all aspire to speak, read and write Spanish, sometimes it is a help to have information quickly and in our first language. Toward that end, The Gold Book is the resource we need! The Gold Book directory can also now be found online, with lots of new businesses and services joining the ranks of businesses that want to advertise to the foreign community. Check The Gold Book out or write to them at goldbookyucatanyahoocom You may also call their office at 999/285-8714

Telchac: Flipper has Passed Away
What was, at first, believed to be a dolphin came into shallow waters between Telchac and San Crisanto this past Wednesday. In spite of efforts to shoo him out to sea, he continued to swim between the two beach towns. This was especially troubling since he was swimming in such shallow water that at least half of his body was exposed. People were coming out to stand in the water and have their pictures taken with him. The authorities asked that they please stop this because, when humans got near him, he went into shock – which, they warned, could result in his death. Unfortunately, Flipper did not survive his ordeal. He turned out to be a ballena picuda (pointy whale). The confusion came about because of his size and the fact that he didn’t seem to have the face of a whale. Biologists say there is very little known about this species because it is generally found in very deep water. If anyone ever sees a ballena picuda, or finds another animal of the sea in distress, they are asked to call 946-5558, 01 800 716-3370 and the emergency cell 999 148-4577.

Bringing Minor Children to Mexico
We received an e-mail this week concerning bringing a minor to Mexico when his or her parents are divorced or remarried. We thought this would be a good time to review this topic. A minor must have the consent of both parents in order to travel to Mexico. If the parents are divorced, then the parent who is bringing the child into the country must have a notarized affidavit that he or she has (a) sole custody of the minor or (b) that he or she has the permission of the absent parent to bring the minor into Mexico. There is also a third document that is appropriate when the minor is traveling into Mexico alone. All three of these documents can be found here.  

Fighting Dengue Fever
The State of Yucatan is determined to fight dengue fever nose to nose with every mosquito in the state, if necessary. The trucks have already begun to spray in the north and east of the City of Merida and will soon begin spraying in the south and west. In addition, brigades from SEDESOL will begin, in the middle of August, to go house to house, checking for potential mosquito breeding grounds and dealing with them whenever they are found. This process will be expanded to the schools in September. The program “Clean Patios,” has shown remarkable success in the past and is being instituted again this year. Please do not think that, if you have already had dengue fever, you will be immune to it a second time. Studies show that you can contract this disease up to 4 times before becoming immune to it. This means that everyone, whether they have had dengue fever or not, must continue the fight against the insect that carries it. Please remember that mosquito sprays, such as OFF, tend to be effective for only about 20 minutes, so pay attention to where you are and to how much exposure you have had.

A New Art Program at the MACAY
There is going to be a new program at the MACAY for the purpose of promoting contemporary art. The name of the program is Punto de encuentro, which means the meeting point. The MACAY is asking that those artists interested in participating in this program send their proposals to mediosmacaygmailcom. The proposals will be reviewed and, if approved, the MACAY will then give the artist a space to present his/her work. Anyone can participate as long as their proposal has been approved and the artist has paid for production costs. In other words, the MACAY is only responsible for providing the space. Merida is home to some of the most talented contemporary artists in the world and we are always pleased to see them find new opportunities to show their talent.

Construction Fair Coming in October
We will have more on this event as time draws closer but, for now, we just wanted to give everyone a “heads-up” that we may soon have a great way of measuring if or how deeply the global economic slowdown has affected the State of Yucatan. Our annual Construction Fair is held at the Siglo XXI in October. Last year, there were 17,000 visitors to this fair. They ended up making 500 contracts for building at a total value of $90 million pesos. This year, 18,000 visitors are expected at this fair, where they will be able to speak with representatives of 40 construction companies and 12 financial institutions. The outcome of this Oct. 2 – 4 Construction Fair will give us a good deal of insight into the economic health of our state. As of now, 90% of the spaces have been filled but, if you would like to participate in this Construction Fair, you may call the Chamber at 923-8103.

Yolisto Members Respond to Community Needs
This past week, one young man was killed and another is in serious condition after they were electrocuted in Chelem while working on the electricity that will go to a bull ring. The young man who died left behind a pregnant wife. His first child will be born just 2 weeks after his death. The other man leaves behind a wife and 3 children. Yolisto members came together, collected quite a nice sum of money, and divided it between the two families. In addition, they have begun a clothing drive for the benefit of the elderly in the nursing home in the area and are moving into their second year to ensure that Santa comes to even the poorest child in Chelem. The best part of this is that none of these activities was actually suggested by Yolisto. Instead, it is all happening spontaneously, in a community that continues to grow both in size and harmony. Well done to everyone involved!

Basketball in Yucatan
If anyone has been looking for basketball in Yucatan, the Liga de Baloncesto del Sureste (LBS) has been suspended for the 2009 season. This is due to the H1N1 situation, as well as due to reduced attendance caused by the downturn in the global economy. Until next March, Los Leopardos will be working with basketball clinics and programs in the schools in outlying areas. No mention was made of the Peppers of Progreso but, since this suspended season affects Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, and Belize, we assume that the Peppers are in the same situation.

Executive Chef Returns to Cook Pakistani & Hindu Food
We hardly knew what to write as a title for this event. "Home Town Boy Makes Good" comes immediately to mind. Chef Delio Armin Puerto Ceballos is a native of Hunucma who (just 3 years ago) took advantage of an opportunity to go and develop a "kitchen" that features Mexican and Yucateco food in Dubai. Well - cream certainly does rise to the top, doesn't it? In short order, this 39 year old found himself rising through the ranks, first as the executive chef of 5 restaurants and now the executive chef director of the entire consortium. As is the case in many professions in Mexico, Armin returns to Merida every year to take a certification class that keeps him qualified as a member of the Association of Chefs of Yucatan. This year, he will be taking a bakery class, taught by the Executive Chef of Holiday Inn Merida. This is, of course, a great plus for his employers, who get to add a little something new to their menus each year when Armin comes back to Dubai from Merida. This year, we are to be the beneficiaries of this young Yucateco's travels. When his class is finished, he will preside over a 3 day festival (August 20, 21 & 22). The name of this event is "Festival of Pakistani and Hindu Food." It will be held at the Holiday Inn and will only cost us $190 pesos to attend. This is going to be a dining experience that includes everything from appetizers and salads, to main courses and breads, through desserts. Needless to say, this is a "must attend" event! Armin has 6 videos of life in Dubai on YouTube.
Event: Festival of Pakistani and Hindu Food
Dates: August 20, 21 & 22
Location: Hotel Holiday Inn Merida
Time: TBA
Admission: $190 pesos


  • Dina Lewis 8 years ago

    Hello--found this article while searching your site for sports information. Any suggestion of where to watch the NCAA basketball tournament in Merida or Progreso this weekend March 20/21. We will be in Chelem and Merida furnishing our new beach house, but want to take time out to watch some games. Possibly TGIFridays or a Boston Pizza location? Any advice appreciated!

  • Working Gringos 8 years ago

    Actually, the substance that the city is putting in your standing water is BTI. You can find more information about it here on Wikipedia:

    It is used because it is NOT toxic to animals.

  • Deborah Simpson 8 years ago

    RE: Dengue Fever prevention. An infection disease doctor I consulted in the US two years ago when I contracted dengue recommended that I use an insect repellant in the form of a timed-release lotion. He told me that those provide protection much longer than spray insect repellants like OFF which evaporate off the skin quickly. Two brands that make a timed-release lotion are 3M Ultrathon and Sawyer. Both are available online.

  • Jan Morgan 8 years ago

    Great that you put the information about The Gold Book in your news section! We're hoping that all expats will have a copy of the new book, and also are happy that there are so many businesses and services that want to let us know that they want our business! Online as well as in print, the advertisers are hoping we take advantage of their expertise in their services. See also Thanks!!
    Jan Morgan

  • Beryl G 8 years ago

    Re: the Dengue Fever article. A SEDESOL person already came to our house last week and took a thorough look throughout for sitting water and other mosquito-friendly places. He found a place we hadn't noticed where rainwater had pooled and threw a chemical into it. He was polite and pleasant and took thorough notes. What a great service! Thanks, City of Merida. The only thing we need to be aware of is the doubtlessly highly toxic nature of the chemical they use, to make sure our pets aren't affected.

  • Malcolm 8 years ago

    Thank you very much for recognizing the outstanding work that members of Yolisto are doing, on the beaches and in Merida. It is a community that I am honored to be a part of.

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