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  • Job Offered: Manager, Researcher, Recruiter

    I am writing you in regards to any open positions you have in your company within the Mexico market. My wife and I are working corporate jobs in Charlotte, NC and we are selling the house and moving t…

    Shawn Wright Thu, October 5th, 2017
  • October Events

    Our apologies, it was an honest oversight. We will research and post services when we next update events!…

    Working Grilla Tue, October 3rd, 2017
  • Cruising Through Progreso

    Mr. Daguer has a lot of nerve blaming the poor dogs for the fact that tourists don't want to walk around Progreso. The people of Progreso are the issue. They take no pride in their town, especially in…

    florence coutts Thu, September 21st, 2017
  • Discovering Mayan Secrets w/ Dr. Neugebauer

    Dear Bernd, I really appreciate you projects, resspecting nature, culture and life using and teaching a way how to create and live a sustainable life. The only way that makes sense! We need much mo…

    Adelaide Heep Wolbert Mon, September 18th, 2017
  • How To Make Panuchos and Salbutes

    Thanks for saying so Barb! Please let us know if there is anything you'd like to see!…

    The Woorking Grilla Thu, September 14th, 2017
  • How To Make Panuchos and Salbutes

    I love your commentary. You are so informed and it's delightful reading. Thank you so much for this information.…

    Barb from Nebraska Thu, September 7th, 2017
  • Yucatan Living News: Hyperbaric Chamber Confusion

    Thank you for reading!…

    Working Grilla Mon, September 4th, 2017


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  • Friends of Cozumel

    Friends of Cozumel

    Tiny feet and big smiles at the annual back-to-school charitable event where 500 students received shoes and school supplies.

  • CAPP Students and Sponsors Meet & Greet Jan 2017

    CAPP Students and Sponsors

    Sponsors spent an afternoon with 17 students who attended, including 2 college graduates. All these young Yucatecans were supported through primeria and high school, and have now gone on to college...

  • Corner Plaques

    Corner Plaques

    Here is just a sampling of those enchanting little tiles on so many corners in Merida...

  • Good Friday in Acanceh

    Good Friday in Acanceh

    Every year on Good Friday, the town of Acanceh re-enacts the Passion of the Christ...

  • Yucatan Photos by Ralph Blessing

    Yucatan Photos by Ralph Blessing

    Reader and photographer Ralph Blessing shares some of his favorite Yucatan photos...

  • Flowers and Trees of Yucatan

    Flowers and Trees of Yucatan

    The profusion of flowers and flowering trees in and around Merida never ceases to delight us...

  • The Art of Joseph Kurhajec

    The Art of Joseph Kurhajec

    A visit to the studios and galleries with the art of Joseph Kurhajec

  • STR Clinic

    STR Clinic

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