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Yucatan News: Honey & Libraries

Yucatan News: Honey & Libraries

28 July 2014 News 0

Progreso Youth Symphony Orchestra Debuts

A total of 215 children and young people, all from the Municipality of Progreso, made history be becoming founding members of Esperanza Azteca Symphony (OSEA) Progreso. The group includes a 114-member choir and a 101-member orchestra. Their debut took place on July 22, 2014, at Teatro Jose Peon Contreras in Merida. During intermission, the members of Esperanza Azteca Symphony (OSEA) Progreso and their teachers received the Founders’ Medal for their hard work and dedication to this very special organization. The pride of these children, and of the citizens of Progreso, is overwhelming. This orchestra and choir help to redefine Progreso itself. Yucatan Living is only one of many who send our very best wishes to all of these children, to their teachers, their parents and their municipality.

Yucatan: Medical Tourism & Development

There are two fronts on which Yucatan’s medical community is poised for growth, especially in light of new economic and cultural ties to nations in the Caribbean, and in Central and South America. Medical tourism is one of those fronts. Yucatan has all of the specialists and state-of-the-art facilities necessary to support medical tourism. All that is necessary now is marketing. Also, a new idea has recently begun to emerge and is rapidly gaining ground. Yucatan needs to bring companies that produce pharmaceutical drugs, as well as medical supplies and equipment to the area as exports from Yucatan to the nations associated with these new trade relationships. Yucatan has the Port of Progreso and it would be a whole lot easier for those nations to import, for example, precision instruments from Yucatan than from other places in the world. Look for an entirely new industry to blossom from these strategic talks in the very near future.

Progreso: Put Rhythm in Your Health

About a year ago, we began to hear about a program that was just beginning in the Municipality of Progreso. Most thought that Put Rhythm in Your Health would be just another diet and walking program that did well for a while and then slowly disappeared, but it didn’t work out that way. Instead, this program now has a team of nutritionists and exercise professionals who work hard to help conquer the municipality’s weight problem, for the ladies, one neighborhood at a time. The program began with just thirty participants. Now, we can barely keep up with the headlines as one neighborhood after another announces that up to 85 of their ladies have become participants in this strictly supervised diet and exercise program. The program has also recently begun to make its way through the school system. This is rapidly swelling the numbers of participants. One closely supervised and educated group at a time is proving itself to be a highly successful means of ensuring a healthy lifestyle for an entire municipality and might be a lesson to us all.

Progreso: Respect Maritime Laws

The Office of the Captain of the Port of Progreso has encouraged all pleasure craft to pay special attention to even the smallest infraction of local maritime laws. In the first week of vacation, twelve sanctions were handed out, for everything from crew members not wearing a life jacket to racing too close to environmentally protected trees. Do make certain you have the proper fishing permits. No matter the size of the boat, breathalyzers will continue to be a huge part of keeping the water safe for everyone. We hope everyone stays safe on the water during this vacation so that every visitor and family member can have a wonderful holiday.

Progreso: Cost for Illegal Trash Dumping

Little by little, we are discovering the actual amount of fines for first one thing and then another. This week, it’s the illegal dumping of trash. If anyone is caught dumping trash in Progreso Yucatan, the first thing they will pay is up to 25 times the minimum wage. Then, they will pay for the cost of removal and the proper disposition of whatever it was that they dumped. Finally, the authorities will keep the individual’s vehicle until all fees and fines are paid. There may be additional fees for storing the vehicle as well. All of that to say... illegal dumping isn’t worth the few pesos it takes to follow the rules necessary to keep our environment clean.

GM-Soybeans vs. Yucatan’s Honey

Mexico has approximately 41,000 beekeepers, and about half of them are in Yucatan. Until now, 'organic' has been a term that could easily be applied to any honey produced in the state. Unfortunately, genetically modified soybeans and even genetically modified corn are slipping in to both Chiapas and Yucatan. This is in direct opposition to the law that is supposed to insure that Yucatan remains a GMO-free zone. Yucatan’s honey has, thus far, been able to use its organic label to ensure European prices that are at least 30% higher than honey from other places. Those customers will be unwilling to purchase a product that has been created from GM-soybeans. This is the point at which the Biodiversity Act and Genetically Modified Crops stand toe-to-toe, with the jobs and quality of life at stake for producers, workers, and consumers alike. The real problem is that it may well be too late to stop the natural flow of GM-DNA into the food chain around the world.

Peto: Teens Help the Elderly and Homeless

In the Southern part of Yucatan, a group of teens have banded together to just be good human beings and help whomever, whenever and wherever they can. Initially, they belonged to no organized group and received no funding for what they do. They just came to help wherever there was a need. Mostly, this help came in the form of sitting with the elderly, or cleaning their houses and yards, as well as bringing in extra food. Now, they are loosely organized into a group they call Ruedas de Felicidad (Wheel of Happiness) because they have found so many elderly and homeless people in need and are doing what they can to help each of them. Merchants have begun donating food pantries because they recognize that these kids have no hidden agenda. They are loyal to no political party, nor to any specific religion. They, quite literally, just show up to help. The world could use many more young people like Roselyn Sarai Carrillo Navarrete, Seyler Jose Vazquez Herrera, Yaritza Rosabel Caamal Dzib and Eider Yermin Vazquez Herrera.

Ticul: Jobs for the Differently-Abled

Over the past week or so, individuals with different abilities met at the Center of Rehabilitation and Special Education (CREE). The purpose of the meeting was to do the testing necessary to determine which of the thirty attendees could benefit from a textile painting workshop which was, in turn, organized by the Vamos Juntos Association and the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare. Of the thirty people who went through the evaluation process, it was expected that approximately twenty five would be accepted into the program and, ultimately, into jobs where they will have the satisfaction of being a contributing member of their family’s financial circumstances. Throughout the past two decades, Yucatan has been active in providing opportunity and training for those who were previously thought to be disabled. Today, there are more than a few programs like this throughout the state and the economy of the entire state is the better for it.

Tizimin: My Holiday in the Library

Where does good citizenship begin? Most likely, it begins with parents who understand the value of libraries. In Tizimin, this summer, children are being treated to almost non-stop activities at the local public library. From this experience, they are exposed to age-appropriate reading material. They are also exposed to a variety of socialization activities. Did you know that one can have more fun while behaving well, than one can have while running completely wild? The children attending the activities at the Tizimin Library are learning to work, learn, and have fun together. For some, this is the first time that real limits have been placed on their behavior, along with real rewards, such as acceptance, have been granted by adults and by their peers. These are the beginnings of good citizenship and it is happening in libraries across Yucatan this summer.

The SSP is Taking Applications for Work

If you, or someone you know, might be interested in a career with the State Public Security Police, they will be taking applications until August 8. The requirements are strict, and so is the training. However, the financial security and satisfaction factors give the applicant an opportunity to be part of a new, well-educated law enforcement organization. For more information, they should contact the SSP de Yucatan.


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