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Yucatan News: Lobsters, Mosaicos & Family

Yucatan News: Lobsters, Mosaicos & Family

2 March 2010 News 3

Lobster Season Did Not Go Well
Last year, the lobster fishermen of Yucatan recorded a catch of 120 tons, which sold at $400 pesos per kilo. Today, for the same period this year, the fishermen have reported a catch of 70 tons, with a selling price of $300 pesos per kilo. The low capture rate, combined with the global economic crisis has led to what amounts to a failed lobster season. Some of these losses were made up by the extraordinarily good pulpo season and, they hope, by a good grouper season, which begins on March 15. We wish our fishermen all the best and will be thinking of them as grouper season begins.

Yucatan Gets Tough on Fires
Gone are the days when anyone could set a rural fire to burn trash or to burn off a field. Now, the penalty is anywhere from 10 to 100 minimum wages if someone burns without a permit or causes a fire that affects other people. Civil Protection has strict rules about how wide a clean strip surrounding a fire has to be, as well as how many people must be on hand to watch the fire. Please be careful when driving through the countryside. If you see smoke, try not to drive into it. If you cannot avoid it, please turn on your lights so that emergency personnel and others can see you.

Deer Poachers Captured
Last week, we talked a bit about deer hunting in Yucatan. While it is legal for the Maya to hunt deer for personal consumption, it is most certainly not legal to hunt deer for the purpose of selling deer meat. Make a law to protect any species of animals and there is sure to be someone willing to break it, no matter how damaging their behavior is to the future wellbeing of the species and/or the people who live in the area. In this case, over 30 people have been going into the mountains between Huhi and Sotuta, at least two or three times a week, and killing at least 5 deer each trip. This past week, PROFEPA came calling. Eleven are in jail and the rest soon will be. Sadly, many of the members of this gang of poachers live in Merida and much of the deer meat has been sold in Merida. Thankfully, they are in Merida and awaiting their just fate.

Family Day in Mexico
The first Sunday in March, which falls on the 7th this year, is Family Day in Mexico. Newspapers and local governments are suggesting that we all take the time to create a family photo of either our entire family, or a photo album of family members wherever they may be. Be certain to label all photos so that children and grandchildren will have a record of who they are and who their immediate family is. If no one in the family has begun to college the genealogy, now is the perfect time to begin. Saving old stories and Grandma's favorite recipes will mean more than you know to great-grandchildren when we are all gone. We hope everyone has a wonderful Family Day - even if you are not (yet) in Mexico!

350 Students from 54 Countries to Visit This Summer
Can you imagine hosting a group of 350 sixteen and seventeen-year-olds from fifty-four different countries? The Ruta Quetzal is part of the Bicentennial of Independence and the Centennial of the Mexican Revolution. The students will be in Yucatan, where they will be exposed to the World of the Maya, from June 30 through July 5, then in other states from June 17 to July 6. The trip is sponsored by the King of Spain, UNESCO, the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the National Bicentenary Committee of Independence in Latin American countries.

Bingo Wins at Chicxulub
Financing a Food Bank, year after year, is no small task, but it is one that volunteers at the beach, particularly in Chicxulub, have stuck with year in and year out. This year, they held two bingo events. Between the two, they managed to raise $12,840 pesos, with $5,860 pesos of that amount coming from the second bingo event. The money they raised will go toward the purchase of food for the 77 families who are assisted by the Food Bank. This was in addition to the quite nice prizes that were won and the good time that was had by all. This is such a popular event that we hear there are already plans to do it again next year.

5th Regional Workshop on Sea Turtle Conservation Programs
We already know that it takes more than wishful thinking to save a species from extinction. In order to save the five different species of sea turtles that inhabit our shores, members of the scientific, business, and environmental communities have come together in Telchac Puerto for the 5th Regional Workshop on Sea Turtle Conservation Programs. They are joined by individuals from the general public, local civil governments, and experts in the field of sea turtle research and rescue. Each year, we learn a little more and sharpen our skills for the job ahead. Thanks to all of the experts who take the time to attend these events and are then able to tell us what we can do to help save one of the best loved treasures of Yucatan - our sea turtles.

What To Do in Mexico?
We were directed to the national website for Mexican tourism by one of the press releases from the Office of


the President this week and were pleasantly surprised at what we found there. If you are looking for something to do in Mexico, look no farther because here they tell you What To Do in Mexico. What sent us there was the search for Cultural Tourism, only to discover that one can search the site by region, theme, destination, experience or activity. There isn't a lot of in-depth information there, but there's plenty enough to get you started on a web search of your own. We hope everyone will take a look, especially at the new Magical Towns cultural program that is just now developing... just one more reason to visit Mexico, or maybe even to live here!

Mexico For Kids
If you ever plan on bringing children to Mexico - or if you are already here with children, please take a look at this wonderful website, Mexico for Children. Explore the site with them. See what Mexico has online to entertain and educate you and your children. We hope you enjoy the site as much as we did.

Baby, Its Cold Outside!
This week, temperatures were as low as 52 degrees Fahrenheit in the morning! That’s cold when you live in a stone house and only wear chanclas (flip flops). With more nortes to come this season, we’ve been thinking about how to keep warm. One of the best ways is to eat a good hearty soup. We found a recipe straight from Yucatan on Art Insider. Enjoy these soup recipes!

Gold Book
The 2010 edition of the Gold Book, a directory of businesses and services for English language residents, is available now at the Merida English Language Library or online on this page.  It is distributed free throughout Merida and at the beach.

New Mosaicos Manufacturer In Town
Until this week, there have been two great places to buy the traditional mosaicos tiles that Merida colonials are becoming famous for. Now there are three!
Part-time resident and former owner of Hacienda Santa Cruz,Fiona St. Clair has announced that Mosaicos Meridanos is now open to the public. The new tile manufacturer boasts both traditional tile designs (from Mexico, but also from Barcelona and Cuba) as well as more modern designs. She also tells us that there are a lot of new-to-Merida colors. The showroom also has ironwork (furniture, wall sconces, chandeliers, etc.) which can be ordered there.
Wondering how to get to Mosaicos Meridanos? From the Periferico, take the Dzununcan exit (if the road to Progreso is at twelve o'clock on the circle that is the Periferico, Dzununcan is at about five o'clock). Continue past Hacienda Santa Cruz about half a mile, and the little building that houses Mosaicos Meridanos will be on your left. You can't miss it! The store opens tomorrow, Tuesday, March 2, 2010 and will be open weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm. For more information, check out the Mosaicos Meridanos website.




  • Art Insider 8 years ago

    Lovely to see a link to Art Insider/Soup recipes! I am on the Yucatan Coast as I write and watch yet another El Norte whip up the waves.

  • Working Gringos 8 years ago

    You know, space heaters don't do much in rooms with 18 foot ceilings... but don't feel sorry for us. We like to complain about the cold, but we understand that this isn't really cold. And they DO sell space heaters here.

  • Brenda Thornton 8 years ago

    I can understand how it might be cold if one is wearing flip flops and lives in a stone house. However, we see lots of people out in the Houston areas with flip flops or sandals and even shorts on in weather that temperature and below. They may have on a relatively heavy coat but be wearing shorts and sandals.

    Perhaps, a nice, soft robe and some socks might make the situation a little warmer? We have one room which is always colder than any other room in the house, which sometimes make me wonder if there is a ghost which resides there, but we purchased a relatively small ceramic heater and with the doors closed it keeps the room relatively comforable on a lower setting. Perhaps anyone relocating to Merida should consider bringing a heater or two with them?

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